Markets I'm Abandoning

Every once and a while it is a good idea to take a step back from your gold-making and evaluate which markets are working and which might need to be put out to pasture.

After the jump I go over a few markets I've decided aren't worth my time anymore.

These are the markets that I am abandoning. (Note: These markets may still work just fine on your server and faction.)


I just haven't sold enough items to justify the time and expense of posting transmog gear anymore.

The current competitors are welcome to the market.

I'll be giving all my stock to April to pick through after which I'll see if I want to use any for my own transmog and fire-sale or disenchant the rest.

Low-Level Leather

This market included leather items level 19-76 that included Agility (originally Intellect as well). While I have sold some items, the market is just too slow.

Trying to apply the principles of markets like 77-80 Cata an 83-84 MoP to low level item markets was an solid idea. It just didn't pan out.

Crafted Dreadful Cloth PVP Items

Too much competition. If I wanted to babysit the auction house I might make some sales. I don't.

As with many crafted markets when your competition can simply conjure up as much stock as they want the undercuts will flow.

I'll stick to flipping mob-dropped items. While you can farm mobs to obtain these drops the chance you'll get the exact same item as I'm selling is fairly low.


The idea of letting my competition "have" a market is a hard pill to swallow but in the long run it will be for the best.

By getting out of markets that are unproductive you free up time that you can use to find new markets or better tend markets that actually are bringing in gold.

After all, it's not personal. It's just business.

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  1. Hey Jim, im with you in terms of transmog, my sales arent as good as they were weeks and months ago, but there are still some.
    I think i will try to sell out my stock and then quit it - high competition, high posting costs, low sales.
    Thought about stayin in the Replica-Ones - we´ll see.

    Crafted Dreadful Cloth Items are an other world on my realm, i still can sell the cheapest ones for 50-75g profit per piece, cause my competition is keeping the prices up (thanks god ^^).

    At last - are there any "new" markets you plan to try out or get into?

    Greetz, Jugger

    1. That would be telling! J/K. The we market I'm working now is 85-89 MoP items for people leveling 85-90 with the new 33% reduced XP. I'm mainly working the 86-89 as 85 has a lot of crafted items in it. I work it almost exactly like 83-84 market. So far I've made some sales. Waiting I see how it does over the weekend.