Community Gold-Making Milestones

A Tribute and Archive

There is a lot we can all learn from those who have walked the long, hard road to a gold-making milestone. While the amounts may vary the dedication and hard work that go into reaching a gold-making milestone remain unchanged.

This page it our tribute to all community members who have worked hard to reach a gold-making milestone. It is also an archive of all those who have taken time to write about their milestones. Posts are listed in reverse-chronological order (newest first) by the blog post date. There is no set amount of gold needed to be listed here. It is up to each submitter to determine what they consider a gold-making milestone.

Get Listed

Milestones are added to the Community Gold-Making Milestones as I find them or by request of a player  who's made a milestone post.

If you'd like your personal gold-making milestone blog post (past or present) included here please email a link to the blog post along with the gold amount of the milestone to

If you don't have your own gold-making blog consider submitting your milestone post to The Power Word: Gold Hatchery.

The Milestones:

A note on Warcraft Econ and other non-working posts: The website Warcraft Econ appears to no longer be functional. Other older blogs have also become non-working. In some cases we were able to find an page that had the posts cached. In those cases the original (non-working) link has been replaced with and a working link to the cached post and marked with the text "( For completeness and posterity the original post links has been transposed to the blog name links in the Blog column. It's not a perfect solution but it at least allows us to still read the posts.

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