Getting Great Gold Goals Goes Good

This the second post of our participation in 20 Days of Gold-Making. Be sure to also check out everyone else who is participating.

The prompt for today's post is "If you set yourself a goal what was your goal and at what point did you set it?" Read on past the jump for our thoughts on goals.


Goals? That is a topic that I personally have some issues with. It is not that I hate goals or think that they are bad it is just that I have never been the kind of gold-maker who was striving for any certain amount of gold.

I think any gold-maker could see 1 million gold as a goal. When I started creeping up on 750K gold I made reaching a million gold what I would call a "lazy" goal.

A "lazy" goal is a goal that I was interested in hitting but didn't want to consciously think about. A goal I didn't really tell anyone else about. Like a deer in the forest, I thought that if I focused too hard on hitting the goal that I would "scare it away" and I would never reach it.

I didn't want to change my gold-making habits in a blind pursuit of 1 million gold. I didn't want to start making rash decisions or change how I made gold in case that would somehow make me enjoy making gold less.

The Change

I think another reason I didn't concentrate on hitting 1 million gold was that I had seen numerous community members fight and fight to reach 1 million gold only to immediately lose interest in the game when they reached their goal.

I didn't want to do that. I didn't want to "beat" gold-making (or at least my own personal definition of "beating" gold-making) and then lose interest in the game. I can understand how reaching a goal (and spending a tremendous amount of effort doing it) could lead to someone wanting to "take a break" afterward. Often, however, those people never came back.

Slow and Steady (Again)

So do I have a personal goal for making gold in the game now? I do. Once I reached 1,750,000 gold I realized that I was slowly creeping up on 2 million gold.

Right now I am quietly and slowly walking through the forest and I see the deer. I know that if I just slowly and methodically keep doing what I am doing and don't make any sudden moves (hello Black Market Auction House) that I shall reach my goal.

I want to talk more about this goal but I see there are more prompts related to it in future days so I'll stop here.

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  1. I started about 4 weeks ago watching your videos. I set my goal at 1 mill, saying I would reward myself by making me a rocket on my engineer. I started with 20k gold and I logged out today with 280k SO I am on the way thanks to you and your videos.