The 50 Most Expensive Transmog Items On My Server

I decided to have some fun with the exported data you can get from the Resources > Data Export page on WoWuction (example page).

In the chart above (and the data below) I used the .csv file and did some analysis to sort out the 50 most expensive transmog items based on 14-day Median Market Price.

I got the transmog items from our Giant Transmog List For TradeSkillMaster Import post. Read on past the jump for the list of items and prices.
NOTE: While the below information is quite interesting to look at it represents only a 2-week snapshot on one single realm.

Not all transmog items were present in the results and prices reflect only this server. Other servers will likely be much different.

In other words take the information below as a single data point. That said the data it is fascinating to see what my server (or rather the transmog sellers on my server) consider valuable.

Item Name 14-day Median Market Price
Lofty Breastplate 18,971
Glorious Shoulder Pads 15,844
Arachnidian Robes 15,319
The Butcher 15,000
Brainsplinter 12,500
Blade of Wizardry 10,000
Jade Breastplate 9,999
Glorious Sabatons 9,999
Gossamer Robe 8,000
Lofty Legguards 8,000
Excavator's Brand 6,998
Blade of the Basilisk 6,863
Nightfall 5,500
Hellslayer Battle Axe 5,499
Blade of Hanna 5,250
Tyrant's Legplates 5,000
Glorious Gauntlets 5,000
Glorious Breastplate 4,775
Battle Scythe 4,321
Maldo's Sword Cane 4,000
Lofty Shoulder Pads 3,998
Singing Crystal Axe 3,939
Lofty Belt 3,883
Robes of Insight 3,756
Tyrant's Chestpiece 3,750
Vanguard Girdle 3,702
Bloodlust Boots 3,576
Black Dragonscale Breastplate 3,250
Black Dragonscale Shoulders 3,250
Black Dragonscale Leggings 3,250
Black Dragonscale Boots 3,250
Jade Epaulets 3,004
Glorious Belt 2,999
Jade Gauntlets 2,998
Vanguard Gauntlets 2,997
Jazeraint Chestguard 2,981
Knight's Girdle 2,904
Jade Greaves 2,637
Captain's Leggings 2,599
Ornate Girdle 2,599
Hibernal Robe 2,569
Saltstone Legplates 2,500
Fiery War Axe 2,500
Elegant Robes 2,500
Blade of the Titans 2,500
Blinkstrike 2,475
Hero's Leggings 2,286
Ornate Gauntlets 2,004
Exalted Epaulets 2,000
Irontree Broadaxe 2,000

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  1. As an interesting comparison a couple of items from Proudmoore (A)
    Irontree Broadaxe - 57g
    Jade Greaves - 4616g
    Black Dragonscale Breastplate - 748g
    Gossamer Robe - 800g
    Robes of Insight - 11,400g
    Tyrant's Legplates - 2999g
    Lofty Breastplate - 17,000g

    Lots of variation between realm, showing you need to always do you own research.

    1. Yes. I would like to do this type of analysis on a region-wide basis.