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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Gold Making Minefield by Gnomicidal

Today's Hatchery post was submitted by Gnomicidal. If you'd like your own original gold-making writing to appear on The Hatchery simply email the post, title, images and your name/pseudonym to [email protected] with the word "Hatchery" as part of the subject line and we'll get it posted.

Gold making is like a minefield. On one side is the starting edge, on the other....whatever your gold making goal cap, $2mill gold, buying all the gold sink items, etc. etc. whatever. There are people scattered in all parts of the minefield and some are still at the starting edge. Standing at the start of the minefield are the beginners. Read on past the jump.

The people standing at the starting edge are like me.

In the middle and scattered all throughout the minefield are all the established gold makers. The gold makers that also have become bloggers are basically the people scattered about.  They (gold making bloggers) take out a piece of paper (blogs) and have drawn maps of the minefield (tips, how-to's,  etc.) as they have experienced it. They throw the paper back to the starting edge  to us beginners (a post) to read.  On that paper (their blogs) they have outlined how they got to where they are in the minefield. But remember they only know the minefield from they're perspective. Also, people in the middle of the field are also getting tips/hints about the minefield from the people in ahead of them.

Gold Making Bloggers and podcasters tell us:

  • where some mines are,
  • how they go about finding safe areas to step,
  • how they detect mines,
  • and also what they did when they stepped on a mine,
  • and much, much more etc.  

Now we beginners (listeners and readers) have several choices:

Choice 1:
Ignore the paper. Look we beginners can make our own map. Our map may be even better than their map and plus we might get farther then they got. Or our maps may be worse and we might get our feet blown off. Hmmmmm…..

Choice 2:
I see where Jim is and I like that spot. I'll follow Jim's map to the letter and VIOLA I get to exactly where Jim is with same success and none of
the failures Jim had. Sweet!

Choice 3:
I see were Erograth is but I don't like his spot as much. I'll use a little of Erograth's map, but change it at certain spots and try to
add my own twist and see if I can get to the spot I really want to get to.

Choice 4:
You know what...I'll use a little of this gold makers map and then a little of this other gold makers map and hey, 'll even add in my
own map making  and see if I can get to where I really want to be.


Of course, there are lots of other choices too. But I think you can see the analogy. The existing bloggers have all gotten to where they are using a variety of methods. None right, none wrong. Now they're just sharing from their experiences. Some made their own maps, some adopted choices like 2, 3, or 4. Anyone can do the same thing.

FOR ME: The bottom line is to try and learn from the mistakes of others where possible but don't be afraid to make your own mistakes too! But first of all to enjoy playing the game. That's how I make gold.


- from the upcoming blog series "The Wisdom of Arkad: The Richest Gnome in Azeroth"

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