MoP "Uber" Blue TradeSkillMaster Dealfinding Lists

I've started to have some success buying and selling what I've dubbed Mists of Pandaria "Uber" blue items. These are items that were introduced in Mists of Pandaria that require level 80-85 and all have item levels over 400.

These are extremely powerful items and can fetch a premium price. I sell most of these items between 2500g to 6000g.

Due to their rarity one of the best ways I've found to find these items for the price I'm willing to pay (under 300g) is to use TradeSkillMaster Dealfinding Lists. Read on past the jump for TSM-importable lists to help you buy these items as soon as they hit the AH.

Where To Use These Lists

There are a few different ways you can effectively use these Dealfinding Lists to find these items. Each has its own pluses and minuses.

The important part is that you have some way to get alerted when these deals show up. In my experience you might not be the only one getting these alerts and a few times I've logged on to find the item already purchased and flipped for a higher price by a competitor.


You can use these Dealfinding Lists inside TradeSkillMaster itself to scan the auction house in-game. This has the advantage of being able to scan at any time and as often as you want. You can also buy these items immediately after the search finishes.

The disadvantage of searching in-game is if you make your searches too large you may have to wait for long scans and if you are on a busy realm you may miss out on buying them items as you wait for the search to finish.

Also, you can't really be in the game when you're away from your computer.

TradeSkillMaster Application

You can use these lists inside the desktop TradeSkillMaster Application. This is how I currently use the Dealfinding Lists. This allows you to simply play the game or surf the internet or whatever and have the TradeSkillMaster application collect the auction house data directly from Blizzard.

After the TradeSkillMaster Application collects the data from Blizzard it can be set up to automatically check the data for the items on the Dealfinding Lists you've selected the TSM App to check. If it finds a match it will give you a audible alert and change color on your taskbar.

TSM App can also be set to send you an email if the items are found. If you leave your computer on with the TSM Application running while you're away and you get the emails on your phone you can buy items from the Mobile Armory app or the WoW website. Broker

You can import these TSM shopping lists directly into Broker tab. You have to be signed into WoWuction site and also have the server and faction you want to search selected on the site.

Once you're signed in and have the server/faction selected click the "Broker" tab and then select the "Import Rules" tab and you can paste in the lists below and import them. You will import not only the items but also the prices.

Next go to "Manage Rules" and click the envelope icons in the "Mail alert" column to turn on email alerts for each item. When WoWuction does a scan and finds the item for under the price you listed it will send you an alert email to the account you used to sign in to the site.

How The Lists Were Built

I built the lists with a few different tools. I started with this Wowhead filter search that lists all of the "Uber" Blue items with multiple tabs based on item level. (Thanks to @Unholylordk for the search link.)

I copied the entire chart of items and pasted them into SLAGIT and pressed the "SLAGIT NOW!" button. This converts the jumble of Wowhead links into a TSM Shopping List.

I then copied the TSM shopping list text and pasted it into a text editor. There are a few things that you need to do to change a TSM Shopping List into a TSM Dealfinding List.

You can do this by hand or you can select your Shopping List in the TSM Shopping Options and press "Switch Type" button in the "List Management" tab. If you use the "Switch Type" option in TSM you will have to type in the price for each and every item.

I prefer editing the list in a text editor because I can do use tools like search and replace to edit the shopping list into a proper TSM-importable Dealfinding List in a few seconds rather then typing in (or copying and pasting) 300g into little boxes a hundred times.

Editing Shopping Lists Into Dealfinding Lists By Hand

The basics of editing a TSM Shopping List into a Dealfinding List are fairly simple.

  • Change the "s" in the beginning to a "d".
  • Remove the "$" just before the final "@".
  • Include prices after each item ID in Copper. Example: 300g max price would be "/3000000".
  • You can use search and replace to search for "," and replace it with something like "/3000000," to add prices to the entire list. You will have to manually add a "/3000000" after the last item number as it doesn't get a price because it doesn't have a "," after it.

