Simple Living Steel Material Price Calculator

I made this Living Steel price calculator for myself but at the request of the livestream viewers I've made a version available for downloading/copying for everyone to use. Yay!

I use this daily to calculate which method is the cheapest for making Living Steel (Ghost Iron Ore v. Tillium smelting, etc). Read on past the jump for instructions on how to download/copy it for your own use.

Downloading/Copying The Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet needs to be downloaded (for use in Excel or Open Office) and/or copied (for use in Google Drive - formerly Google Docs). It won't work unless you download and/or copy it.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet.

If you are using Google Drive to make a copy:
  • Be signed into your Google account
  • Go to the spreadsheet
  • Click "File"
  • Click "Make a copy" (If this option is not active you are not signed into Google.)
  • Enter a name for your document and select OK

Making a Copy in Google Drive

Downloading a copy for Excel or Open Office:
  • Go to the spreadsheet
  • Click File
  • Click Download as
  • Select either "Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)" or "OpenDocument Format (.ods)"
  • Your browser will download the file

Downloading for Excel or Open Office.

Using The Living Steel Calculator

To use the Calculator your simply enter the current auction house prices for each type of materials as well as Living Steel price into the aqua-marine colored cells.

Enter prices into aqua-marine colored cells.

As you enter the values the calculator will calculate equivalent mat prices and the potential profit you might gain if Living Steel was made using the various materials.

Living Steel total mat price and profit.

In the screenshot above you can see the "Living Steel" row that shows the total material cost if you used a particular material (Ghost Iron Ore, Ghost Iron Bar, Transmuted Trillium or Smelted Trillium) to create Living Steel via the daily alchemist transmute.

The "Profit" row shows the potential profit for each material type based on the current Living Steel price you entered earlier. The larger the number the more potential profit.

For example in above screenshot the most potential profit is currently from smelting Trillium from Black and White Trillium Ore (The "Trillium Ore (Avg)" column).

Finding Prices

I use an Auctionator Shopping List to quickly find the current prices for the various items. Below is the Auctionator-importable shopping list for the materials and items.

*** Living Steel
Black Trillium Ore
Ghost Iron Bar
Ghost Iron Ore
Living Steel
Trillium Bar
White Trillium Ore

To import this shopping list for use in Auctionator:

  • Copy the list
  • Select the "Buy" tab in Auctionator
  • Click "Manage Shopping Lists" on the left sidebar
  • Click "Import"
  • Paste the text into the entry box
  • Click "Import"

To Search for this shopping list:

  • Select the "Buy" tab in Auctionator
  • Select "Living Steel" from the Shopping List selector in the upper right
  • Click "Search for All Items"
  • Wait for the search to complete
  • To find more information on each item select it from the results list
  • Click "Back" to get back to the results after looking at an individual result

Advanced Uses

While my initial goal for this calculator was to provide final mat costs for various types of materials to make Living Steel it also includes equivalencies for all materials compared to all other materials.

What this means is that you can compare what the equivalent price for any against any other material. For example I can see what price Trillium Bar would be if made by Ghost Iron Ore. If made by Ghost Iron Bar etc.

One advanced use I use is to compare the current AH price for Trillium Bar against the equivalent price in the Ghost Iron Ore column and see the difference and therefore the potential profit from selling Trillium Bars by themselves.

Final Goal

The final goal for me with this calculator was to allow me to quickly make a decision on a daily basis as to the cheapest way to prepare the materials for my three transmute specced alchemists.

I've been using it on a daily basis and it has been very useful. Hopefully it will help you figure out the cheapest mats so you can maximize your daily Living Steel transmutes.

If you have any problems or questions about the spreadsheet let me know below.

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  1. Thanks for the spreadsheet . :)

  2. I know this is older, but I was looking for something just like this. The only problem is, it doesn't take the transmute mastery into account. I believe it's been calculated that on average, that proc is a 20% bonus. So in practice, transmuting 6 Trillium Bars actually gives you 1.2 Living Steel, not 1.

    I realize some people would rather just not take that into account and regard any procs as a free bonus, but it is important to this calculation, especially because if we're going from Ghost Iron Bars (or Ore), that transmute mastery is thrown in twice.