TradeSkillMaster Scrollwheel Quick Posting How To

One of the most effective ways to speed up posting items with TradeSkillMaster is setting it up so you can hold Ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel back and forth to quickly post your auctions.

Head past the jump for short video tutorial as well as written instructions on how to set up scrollwheel posting.

Video Tutorial

YouTube: TradeSkillMaster (TSM) Scrollwheel Quick Posting How To

Written Instructions

Fist off you need to already have TradeSkillMaster groups set up in order for the following to work. If you don't know how to set up TradeSkillMaster groups check our post (which includes a video) "Setting Up TradeSkillMaster Groups - Step-By-Step".

To set up the macro and scrollwheel binding:

  • Open TradeSkillMaster Options (/tsm or press the TSM minimap button).
  • Select "Auctioning Groups/Options" icon on top (gold coin).
  • Make sure "Options" is selected in left column.
  • Make sure the "General" tab is selected in right panel.
  • Under "Macro Help" (scroll down if needed) make sure "Up", "Down", and "CTRL" are checked.
  • Press the "Create Macro and Bind ScrollWheel (with selected options)" button a few times. (An empty macro slot in your general macros is required.)


Once you have the macro set and and the scrollwheel is bound: 
  • Do a post scan like normal.
  • Move the mouse off of the auction house window.
  • When the post scan is finished hold down the "Ctrl" button down and scroll your mousewheel back and forth quickly until the "Items Scanned: Posting xx/xx" shows all your items have been queued for posting.
  • Wait for your auctions to finish posting.


If for some reason your items aren't queuing try one of the following troubleshooting tips:
  • Make sure you have groups set up in TradeSkillMaster. (If not check out "Setting Up TradeSkillMaster Groups - Step-By-Step").
  • Make sure you move your mouse off of the auction house window when scrolling the scrollwheel.
  • Re-click the "Create Macro and Bind ScrollWheel (with selected options)" button a few times.
  • Try using "ALT" as the button in the "Macro Help", re-click the "Create Macro and Bind ScrollWheel (with selected options)" button a few times. and then hold "Alt" rather then "Ctrl" when moving the mousewheel.
  • Reload your UI by typing "/reload" or try logging out and back in.
  • If all else fails try using the chat or forums over at to ask for help.

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