Theramore's Fall Scenario (Horde) Gameplay Video

Still waiting in a scenario queue? Here is my second run of the new Theramore scenario, this time on my Blood Elf Protection Paladin. This video shows the scenario from the Horde perspective.

The Horde version seemed a bit more likely to experience lard packs swarming the groups. Our shaman dies in this video after pulling too much. After having read "Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War" book this scenario, like the Alliance version, leaves something to be desired and seems to end rather abruptly.

YouTube: Theramore's Fall Scenario (Horde) 9.17.12 AM by Jim Younkin

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  1. Just speaking for myself, my partner, and the friend we queued with, we enjoyed it. Yes, it was short, but that's what scenarios are supposed to be.

    I believe the problem (much like a lot of the reaction to Diablo 3) comes down to player expectations. Players were expecting this to be a big world event in the style of the Wrath zombie event or even Cata's elemental invasion.

    Blizzard had basically said no, that's not what we were getting this time. The problem with the pre-launch world events, and the reason Blizzard always had mixed feelings about them, is that they end up pouring so much in terms of time and resources into developing content that lasts a couple weeks and then is gone forever.

    Look at it less as a traditional world event and more as a scenario to which we were given early access. Scenarios are intended to be a quick little instanced quest that you can queue for whenever you feel like. I think this did a good job of what Blizzard actually intended it to do, giving us a preview of scenarios.

    Unlike the previous pre-launch events, it won't just vanish at launch, never to be experienced again. It's something they still get to use at 90. Plus that's more development resources they were able to put into Mists itself, which arguably has the most launch content of any expansion yet.

    In terms of story, at least from the Horde side (haven't done the Alliance) it was exactly what I expected from the book. There's only one mention of what could possibly be players, the "small team" mentioned by Garrosh on page 203.

    Basically, taken as a pre-launch event, it was incredibly short, yes. Taken as a scenario, though, I felt like if it were any longer, it'd stop really being a scenario as Blizzard's presented the concept.

    1. Granted but since it will stay in the game forever I was expecting more.

    2. More what, though? More length? More challenge? More story (which really ends up meaning more cutscenes or pseudo cutscenes, or text most people don't end up reading)?

      The problem is scenarios are not really supposed to have much of any of those things. It was exactly what a scenario was supposed to be.

      I think the problems (for those who have problems with it) really stem from the fact that...condensing, for lack of a better word, such a major lore event into a scenario format does feel odd. And it's also the first piece of new WoW content many people have seen in the better part of a year, so expectations were naturally high.

      I think if we were playing this for the first time at 90 after launch, and particularly if the mechanics were identical but the backdrop wasn't such a major lore event, no one would bat an eye.

      Essentially, from a strictly developmental standpoint, it does what a scenario is supposed to do, and does it well. The question is whether it should have centered around such a major lore event, and whether we should have gotten it a week before launch like this.