Macros For Quickly Buying 5-Stack Vendor Items In WoD Beta

If you're like me and buying lots of items from your Garrison Trading Post vendor you might have noticed it is very annoying to have to click each and confirm buying each 5 stack or ore (for example).

I decided to use good old /framestack (or /fstack) command to see if I could build a macro that would click all those buttons for me…and it worked! Head past the jump for the macros and how I made them.

The first macro will buy True Iron Ore and the second will buy Blackrock Ore.

You can type /fstack into your chat window and look at the top most item listed to change these macros to buy other items.

In the image above I moused over Draenic Dust and got the following.

You would simply change the macro to use "MerchantItem3ItemButton" if you wanted to buy Draenic Dist for example.

It should also be noted that the item slots on the vendor window stay the same if you go to the second page meaning you'd be buying whatever was in the third slot of that page when using "MerchantItem3ItemButton" (if that makes sense).

Here are the macros:

Buy True Iron Ore (if on her first page):

/click MerchantItem1ItemButton
/click ContainerFrame5Item20
/click StaticPopup1Button1

Buy Blackrock Ore (if on her first page):

/click MerchantItem2ItemButton
/click ContainerFrame5Item20
/click StaticPopup1Button1

Notes: The way the macros work I had to add a step to put it into your bag (since you can't right click with marcos as far as I know) and then click the buy confirmation. This is why there are three steps to the macro.

Feel free to modify this macro to other vendors that sell 5  stacks that can't be shift-clicked to buy multiples.

There's (almost) nothing that a macro can't fix or make faster.

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  1. It's also viable to use

    /run local s = StaticPopupDialogs["CONFIRM_PURCHASE_TOKEN_ITEM"] s.OnAccept=nil s.OnShow=function() StaticPopup_Hide("CONFIRM_PURCHASE_TOKEN_ITEM") BuyMerchantItem(MerchantFrame.itemIndex, MerchantFrame.count) end

    This script removes the confirmation message for any exchanges allowing you to just spam right click.