The Best Place To Farm Small Eggs

While it doesn't end until January 2nd, today is a big day in the Feast of Winter Veil. Today is the day we get finally get to open our presents! Many players will be hitting up Father Winter to get presents and do his quests. One quest requires 5 Small Eggs to make 5 Gingerbread Cookies.

I made a quick video showing how fast you can kill them and also give a detailed description below.

YouTube: Best Place To Farm Small Eggs in WoW - WoW Gold-Making! 

Read on past the jump for more details and a bonus macro to speed things up even more!


If you want to make some quick cash head to the west coast of Westfall directly west of The Raging Chasm (the whirlwind with freaking trees swirling around in it). On the beach you'll find the carcass of giant sea creature with vultures around it.

The vultures respawn very quickly and you can kill them nearly non-stop and farm up small eggs very fast especially with AOE looting. (This is also a good spot to farm eggs for Chocolate Cakes during Orphan's Week as well.)

Maybe you don't even want to sell the eggs. Maybe you just have a lot of alts who need cookies and want to farm the eggs yourself. This is the spot to do that for sure.

Egg Pimp

As you can see from the screenshot below my Small Eggs seem to be selling pretty well (at least for now).

Small Eggs Sales on Winter's Veil

Bonus Macro

Use this macro to make it even easier to automatically target the next bird in front of you for maximum killing speed. Simply replace Mind Flay with one of your character's spells (preferably one that is quick and has a low-ish mana cost).

/cast Mind Flay

Big thanks to Juggernaut in the livestream chat room for letting us know about this spot.

Happy Winter Veil to you all! Now, go out there and get some eggs my Egg Pimps!

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  1. Personally, I prefer the dragonhawks outside Silvermoon. They're a little more spread out, but have a 100% drop rate (and often drop multiples).

    I suppose it may be a bit of a pain to get to for Alliance, but then again, so is Westfall for Horde.

    1. I did Eversong Woods last year and did enjoy the drop rates there but these Vultures seem far faster.

      If Horde are looking to get to the spot in Westfall it's a relatively short flight up from Grom'grol in Stranglethorn Vale.

    2. That's true. Just be careful if you're not yet level 90. Stay up high until you get to your destination. Level 90 guards can really smack you around.

  2. Good article, however it should be noted that Winter Veil doesn't actually end until January 2.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I've updated the post to reflect the correct info.

  3. I used to go to the moonkin in Darkshore, but the birds here seem more plentiful.

  4. The advantage of the vultures
    a) they respawn instantly, there are always 3 up
    b) the farm-area is really small because there are only 5-6 spots around the sea-monster-corpse
    c) you dont need to move
    d) AoE-Looting like a baws!

    Even if they have a lower dropchance, the outcome for me atleast is better then farming dragonhawks or moonkins.

    I recommend using the tundra-mammoth to sell the grays,
    when you inventory gets full. ( Scrap-AddOn is nice to have! )

    You can also disenchant the greens you get to boost your income even more.

    When you inventory is full, use mobile banking-spell, get the stuff in your guildbank and continue! ;)

    At least, thanks for mentioning my tip Jim! :)