Full 83-84 MoP Armor TradeSkillMaster Importable Lists

About a month ago it occurred to me that if I had a list of every desirable 83-84 Mists of Pandaria armor and suffix in the game and was able to import that list into TradeSkillMaster that I would be able to greatly simplify not only the selling of items in my 83-84 market items but also make buying them easier.

My goal was to build such a set of master lists I could import into TradeSkillMaster groups. Once I had created a groups using this lists I could then build TSM shopping operations to search for the items and TSM Auctioning Operations to sell these items. All this with out ever having to spend time adding newly purchased items one by one into TSM groups by hand.

Read on past the jump for more info on how I create the lists and, more importantly, the lists themselves for you import into TradeSkillMaster and use yourself.

The Methodology

I created these importable lists by first figuring our how to import items including suffixes into TradeSkillMaster. The answer was provided by the tooltip that appears when you mouse over the "Import String" entry field inside the Group > Import/Export tab.

TradeSkillMaster "Import String" Tooltip

The above image shows the tooltip which says "For randomly enchanted items, the format is <itemID>:<randomEnchant> (ex: 38472:-29)".

In order to add a random enchant (AKA a "suffix") we add ":-" to the item ID along with the random suffix (AKA "randomEnchant") ID.

The two things I had to do then was first get a list of all the item IDs that were included in the 83-84 Mists of Pandaria armor items and then get a list of all the desirable suffix IDs.

I then needed to merge these lists together to form the master lists that combined every item with every suffix.

What Are Suffixes?

For the sake of this post just know that "suffix", "Item Suffix", "Random Suffix", "Random Enchant" and "Random Enchantment" are all the same thing. They are the parts of an item name after the words "of the".

They are the random property that World of Warcraft adds to the base items when they are dropped by mobs.

For example in the case of  "Brick Breastplate of the Earthfall" the part of the name called "of the Earthfall" (or simply "Earthfall") is the suffix.

Suffixes all have their own set of properties they give items. In the case of "Earthfall" the items have Stamina, Strength, Critical Strike and Haste.

Gathering The Item IDs

To get the item IDs I used filters to narrow results for each armor type (cloth, leather, mail, plate and other) to only the 83-84 items that were Bind of Equip and Added in Mists of Pandaria.

Once I had the filtered results I then copied and pasted the result's web page table into SLAGIT which was a tool we host here at Power Word: Gold (now updated and known as "Grouper") that allows you to obtain item IDs from links copied from sites like Wowhead , The Undermine Journal and WoWuction.

(SLAGIT is still set up for the way TSM used to import lists and groups but luckily the bottom "Shopping List" results window still gives us the needed list of Item ID albeit with a few extra characters on each side that need to be removed. We plan to update SLAGIT at some point in the future to only show item IDs.)

We're happy to announce that we've updated SLAGIT to work with TradeSkillMaster 2.0. The tool is now called Grouper and you can find a link to the new and improved tool at the top of Power Word: Gold.

I now had lists of Item IDs for all the various armor types (cloth, leather, mail, plate and other) for all the level 83-84 Mists of Parndaria items I intended to buy and sell.

Gathering The Suffix IDs

Once I had the Item IDs I was ready to marry them to the desirable suffixes. To obtain the suffixes I did a web search and was able to find the ItemRandomSuffix page on Wowpedia.

This page included a list of all the random suffixes in the game and more importantly their suffix IDs. The page also noted that each suffix ID needed a "-" before it as noted in the TSM tooptip mentioned above.

This meant that for each suffix I wanted to use to build an item + suffix itemString I would simply add ":", "-" and then the suffix id. For example if adding suffix ID "5" I would add ":-5" to the itemString.

I using the information I obtained from the ItemRandomSuffix page and by examining the "Random Enchantments" section of the item page on Wowhead for example items in the 83-85 range (to determine which suffixes were included on each armor type) I was able to build a list of possible suffixes for each armor type.

I then removed suffixes I didn't plan to buy or sell. This gave me a master list of all desirable suffixes for each armor type.

Combining Item and Suffix IDs

Now I had two giant lists. One being the item IDs of all the base 83-84 Mists of Pandaria armor and the other a list of all the desirable suffixes for each armor type.

All I had to do now was combine these lists and generate a master list of item ID + suffix IDs.

This was by far the trickiest part of the process. After some rather time-intensive work with spreadsheets I was finally able to build master lists that included item IDs and suffix IDs.

