77-80 Cata & 83-84 MoP Item Flipping Pricing Lists

One of the most common requests I get on the livestream is the pricing information I use when selling my 77-80 Cataclysm and 83-84 Mists of Pandaria items.

Head past the jump for my pricing information for all of the different categories of items I flip in those categories.

Purchasing Items

I wanted to start by giving a bit of information on the pricing I use when purchasing these items from the auction house.

For more in-depth information on how I set up Auctioneer saved searches to quickly but these items be sure to see Buying 77-80 Cataclysm Items With Auctioneer Saved Searches and Buying 83-84 MoP Items With Auctioneer Saved Searches.

Purchasing Price List

Maximum Prices:
Armor - 45g
Armor (Plate) - 100g
Weapons - 75g
"Uber Blue" Armor - 100g
"Uber Blue" Weapons - 300g

"Uber Blue" items are Mists of Pandaria items that are level range 80-85 and Item Level 400+. I sometime include crafted blue (rare) quality proc items if there aren't a lot flooding the market.

I also ignore/don't bother with "Ornate Bands" and "Shadowfire Necklace" if they show up in the "Uber Blue" searches because they are often flooded and I don't like competing with someone who can just craft more.

I've recently also stopped purchasing 1-handed weapons which included spell power ("caster" weapons) such as maces, daggers, swords and wands. I still sell items I have in stock but I've just found they sell very poorly.

Selling Price Lists

Below are the Fallback prices ("normal prices") that I sell my items for. Unless otherwise noted I use a Threshold price ("cheapest price") of 75g.

77-80 Cataclysm Item Sale Prices

Cloth, Leather, Mail - 245g
Plate - 396g
Jewelry - 245g

Wands/Off-Hands - 145g (I don't buy these items any more.)
1-Hand Caster - 145g (I don't buy these items any more.)
1-Hand Melee, Shields - 395g (Threshold price: 125g)
2-Hand Melee, Staves, Guns, Bow, Crossbow - 495g (Threshold price: 125g)

83-84 Mists of Pandaria Item Sale Prices

Cloth - 295g
Leather, Mail - 245g
Plate - 396g (Threshold price: 125g)
Jewelry - 295g

Wands/Off-Hands -  145g (I don't buy these items any more.)
1-Hand Caster - 145g (I don't buy these items any more.)
1-Hand Melee, Shields - 395g (Threshold price: 125g)
2-Hand Melee, Staves, Guns, Bow, Crossbow - 495g (Threshold price: 125g)

"Uber Blue" 80-85 Mists of Pandaria Item Sale Prices

As noted above, "Uber Blue" items are Mists of Pandaria items that are level range 80-85 and Item Level 400+. I sometime include crafted blue (rare) quality proc items if there aren't a lot flooding the market.

Dropped Armor - 2500g
Crafted "Blue Proc" Armor - 1500g
Weapons - 2500g (Potential to sell for up to 5000g. Experiment with these.)


It should be noted that these are the prices that work well for me. If the prices don't work after a few weeks you may need to adjust them down slowly over time until they sell well.

Conversely if the items sell really well you may want to slowly adjust your prices upwards to take advantage of the demand.

If you are just getting into the 77-80 Cata and 83-84 MoP flipping market take these are a starting point. Each server is different and adjustments may need to be made. Being able to asses you market and adjust accordingly is the mark of an intelligent gold-maker.

If you do decide to start adjusting prices I'd say do so no more than once a week and make the movements in small increments. I adjust my pricing in 20-50g increments. Also don't be afraid to go back to older pricing is you aren't' seeing the results you want.

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  1. I've been in the 77-79 market for quite a while myself. I don't have a set buy price, but I usually won't buy over 75g, sometimes I'll up to 100g for a weapon with good stats.

    I just do a regular search at the AH put in the level range of 77 - 79 and sort by ilvl.

    My sell price is 250/450g. On my main server there are only 2 of us, and the other guy doesn't seem very serious about it. On my second serer I seem to be the only one doing this. I don't really keep track but I usually make between 1,000 and 2,000g a day with just that (maybe avg of about 3 sales a day for 1200g).

    It's starting to rival my xmog income.

    1. My lackluster transmog sales and great 77-80 sales lead me to pretty much abandon transmog. It just wasn't worth the time.

      I think about getting back into the transmog market but 77-80 and 83-84 keep me plenty busy.

  2. Jim do you place blue 77-80 items that you find in your buy price range in the same groups as the greens or do you mark them up a bit more? (For example, Toxidrunk Dagger)

    1. The Cata blue weapons were put in the same price range as the greens yes.

      They aren't as OP as the MoP blues item level-wise.

  3. Hey Jim!
    I've been doing the 77-80 cata and 83-84 mop green item flip since I started following you. Thanks for the time dedicated to this! I wanted to say that I've found that, spite having huge profits and sales, I ended up having 600+ auctions every time I bought and then reposted. Since I was reposting everything I got, I noticed the following:

    1) For 600+ auctions, I was spending 2k-3k in deposits each 48 hours.
    2) I was posting lots of repeated stuff (without ignoring random enchants).

    In order to address those problems, I opted to set my auction limit to 1 auction per item max. I reduced 40% of the auctions posted, without reducing income at all! (because it's hard to sell 2 of the same items).

    What did I do with all the leftover stock? Well, in my main banker (Horde) I disenchant all the greens TSM won't post due to repeated auction. In Alliance I just vendor them. This recuperates some of the investment in "cleaning up the Auction House" so I won't have to compete with low priced stuff. And, with disenchant, I think sometimes I do make a profit when I proc Mysterious Essences.

    1. Thanks for sharing. You and I think a lot alike. I also found posting 1 of each items helps. I've also been vendoring triplicate armor and DEing extra weapons.

      I post around 375 items on the Alliance and around 175 on the Horde.

  4. Jim,

    What is the reason that the 83-84 greens sell? I've been buying up 87 greens and they've only sold so-so, it appears I've gotten the incorrect level range from somewhere.

    I sold a ton of 77-79 armor in Cata. Guess it's time to list my 87 stuff for around cost (I don't think i've ever spent more than 30g on any item) and start looking at the 83-84.

    Also: is 77-79 just as profitable as it was before? I was sure that market would die after MoP.

    1. The reason 83-84 items sell is that people leveling though Cataclysm can use the really high item level items to PVP or get through content by killing things faster.

      Yes 77-80 items are still selling well. I don't see as many come though the AH these days but I still sell them quite often.

  5. ive been selling 77-80 and 83-84 items for 350g each onb my server, buying them for 45g each, ill be DEing any extras at the end of the xpac.

    Also that being said i have stopped buying 83-84 weapons, because they dont seem to be selling all that good

    thanks for the set up info for Auctioneer Jim

    1. I'd look into at lest selling 2h and hunter weapons. I sell those at a premium price (495g).

      Also I'd look into the vendor price for those items compared to the price of the possible enchanting mats you's get. You may be surprised to find the vendor price is higher and you can simply vendor extras for a higher price.

  6. Jim, is this still working for you at the moment?

    1. Yes it is working. 83-84 (and also 87-88) more so. 77-80 have slowed down but mostly due to a lack of items on the AH.

  7. Jim, do you have any setup tutorials for TSM 2.0 flipping groups?

    1. Not specifically but this post gives some things to get started. I set them up similar to how I do in TSM 1.0.

  8. Jim, do you happen to have an import string for these for TSM? I hate adding them to my groups each time I find a new weapon or armor piece. Thanks!

    1. We do and we will be releasing them in a future post. Most likely in mid September.