Power Word: Gold Turns Two Years Old Today

Today, February 7, 2013, marks the two year anniversary of the first post ever on Power Word: Gold.

When we marked our one year anniversary we made note of how much the visual look of the blog had changed.

This year we want to highlight the increased avenues for sharing gold-making information that have taken place. Read on past the jump for more.

How We've Grown

In 2012 we:

  • Published 150 blog posts.
  • Put out new episodes of The Power Word: Gold Podcast.
  • Increased our presence on YouTube
  • Started livestreaming (which now factors very heavily into how we share gold-making information).
  • Successfully transitioned Power Word: Gold from a blog into a real-life money making endeavor through sales of our Guide
  • Started our official subreddit at /r/PowerWordGold.
  • Branched out from World of Warcraft with Power Word: Games!.

What's Next?

I think our leading focus for 2013 will be less on expansion and more on refinement.

In 2012 we built a solid and varied avenues for sharing gold-making information. In 2013 we will continue to hone those tools to make them even more effective.

A Labor of Love

I have loved every single minute I have spent on Power Word: Gold over the preceding two years. I hope that love and dedication shows through in the finished product.

I also want to thank every one of you reading this post. You have contributed very directly to the success of Power Word: Gold and I couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you!

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  1. Great Job listened and studied for 2 days cleared 2 alt guild banks and made averaged 5434 gold each days past 2 days with your knowledge, been playing wow since 1.10 and never really used the AH thanks man Big Fan will buy PDF soon! I am even on Busy seller for undermine journal just listening to you man!

  2. You are one of the most furthersome bloggers. I love your videos. Happy Birthday! :)