With the above steps I can take a Shopping List and convert it to a Dealfinding List in a minute or less.

Here is an example of converting a Shopping List to a Dealfinding List:

Initial list from SLAGIT:


Replace "s" with "d".


Remove "$" at end before @.


Search and replace "," with "/3000000," (highest price = 300g).


Add "/3000000" after last item number so it has a price as well.


Now we have a proper Dealfinding List ready to import. Again it may seem like a lot of steps but it's way less than typing the maximum values next to each item by hand inside TSM after converting the Shopping List into a Dealfinding List.

A Note About The Lists

So, now that I've showed you how you could create your own lists we finally come to the TSM and WoWuction importable shopping lists.

These lists are categorized by Item Level. They have all items max buyout price set to 300g. If you want to change the max price before importing these lists feel free to use search and replace in a text editor to change "3000000" into what ever price you want. Remember to list it in copper.

I like individual lists because they take less time to search for in the AH and therefore more likely to be able to buy the items out that I find.

I do understand some people just like to let one giant list run. For that reason I've also included a "Mega List" at the end that includes all of the Uber Blue Items into one giant list.

Choose one or the other. The individual lists or the Mega List. If you import them all you'll be duplicating work.

The Lists

Copy and paste starting with "d" and end after "@". The parts to import are in Courier font. Do not include the list names.

You might copy the list names when setting the Name in TSM but not as part of the importable lists.

Blue MoP 409


Blue MoP 417


Blue MoP 425


Blue MoP 433


Blue MoP 442


Blue MoP 450


Note: The list below is a collection of all the items included in the lists above. Choose one or the other. Don't use both.

Blue MoP Megalist



I hope these lists are useful. I apologize if the instructions before the lists are a bit stilted. I tried to include brief details to point you in the right direction as to how to use the lists in TSM, TSM App and WoWuction.

The real power or these lists is being able to use them in ways to quickly find them especially with the automatic alerts with TSM App or WoWuction.

If you have any questions please let me know. Happy hunting!

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  1. This is a great post Jim, thanks. :)

    I have been flipping these items (with great success) for a while now but up until now I have been using Auctionator shopping lists - which are fine but obviously don't have the functionality you have outlined in this post.

    I use TSM but didn't actually know about the deal finding capability - think I will give this a try.

    PS - Great podcast this week too!

  2. I can't get the Desktop App to see that I have the dealfinding list imported... I restarted the application and verified that it does show up in game with all the items. Any ideas?

    1. NEvermind working now - thanks

    2. Glad it's working. I found you have to log out of your char for your lists to be saved and then use the button to synch your dealfinding lists.

  3. Thanks for this post Jim, makes the search for these goodies ALOT faster and easier! :)

    1. I've snapped up quite a few blues with this.

  4. I'd like to add that the fastest way of changing types of lists is to import it into TSM as part of a deal finding list, click the list managament type, and then click the button that says switch type! Viola! Your deal finding list is now a shopping list and vice versa!

    1. Correct (as I mentioned in the post). While this is true you still have to manually add in the Dealfinding prices in TSM one-by-one.

      If people are willing to get their hands a bit dirty in a text editor the above steps complete that part in an instant with a simple search and replace.

  5. Great post!

    I'm working on a few various tools at the moment mostly for personal use, but this post highlighted one I recently began. You can find it here:
    Shopping to Dealfinder
    It converts TSM shopping lists (like those from slagit) to Dealfinding lists with a set price. It's still early days (only about an hours work - very simple at the moment) but it's still quite useful.


    1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing! I hope you don't mind I added it to the Useful Gold-Making tools list on our sidebar as well as tweeting and posting it on our subreddit.

      If for some reason you want me to remove the link on our sidebar let me know.

  6. Thanks for this list Jim, wanted to find something to copy paste into my wowuction alerts, and this was just what I was looking for!

    1. Glad they helped. I built them for the TSM app (which I really need to run more often).