25 Gold-Makers On Twitter You Must Follow In 2014

It's been a few years since we posted our original 25 Must-Follow Gold-Making Twitterers post. We figured with the amount that the gold-making community has grown and changed it was time for an updated list.

If you still haven't signed up for Twitter do it today and make these the first 25 people you follow. You won't be disappointed.

Below are 25 people (in no particular order) from in and around the gold-making community who are active on Twitter we feel that all of them deserve your follow.

(We couldn't include all the great gold-makers on Twitter in a list only 25 people long. If you didn't make this year's list, don't feel bad. We still love you.)

  1. @GoldTauna - Tauna. A gold-making blogger who's going strong.
  2. @Hasteur - Hasteur. Strong supporter of WoW podcasts.
  3. @NovitshTeatime - Novitsh. Short-form gold-making blogger. Likes tea.
  4. @Sapu94Sapu (TSM Lead Dev). Lead Developer of TSM (and good guy).
  5. @CryanTSM - Cryan. Tester on TradeSkillMaster. Very helpful for TSM questions.
  6. @TSMAddonTradeSkillMaster. The official TSM Twitter! 'Nuff said.
  7. @eSevenfeSevenf. A great gold-making blogger from Germany.
  8. @WoWgoldbanditRiquun. Gold-making blogger who's hit the ground running.
  9. @GLDMKR - The GLDMKR Podcast. A daily gold-making podcast by yours truly.
  10. @twitchietgwTwitchie. Master of all things maths and glyphs.
  11. @UndermineJrnlUndermine Journal. The Twitter of AH data site.
  12. @GoClockworkRiotFaid. Intelligent gold-making blogger. Recently back.
  13. @PhatLewtsGoldPhat Lewts. One of the strongest voices in gold-making today.
  14. @SelltacularCopper to Gold. Consistent and helpful gold-making blogger.
  15. @GimpsGoldGimpsGold. Supporting and helpful gold-maker. Knows his stuff.
  16. @SocoWowSoco. Gold-maker and transmogrification expert.
  17. @manthieusmoviesManthieus. Active gold-making YouTuber.
  18. @StedeWoWStede. Strong and active gold-making podcaster.
  19. @kero_goldKero. Great gold-making podcaster.
  20. @WowProfitzProfitz. Nicest (and scariest) gold-making clown around.
  21. @ryanaecklesAldred Eckles. Newer and well-written gold-making blogger.
  22. @GoblinRasetThe Drunken Mogul. Gold-making blogger/podcaster. Drinks.
  23. @TheGreedyGoblinThe Greedy Goblin. Great gold-maker.
  24. @erogroth - Erogroth. Gold-making blogger. Awesome guy.
  25. @The00shinnSean Mee. Nice guy and huge gold-making supporter.

Which gold-makers do you enjoy following and interacting with on Twitter? Share yours in the comments below.

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  1. I'm honored to even be considered and listed with the folks above! Thx!

  2. That makes two of us!! Thank you jim

  3. Don't worry, Power Word:Gold, maybe you'll make the list next year!