Using TSM To Make & Sell Glyphs (With Faid)

YouTube: Using TSM To Make & Sell Glyphs Pt.1 - How To by Jim Younkin

After reading Faid's How to Compete in Glyphs post over at ClockworkRiot I got fired up to jump back into the glyph market. I decided I wanted to record the experience of setting up my entire glyph creation and selling set up for posterity.

I was lucky enough to have Faid join me to help me for each step along the way. If you've ever wanted a complete soup-to-nuts explanation on how to properly set up a large glyph operation these two video (clocking in at a combined 3 hours) are about as good as it gets.

Again my gratitude to Faid for sharing her considerable glyph selling knowledge and her patience with helping me get it set up. Part 1 is above. Head past the jump for Part 2.

So far I can say that I now have all the glyphs I can sell up on the market and am currently pulling in around 4-5K a day on glyphs so this set up is very effective.

Part 1


Part 2

YouTube: Using TSM To Make & Sell Glyphs Pt.2 - How To by Jim Younkin

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  1. How miserable would the glyph market be on a large pop server such as illidan? And would it be do-able?

    1. I can't speak from experience because I've never played on a large server but in general I've heard it's more cometition but also more sales. Likely have to spend more time canceling and reposting.

    2. Should I be 90 to do this or can I learn all the glyphs at 84?

    3. I think maybe 85 as some patterns are drops from Pandaria. Also some patterns are drops from Timeless Isle. I don't have them all.

  2. Im not sure if you know this yet or not (ive not quite got to the end of the second part) but when manually queuing crafts if you mouse over the queue button there is a tool tip to give you other options. L-Click adds to the queue, Shift+L-Click adds all to queue, R-Click Subtracts from queue and Shift+R-Click subtracts all from queue. Hope that helps you.

    1. As always I have much to learn and it was right there in the tool tip. Thanks. The ability to add all will be nice. Thanks!