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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mysterious Fortune Card Tactics by DC

Today's Hatchery post was submitted by DC. If you'd like your own original gold-making writing to appear on The Hatchery simply email the post, title, images and your name/pseudonym to [email protected] with the word "Hatchery" as part of the subject line and we'll get it posted.

Some of this stuff might be rudimentary to you at this point in the game, but I have a few routines I follow that yield excellent results.

One market I have never really left is the Mysterious Fortune Cards, and though in Cata, the Fortune Cookie version made me tens of thousands, I have found that the basic card itself will still roll just fine in MoP. Head past the jump for more.

I have 11 toons on my server, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90, 88, 88, 87, 86, 13. None of them are in the same guild, and no one knows that they are all mine, so here is what I will do:

I run shopping lists on every source of Blackfallow ink, and the created cards themselves. I've bought out pages of inks, herbs, cards and cookies to strangle the market when it was active, but these days there is rarely competition, and if there is, they give up pretty quickly as they are probably trading Ink of Dreams to hang with me because I buy up everything that isn't a MoP herb due to the price heights. I watch the Cata herbs close, and if the prices spike, I will back off a bit and watch for cards while keeping the AH stocked with some cards, but without spamming. I don't want someone to sniff out that market as an aside if they are getting bored or have some stockpile of Blackfallow which we all did.

Once I have a massive stack of cards from picking off cheap herbs and inks, I will send stacks from my Scribe to the remaining 10 alts on my account. I will post them up, in a ladder undercut fashion from 90 down to my 13, and use my 13 to spam trade with a simple macro that links the 5k card. When a buyer or competitor opens the AH and looks at the cards, they will see 11 sellers all battling it out at once (all me), and hopefully assume that the room is crowded and jumping in the ring won't be wise. I will then follow up that card spam with a trade spam of "Want to BUY - all Blackfallow Inks - PST", and you'd be surprised who you can snag at that moment, because they sometimes think it isn't worth the fight. If I do get undercut, I will gauge how many they dropped, and for how much, and just spam again to clear their stack or trick drop a few much cheaper cards out and hope they blindly undercut and I will add to my inventory.

You will also get the random "You ripped me off" whisper. I've found that being polite and explaining the card game works wonders. I had a guy last week tear me up in whispers and by the end of it, he bought another 40+ cards. I know that this is probably a pretty simple approach, but it sure seems to work on my server.

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