For example if I had an item like a "Reed Cord" (which is a level 84 cloth belt) I would take its item ID of "82029" and duplicate it by the number of item different suffixes I needed to add,

Once I had say miutiple copies of "82029" on the spreadsheet I would add ":-" and then all the suffix IDs such as suffix ID "42" which happens to be "of the Elder" and finally add "," to the end (to properly prepare it for list format).

I would end up with something like " 82029:-42," which imports into TradeSkillMaster as "Reed Cord of the Elder".

I did this over and over for each and every item.

Luckily using a spreadsheet helped with some of the heavy lifting. I could quickly duplicate item IDs along with using the spreadsheet to duplicate lists of suffix IDs easily.

I then used a concatenate function in the spreadsheet to build the final proper item ID + suffix ID and did a bit of clean up in a text editor to properly format the lists for import into TradeSkillMaster.

(I'm sure you computer programmers out there could build a program to do this but I worked with the tools I had available and knew how to use.)

Making The Sausage

After this somewhat laborious process I ended up with TSM importable lists that included all the level 83-84 Mists of Pandaria cloth, leather, mail, plate and other armor items including all the desirable suffixes.

If you've worked the 83-84 item market you know that in general it's a process of using something (often Auctioneer saved searches) to buy items, adding them to lists manually and then selling them.

Adding items to lists can take a good amount of time and eliminating the need to search through various groups and subgroups to put items into them can make the process of selling 83-84 items even more efficient.

I also wanted to see if I could eliminate the need to use Auctioneer saved searches and only have to use TradeSkillMaster.

One of the reasons I had stuck with Auctioneer for buying items was the ability to ignore undesirable items from future searches. I realized I could accomplish the same thing by simply not including those items while I was building the initial TSM lists.

The other thing I liked about Auctioneer saved searches was the ability to search for items under a certain price. Building a TradeSkillMaster Shopping Operation with a maximum price accomplished the same thing with the additional benefit of being able to use all the various options TSM has to build price sources (min, max, The Undermine Journal GE, etc.).

Use The Process

I hope that by going through a little bit of the process of how I created the lists below you will be able build your own TradeSkillMaster importable lists that also include suffixes.

It's great for markets like flipping items where the items are a known quantity and where you want to front load a lot work by building the lists ahead of time.

How I Use These Lists

With the ability inTradeSkillMaster to use the same group for shopping and auctioning I thought I would spend a bit of time explaining how I use the groups created from these lists day-to-day.

I created a master group called "83-84". I then created subgroups for each armor type: Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate and Other.

I then imported the finished lists into the subgroups and created and added a Shopping Operation to each subgroup.

I plan on doing another post that goes into some of my more esoteric and complex Shopping Operations but for most people a simple "45g" would suffice for shopping operations for most of these groups.

I then added an Auctioning Operation to each groups as well. As a usable example you might use an operation that sells the non-plate items for 245g for example and plate items 395g to start off with.

My Routine

My routine using the groups I created from these master lists is:
  • Re-post expired auctions as normal.
  • Click the "Shopping" tab in TSM > click the "TSM Group" button in the top of the window beside "Sidebar Pages:" at the top of the Shopping window.
  • Select wanted groups (or press the "Deselect All Groups" button and then select the wanted groups) in the Sidebar until only the groups I want to search for are highlighted in yellow.
  • Press the "Start Search" button at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • Once the search is complete I select the items and press "Buyout" one-by-one.

Advanced Tip

If you want to speed up the buying of multiple items and you already use the "Create Macro and Bind ScrollWheel" auctioning option to buy and cancel items by holding down Ctrl and moving your mousewheel back and forth you can add the following to your TSM macro (it has a pure green icon).

/click TSMAHTabBuyoutButton
/click TSMAHConfirmationActionButton

(Be sure to make a backup copy of the changes TSM macro (perhaps in another macro slot) as setting the command in the future will erase these modifications.)

After adding the above to your TSM macro all you have to do to buy out multiple items is first select the top item in the list until it is highlighted in yellow and then hold Ctrl and move your mousewheel back and forth.

This will automatically select the next item in the list and press "Buyout" and so on. which is quite handy for buying a lot of items in a row.

No Backstock

Once I've purchased all the items that show up in the results I head back to the auction house and sell the items I've just purchased.

I have also started what I call a "no backstock" policy which means I no longer keep backstock of my 83-84 items.

If I have any items left in my bags after posting it means that I have duplicate items. I simply sell these items to the vendor.

It means that I don't have them in the future to sell if the ones on the auction house sell out but it also means I never have to go searching through my guild bank looking for duplicate items.

