Ready To Have Your Gold-Making Ideas Published?

We had a really great post submitted by Erogoth which was posted on The Hatchery today (Making Gold Without Every Profession and Limited Startup Gold by Erogroth) and it got me wondering how many others were out there with great gold-making ideas hiding inside them.

We set up The Hatchery back in 2011 to make is as easy as possible for anyone to get their gold-making ideas published to a wide audience. Read on past the jump for more.

Are You Ready To Write?

Do you have a gold-making idea you would like to share with the gold-making community? Are you thinking about making a blog but would like to get your feet wet before committing to running a blog? If so submitting a post The Hatchery is a great way to do that.

Posts don't have to be intimidatingly long. Our general rule of thumb is that submissions be no shorter than 3-5 paragraphs. It doesn't take long to jot down 3 paragraphs about your gold-making idea.

When your ready to submit your Hatchery post follow the instructions below.

How To Submit

The mechanics of the site are very simple. People submit their own original gold-making writing via email to and include:

  • The post's body text.
  • Any links included in the post.
  • A title.
  • Images (attached).
  • The public name/pseudonym they want tot post credited to.
  • The word "Hatchery" as part of the subject line.

Once we receive the submission emails we work on getting them posted up on to The Hatchery in a timely manner.

We do little to no revisions on the posts and generally post them as they were written.

We also do very little "vetting" of the posts which means (with very few exceptions) whatever is submitted to The Hatchery is posted.

(Submitting to The Hatchery is different than submitting a guest post on Power Word: Gold in that guest posts are much more proof-read and edited before posting.)


We've had some wonderful writers submit work to The Hatchery. We've loved seeing Hatchery submitters go on to create their own successful blogs.

Most of all we are proud of all the submitters who have taken time out of their lives to share their gold-making ideas with the rest of us.

I can't wait to read your submission.

Below is a video in which a 2011 goatee'd "flux" describes the basics of The Hatchery.

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