Leaving Space In Your Bags by Kyrum

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If you are like me and farm dungeons you probably realized that even if you run into a dungeon with some fancy Netherweave Bags, or Embersilk bags, that it is inevitable that you are going to run out of bag space sooner or later, fly back or hearthstone back to a vendor to sell all your junk items, put stuff in your bank. So on and so forth.

So the story begins with me. At the time I was a lvl 88 protection pally needing to get some Netherweave.
I went on my dragon (everyone has one now don't they?) to go over to the old Burning Crusade dungeon called The Blood Furnace. If your newer to the game or just don't know where that is we got links. Read past the jump for more.

The Blood Furnace

I flew in and after 2 runs my bags became full. Because my hearthstone was all the way in the Shrine of Two Moons (the Horde city of Pandaria) I was starting to toss out my items. Then I realized that I had recently bought a portable vendor of sorts called the Guild Page!

I summoned him up and was able to vendor all my grey items! Finally I didn't have to lose that time to throw away useless items or fly home to vendor it since I got one right here. Now just to tell you in advanced after 5 or so minutes he mysteriously dies O.o and if you try to summon him he won't come back because, well, he's dead. So what you need to do is switch to another companion, then summon him.

After two more runs I started having to much Netherweave (ironic since I was farming it). Since I was going to use them to make bags I made them into Netherweave Bolts. Converting items to make more room is a great way to get more space in your inventory.

I didn't make them into Netherweave Bags since each individual bag would take up one space. As I did this I suddenly went oh snap because I just realized I could disenchant the items I get so I could finally continue leveling enchanting (which is usually a pain in the arse) or sell the regents. I started disenchanting BOPs and most of the greens I got.

After all that I ended it doing a total of 6 runs. I got enough Netherweave to make 21 Netherweave Bags selling for 69 gold a bag. One hour later 10 of those bags sold. I raised my enchanting level by 30 levels and emoted a happy face to a jealous brother.

So later on I thought of some other ways I (or others) could could save room.

1. Goblins get a portable bank, use it to store stuff that you intend to keep like mats or transmog gear.

2. If you are one of those people who are REALLY into gold making this is also a well known (more or less) trick that they use. If you made a guild just for the guild bank and you can use the portable guild bank than you have bank access as well, only on a larger cooldown.

3. This way only works if you have 2 accounts. The you can use your other account as a bank. This is also good if you are power leveling an alt on that other account

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Big money.
Big bags.
Big fun.


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  1. On the point of vendoring your junk gear there's a couple points to consider :

    1 - Invest in the Travellers' Tundra Mammoth. Having both a vendor and repair guy on board that you can summon outside the instance is a great way to repair and clear junk every run.

    2 - Farm up the Argent Squire from the Argent Tournament in Wrath. He's on an 8hr CD, but will give you access to either your bank or mailbox. You can do a complete bag flush once per run with this guy.

    3 - If you're an engineer, the mailbox and Jeeves will also give you more options to vendor, repair and send off BOE loot for pickup later on a short CD.

    4 - Get the mod 'greyseller' for very fast dumping of trash greys when you talk to a vendor outside the instance. You can save considerable time over multiple runs with this very handy mod.

    5 - Splash the cash and go big on your bags. 4 x illusion bags might be expensive, but in the long run will more than pay for themselves. This is what I deem a 'quality of life' investment that lasts for a long time. When the royal satchels come down in price, you can upgrade to those later.