Thoughts On Reaching Two Million Gold

Earlier this week I reached 2 million gold on my main server. Now that I've had a few days to let it sink in I thought I'd jot down a few impression on what it means to reach 2 million gold. Read on past the jump.

I Don't *Have* To Do Anything Anymore

One thing I found myself thinking was that if I didn't want to work a particular market anymore I don't have to. I don't have to log in and do what feels like a job just to keep pushing my gold total higher.

I really enjoy the act of gold-making more than the gold it produces but reaching 2 million may offer me some freedom to hop off the treadmill once and a while to explore new and experimental markets.

I Don't Know What To Spend It On

The first question people often ask me when they hear I hit 2 million gold is "What are you going to spend it on?".

To tell you the truth I don't think I'll spend it on anything.

I'm not really someone who spends lots of gold. In game as in real life the people that have money often have it because they don't spend it. Besides perhaps a Woolly White Rhino mount I don't really have any plans to spend it.

(Sorry if that is a boring answer. Maybe I should be snorting Spirit Dust off of a Tauren's tail and rolling a custom gold-plated Mekgineer's Chopper!)

I Still Have To Reach The "Safe Zone"

As exciting as it is to hit 2 million I can't really spend large sums that would drop me below 2 million gold. This means that I have to reach a comfortable level *above* 2 million before I can start spending gold.

I know this sounds a bit neurotic but if you've ever hit a high gold total you will know the sinking feeling of dropping below something you worked so hard on.

Once I reach 2,125,000-2,250,000 gold I think I'll might feel comfortable enough to make any large purchases (as long as I don't drop below 2 million gold).

This Million Felt Faster

I started blogging in February of 2011 and hit 1 million just a bit over 1 year later in April of 2012 (see One Million Gold (And Counting!)). I've now hit 2 million just under one year later.

The difference is two months or so. That said, this million certainly felt faster. I am not sure why. I haven't really done anything different than I did to get to the first million.

Perhaps it has been all the livestreaming I've done this last year. Time flies when you (and 150 people) are having fun.


I've been working to reach 2 million for a few months now and hitting it really does feel good. For some reason though I don't think I was as excited when I hit 2 million as I was when I hit 1 million.

I've never been a goal driven gold-maker. I'm much more interested in learning (and teaching) the process than the gold totals. That said the gold totals are a useful tool to help demonstrate to others that I *may* know a little bit about gold-making. (Or maybe I've just spend an inordinate amount of time making gold.)

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  1. Congrats on reaching 2 million. I agree with you that reaching the second million does go faster. I am sure it has to do with the amount of good information put forth by you and the other gold bloggers. That information and my persistence allowed me to hit the 2 million mark at the end of December 2012 and now I am less than 50k from 2.5 million and I owe it all you and the others of the WOW gold making brotherhood.