Pricing Reborn Weapons Per Lightning Steel Ingot

Kaliope wrote a wonderful post talking about pricing for the new Reborn Blacksmithing weapons introduced in Patch 5.2.

Now that many players have enough Lightning Steel Ingots to craft the top item level 502 weapons the question becomes should they? Head past the jump for more.

Kaliope writes:

"From my casual research on TUJ I'm seeing higher sales for 502 but the best price per ingot from 476 … I also feel that the 476 are in a better position to move because it's not as big of an investment to the buyer but it's still a strong enough gear upgrade to justify the cost."

Calculating the weapons on a per Lightning Steel Ingot basis is a brilliant observation. Anyone wanting to craft Reborn weapons for resale should do the math first.

Check material and weapon pricing on your own server before deciding exactly how to spend your Lightning Steel Ingots.

It could be that crafting two lower item level Reborn weapons could ultimately net you more gold per Lightning Steel Ingot than one 502.

I haven't yet started crafting any Reborn weapons and I am certainly going to be doing a more thorough analysis before I do so.

Read Kaliope's post Thunderforged Weapons & the Market on Kaliope's Crafting Blog.

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