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Monday, February 3, 2014

WoW Auction Hunter by Brevisvox

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How many of you have ever watched one of those “reality” shows where people buy storage units in the hopes of turning a nice profit.  Well, based on that concept and using the idea from Jim Younkin to use the Great Deals section of The Undermine Journal, Grouper and TradeSkillMaster, I did my own version of WoW Auction Hunter.  I wanted to see what kind of deals I could find and if I could flip them for a profit. Read on past the jump for more.

This article assumes that the user has a good working knowledge of TradeSkillMaster.

Over a period of seven days I searched for and purchased the items shown on The Undermine Journal Great Deals page.  Now to be honest I didn’t purchase every item.  I used the shopping function of TradeSkillMaster to only purchase those items that were 10% of the market average.  So, of the 80 or so items shown on the Great Deals page I may purchase 5-10 items.  To post the items I use prices derived from a Custom Price Source which is an average of DBMarket, The Undermine Journal GE Median and Wowuction Region Market.  I feel that this average gives a good general picture rather than trusting just one source (just my opinion).  My Minimum Price is 80% of the average, my Maximum price is 200% of the average and my Normal price is 120% of the average.

Each day I created a group for that days great deals, set my shopping and auctioning operations to purchase and post that days items.  I posted each days group in 48 hour cycles and tracked each group for 7 cycles (14 days).  After 7 cycles anything that had not sold via the auction house would be sold to a vendor.  For ease of tracking sales and expenses I rounded all values up to the nearest gold.

Below are the results…

As you can see in the chart, my total purchases were 1101g with AH fees totaling 436g for a total cost of 1537g.  My AH sales were 8001g with 46g from vendor sales for a total income of 8047g.  This experiment netted my 6510g profit for very little effort.

I did find some great deals along the way.

In the 1-11-14 group I bought Recipe: Tasty Lion Steak for 15s 0c and sold it for 250g 80s 0c (167100% profit).

In the 1-15-14 group I bought Staff of the Shade for 30g 0s 0c and sold it for 438g 90s 0c (1363% profit) and Vanguard Sabatons for 5g 34s 10c and sold them for 1904g 75s 0c (35563% profit).

It was interesting to see that blind buys from the Great Deals list could prove so profitable.  

Full disclosure, I found a few items that did not sell in my allotted 14 day cycle that I decided to keep for myself or “on my store shelf” a little longer.  One item was the Blackened Defias Belt which is no longer available in the game.  Should I keep or sell???  Awww…I’ll probably sell it.

You never know what you will find.

Happy Auction Hunting


Disclaimer:  Everything stated in this message is to be considered my own opinion, and not an official representation of PowerWord:Gold, The Undermine Journal or TradeSkillMaster. Actual mileage may vary. Price does not include tax, title, and license. Some assembly required. Each sold separately. Batteries not included. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. If conditions persist, contact a physician. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Keep in a cool dark place.

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