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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Journey Of A Thousand Credits

It's said the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. In this case the journey to a thousand credits begins with the first post. If you're reading this you are most likely a reader of Power Word: Gold. The fact that the address for Power Word: Gold TOR is tor.powerwordgold.net means there is a very good chance.

So what is Power Word: Gold TOR? Is is our new section of the Power Word: Gold blog dedicated to discussing making credits in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It has it's very own special section of the blog along with it's very own RSS feed. Head past the jump for more.

We'll be working hard to make sure none of our TOR chocolate mixes with our WoW peanut butter. If you're a WoW player and not a TOR player feel free to pretend this section of the blog doesn't exist. If you are a TOR player who wants nothing to do with WoW then lock your web browser to tor.powerwordgold.net and throw away the key.

If there is anything I personally hate is when people mix things that have no place mixed. TOR news doesn't really belong in a WoW blog and vice versa. That said, I think that the things learned working in the World of Warcraft economy should translate well into our upcoming expedition into the TOR economy.

Many WoW gold-makers do what we do because we love the challenge that making money in a virtual setting brings. There are always new things to learn, new techniques to master and new puzzles to solve. Hopefully this will be as true in TOR as it has been in WoW.

With all that said I'll be making a concerted effort to maintain separation between the main section of Power Word: Gold always has been and always will be solely a World of Warcraft gold-making blog and the new TOR section which will exclusively be focused on the TOR economy.

As I write this TOR has not yet been released. You might be asking yourself why I would decide to dedicate a section of our blog to a game I haven't even played yet? The simple answer is that the beginning of MMOs are often the most exciting and immensely fun times in an MMO's life. Everything is new and shiny. We are all noobs and will be stumbling around in the dark together.

I've built tor.powerwordgold.net now to be prepared to capture and record the beginning of Star Wars: The Old Republic. What the future hold for the game no one can accurately predict. That is no excuse not to learn as much as we can about the TOR economy and enjoy ourselves as we prepare for a new adventure, long long ago, in a galaxy far far away.

Now what color lightsaber should I choose? Or perhaps more importantly which color will sell the best?


PS, Take a good long look at the header image in this post. I think we'll all be spending a lot of time in the coming weeks (months and even years) looking at the cute little jawa that graces the recently launched Torhead.com.

PPS, The fact that I just used google to make sure I spelled "jawa" correctly should tell you about how much I know about Star Wars. I've seen the films but am not expert by any stretch of the imagination. I fully expect to make a fool out of myself by showing my ignorance of Star Wars lore and facts early and often. I'm an MMO player. I write about making money in MMOs. That said, I do expect to learn a lot more about Star Wars as I play SWTOR.

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