Now On Sale: The Power Word: Gold Guide Volume II: Mists of Pandaria

One of the most commonly asked questions we've received since we released the first Power Word: Gold Guide for sale was "Will it be updated for Mists of Pandaria?" We've always been a bit vague about the answer and now we are able to share why.

We're happy to say that our second paid guide "The Power Word: Gold Guide Volume II: Mists of Pandaria" is now available for purchase in The Power Word: Gold Store.

This new, separate guide contains over 70+ pages of information about making gold in Mists of Pandaria.

Read on past the jump for more information.

About The Guide

We've been working on the guide on and off since before Mists of Pandaria was released. The reason we took so long to get the guide out is that we wanted to be sure that it contained tried and true gold-making strategies for Mists of Pandaria.

We're happy to say that we've not only included some of out favorite long-time Mists of Pandaria gold-making techniques but also included new information you own't find anywhere else.

That New Guide Smell

I should make it clear here that Volume II is a brand new guide. It does not contain the same information as the original Power Word: Gold Guide (now renamed "The Power Word: Gold Guide Volume I: Addons + Cataclysm" in the store).

If you've purchased what we're calling Volume I in the past you will want to look at purchasing Volume II. All future guide updates that pertain to Mists of Pandaria will be contained in Volume II.

Same Great Price

We've been very happy with the success of the pricing for the original guide. It's allowed individuals to show what ever level of support they chose to.

With that in mind the new guide will be priced at the same $5, $10, $15 and $20 prices with each price purchasing the same guide.

Thanks to all those who have purchased the guide so far at any of the prices. (And yes, we've had the guide purchased at all of the pricing levels.)

OG (Original Guide-ster)

Just because we have a new and separate second guide out doesn't mean that we will forget about Volume I.  Volume contains the vast majority of all the addon information  If you want to learn about addons that is the guide to start with.

Volume I will continue to be sold and updated along side Volume II. (Perhaps the guide for the next expansion (whatever that may be) will be called "Volume III".)

Purchase Now

If you enjoyed The original Power Word: Gold Guide (now nicknamed "Volume I") then you'll enjoy Volume II.

You can purchase the new Mists of Pandaria guide using the banner ad in the blog up above, the purchase links on the side bar, the store link at the top of the page or using one of the buttons below.

You Choose Which Price
The Power Word: Gold Guide Volume II: Mists of Pandaria v0.10 - 70+ pages, .pdf format, 4.02 MB. $5 $10 $15 $20

Thanks again and here's to us all earning lots and lots of gold!

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  1. Just bought this, so far it looks excellent! Definitely would recommend to anyone interested in making gold in MoP!