Theramore Scenario Requires i353 - Sell Vicious Items Today

The Theramore scenario hits live realms today (already live in EU) and the scenario requires item level 353 to queue.

With sweet iLevel 384 heads and weapons being handed out like candy, I'm making sure that I'm crafting and/or flipping cheap iLevel 377 Vicious Embersilk and Vicious Fireweave PVP items. These are often items used by people looking to boost the item level of their characters in order to get into higher dungeons (and now scenarios).

If you have a Tailor you might look into this market and see if there are gaps and/or cheap (30-60g) items that can be flipped for a better price today. If you have a Jewelcrafter, Leatherworker or Blacksmith you might also look into the Vicious Jewelry, Leather, Mail and Plate items as well.

Here are the Auctionator searches I'm using to look for these items:

Vicious Emb
Vicious Fire

I'm selling most items for 650g each with the exception of wrists and belts which I sell for 450g.

Will they all sell? We'll see. If not I can always disenchant them for Heavenly Shards.

(Secret Bonus Tip: Hunter's will be getting new i384 guns today. Be sure to stock the AH with Flintlock Woodchuckers.)

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