Granted the "Move AH Shortfall to Bags" option in TSM_Warehousing does make that process a bit shorter but I've found the peace of mind of never having to worry about putting backstock into the guild bank and pulling it out again really streamlines the process of selling these items and saves me time.

If you want to use a backstock system feel free but for me the little bit of revenue loss is worth the peace of mind and ease of use of my "no backstock" system.

Creating TSM Groups/Subgroups

I wanted to give a few brief instructions on how to import these lists. To import the lists you first need to create a group and/or subgroup to import the items in to.

To create a TSM group:

Go to the TSM settings (/tsm or use the minimap button) > click the Groups icon at top (blue crystal) > click "Groups" in the left column > enter a name into "Group Name" entry field in the right column > click the red "Okay" button that appears and the right of the entry field.

Your new group will appear in the left column. 

To create a TSM subgroup:

Go to the TSM settings (/tsm or use the minimap button) > click the "Groups" icon at top (blue crystal) > click the name of the group you want to create the subgroup under in the left column > click the "Management" tab at the top of the right column > enter a name into "New Subgroup Name" entry field in the right column > click the red "Okay" button that appears and the right of the entry field.

Your new subgroup will appear under the group you created it in in the left column.

Importing Lists Into TSM Groups/Subgroups

Now that you have a group or subgroup you need to import the items into the group.

To import a list to a TSM group/subgroup:

Select the text listed below (only selecting the text in the Courier font) and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl+C or similar) > go to the TSM settings (/tsm or use the minimap button) > click the "Groups" icon at top (blue crystal) > click the name of the group or subgroup you want to import the items into in the left column > click the "Import/Export" tab at the top of the right column > click inside the "Import String" entry field until your cursor appears blinking inside the entry field > paste the text you copied to your pasteboard earlier (Ctrl+V or similar) > click the red "Okay" button that appears and the right of the entry field.

TSM should give you a indication in your chat window that the items have been imported. To verify click the "Items" tab at the top of the right column. The items you imported should be listed in the right-most sub-column labeled "Group Items".

The Master Lists

Below are the importable TradeSkillMaster lists for all the desirable items I buy and sell in my 83-84 Mists of Pandaria armor category.

The lists do not include any weapons. I may make those lists in the future.

The lists consist of every possible 83-84 item + suffix except "...of the Whale", "...of the Beast", "...of the Tiger", "...of the Eagle" and "...of the Seer" which were all eliminated for being particularly poor sellers in my research.

Importable 83-84 Mists of Pandaria Cloth List:


Importable 83-84 Mists of Pandaria Leather List:


Importable 83-84 Mists of Pandaria Mail List:


Importable 83-84 Mists of Pandaria Plate List:


Importable 83-84 Mists of Pandaria Other List (Cloaks, Jewelry, etc.):



I hope that you find these importable lists for 83-84 Mists of Pandaria armor items useful.

I've found the 83-84 Mists of Pandaria item market to be a  very profitable and reliable market. These lists make running the market even easier because we now can use one set of pre-defined groups and simply add a Shopping and Auctioning Operation to them.

This eliminates the need to use things like Auctioneer saved searches. It also saves us the time of having to categorize items one-by-one as they are purchased.

I also hope that by reading this you've been able to see the power of pre-building TSM importable lists that include all the suffixes you want.

While it's a fairly complex process (and I didn't go into all the nitty-gritty details of all the spreadsheet-fu that went into compiling the lists from two disparate sources) I think those of you out there who are able to grasp the concept can use it in the future in your own way.

Most of all these lists have made me much more efficient in running my 83-84 Mists of Pandaria markets. Efficiency is never a bad thing.

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  1. nc ty for that m8 what do u prefer for posting price?

    1. A good starting price for most items is 245g.

  2. Thanks for spending the time to put this together, Jim. Must have taken you a long while! I appreciate your work, keep up the awesome.

  3. Thanks so much for doing this! I cringe at the time it took!

    1. Glad it helped. Part of the time was figuring out *how* to do it. After that it's just repetitive "hurry up and get this done" work. I wanted to use it as a tool so it was worth the upfront effort to save me time later.

  4. Thanks a lot, I was looking for this method since a long time.
    Also thank you for posting the 83-84 list, I'll save a lot of time !

    P.S. English isn't my native langage

  5. I still don't understand why people would want to buy these items?

    1. Mainly because they are the most powerful items you can wear at 83-84. People may use them while finishing up leveling in Cataclysm or doing PVP Battlegrounds to level up.