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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Unabridged Mail Mogging Flip List by Keelhaul

First, a brief introduction:

I'm known in these circles as the Mogfather. I predicted transmogrification would be big for gold-makers, and since patch 4.3 was released I've made over 700,000 gold doing one thing and one thing alone: flipping gear and weapons on auction houses. I buy low, I sell high and in some cases extremely high. I follow a strategy that I honed on my own leveraging a pair of invaluable resources (, as well as visual tools I developed that are currently hosted on my former blog ( If you'd like more insight into the background story and philosophy behind the strategy, check out flux's Power Word Gold Podcast Episode #24. Read on past the jump.

For more information and/or questions, follow me on Twitter (@DEazeroth) because I don't run a gold blog.

This is the first in a short series of posts I'll be sending to the Hatchery here at Power Word: Gold. A number of my followers on Twitter have asked for the unabridged list of set pieces I've been flipping, so let's get to it. Below is a tiered list of the MAIL set pieces I have been searching for and flipping. The higher it is in the tier list, the more difficult it is to find and/or the higher the prices I've been able to pull. 

A few qualifiers:

1) I draw the majority of my insights into transmogrification sales from Proudmoore (Alliance) and Earthen Ring (Horde). That said, I have frequented over a dozen other servers, gaining experience in a variety of markets, helping others establish a sizeable, relevant inventory and earn a few thousand gold along the way. Through these experiences, I've been learning the nuances of what sells across all realms - and what is fairly niche.
2) I do not sell bracers. The majority of gloves cover bracers so players rarely purchase them.
3) I only target items level 70 and under.

A brief word on price structuring into tiers.

Fashion needs a price spread. It's no different than Old Navy - Gap - Banana Republic. You can't just drop all of your gear into one price tier because you're not helping the player determine which set is more unique/rare/desirable. The average WoW player interested in transmogrification doesn't know the difference between the Glimmering mail set and the Crusader's mail set. You've got to structure your prices to help inform them what's high fashion and what is low fashion. Doing so will enable your customers to browse more efficiently and in most cases will enable your higher priced items to stand out more and therefore sell better. I structure my price spreads based on aesthetic evaluations, drop rates and locations pulled from WoWhead, and general experience having frequented so many realms. I know what's popping up regularly (Crusader's mail) and what isn't (Sentry mail).

A brief description on pricing brackets, ex: (1,000g - 2,500g).

The low end (1,000g) is typically what I sell gloves/boots/belts for and the high end (2,500g) is typically what I sell chest/legs for. I structure my prices within sets to be somewhat representative of the cost of token tier gear. For helms/shoulders, it's very set dependent. The majority of gear under level 70 has terrible helms and shoulders and I treat each set on an individual basis. For example, the Lord's shoulders and Bloodlust helm I will price on par with the low end slot pieces. Conversely, the Ornate helm and the Knight's shoulders I will typically drop the price significantly - sometimes 50% less than my low end for the tier sets. They're just that awful. In fact, these days I try to let the competitors that have moved into the transmogrification space purchase the helms and shoulders because I just don't trust them going forward. I'd rather invest my money in the pieces I KNOW players will use and not supplement with an alternative (or simply turn the helm OFF).

Tier 1: (1,000g - 2,500g)

Tier 2: (750g - 2,000g)
Chief Brigadier (*rarity on your realm could bump it to higher price tier)
Blood Knight

Tier 3: (500g - 1,500g)
Combat (*rarity on your realm could bump it to higher price tier)

Tier 4: (500g - 1,200g)
Masterwork (*rarity on your realm could bump it to higher price tier)

Tier 5: (425g - 1,000g)
Hero’s (*rarity on your realm could bump it to higher price tier)

Tier 6: (395g - 895g)
Steadfast (*rarity on your realm could bump it to higher price tier)
Sentry (*rarity on your realm could bump it to higher price tier)
Radiant (beware of crafters undercutting you)

Tier 7: (350g - 750g)

Tier 8: (350g - 695g)

Tier 9: (295g - 500g)

Tier 10: (250g - 325g) and I generally don't chase these unless I can lead with the chest and/or legs.

-Keelhaul (AKA The Mogfather)

UPDATE: For an Auctionator-ready importable shopping list of these items see the post Transmog Auctionator Lists over at Twitchie Enterprises.

Based on Twitchie's work above I went ahead and created Auctionator-importable lists that include Keel's pricing tier structures. Once imported select a list then click on the items in the list "Armor/Plate/Lofty" to see which of those items are on the AH. Here's the text to use for the import. (It can all be selected at once and imported and it will automatically create multiple lists.)

For an in-depth video on how to use the lists below as well as a combined list with all armor types see the PW:G post "Mogging Item Search And Pricing With Auctionator".

*** mail_T1_1-2.5k
*** mail_T2_750-2k
Armor/Mail/Chief Brigadier
Armor/Mail/Blood Knight
Armor/Mail/Blood Grunt's
*** mail_T3_500-1.5k Armor/Mail/Captain Armor/Mail/Combat *** mail_T4_750-1.2k Armor/Mail/Masterwork Armor/Mail/Engraved *** mail_T5_425-1k Armor/Mail/Lord’s Armor/Mail/Hero’s Armor/Mail/Ornate *** mail_T6_395-895 Armor/Mail/Steadfast Armor/Mail/Sentry Armor/Mail/Wrathfin Armor/Mail/Radiant *** mail_T7_350-750 Armor/Mail/Black Dragon Mail Armor/Mail/Magnificent Armor/Mail/Triumphant Armor/Mail/Knight’s *** mail_T8_350-695 Armor/Mail/Sparkleshell Armor/Mail/Ancient Armor/Mail/Blackforge Armor/Mail/Protector *** mail_T9_295-500 Armor/Mail/Brigade Armor/Mail/Ebonhold


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  1. One of my favorites that is not on the list is the Blood Knight set, I price mine in the Tier 3-Tier 2 Range. The Blood knight maul that matches it is an awesome looking weapon in my opinion also.

  2. Yeah sorry about that. I wrote and posted this to Flux really quickly. Blood Knight is huge, I put it in Tier 2.


  3. Awesome job, Keelhaul. Hope to take advantage of your info soon, and looking forward to the following posts.

  4. This is awesome, thanks for all the hard work! Is tehre going to be follow up posts for plate, leather and cloth? Ive been wondering about this for a while now, but find it so overwhelming.

  5. Here's my Auctionator list for the mail list (not including tier 10).

    Once I realised the format the export took, it took me about a 1/10th of the time to put this one together direct.

    Enjoy (and yes Lightbringer-US has most of this stuff locked down TIGHT).

    *** transmog_mail
    Armor/Mail/Chief Brigadier
    Armor/Mail/Blood Knight
    Armor/Mail/Black Dragon Mail

  6. Another awesome post. And thanks for the list, Twitchie.
    Long live the Mog.

  7. I started using these lists about 10 days ago. I'm on a smaller server (alliance side) and so far I have basically no competition.

    In those 10 days, I've made 23 sales for over 10K and I've collected about 200 individual items that I've got up for sale.

    I've gotten a few flabbergasted comments from guildies about the auctions (no hate mail yet!) and this weekend I finally saw a couple of competing auctions, but even if I don't sell anymore (which is highly unlikely), I'm satisfied.

    Thanks so much for these lists.