Mists of Pandaria: Initial Gold-Making Impressions

It's hard to believe it's only been two days since the launch of Mists of Pandaria. Seems more like a week with all the playing I've been doing.

Read on past the jump for my initial gold-making impressions of Mists of Pandaria along with some thoughts on lore and what others have found as far as gold-making in MoP.


I thought I'd get this one out of the way first since I was so concerned over it before the launch. I've chosen to do lore-based questing as my initial push into Mists of Pandaria and I can say I haven't been disappointed.

  • Quests are engaging.
  • Voice-overs and in-game cut scenes are used well and are very effective.
  • Each area feels cohesive and I feel like I'm in a whole new world.
  • I love the Pandaren's philosophy on things: "Slow down."

I am having a great time questing in Mists or Pandaria and am striving to record my whole initial lore-based leveling experience in my "Hunter vs Pandaria!" series. You can often find the series on our livestream and it will soon be up on out YouTube channel. Watch for it. I'm having a blast.

My MoP Gold-Making 

Because I decided to go with a lore-first methodology in Mists of Pandaria I haven't been pushing gold-making as much as others. This means I've likely missed out on some initial gold-making potential but with 1.5M sitting in the bank I'm not really hurting for the gold.

That's not to say that I haven't been planning and working on gold-making. Most specifically I've been keeping a close eye on the MoP 83-84 market.

  • Buying cheap (under 55g for armor, 75g for weapons) iLevel 363+ MoP level 83-84 items.
  • Storing the items now so as not to inflate the market this early.
  • Plan to sell them in a fwe weeks when the initial 85-90 leveling rush dies down.
  • There is a vendor, Singegruff, who lives in Dawn's Blossom which is within easy riding distance from both starting areas that sells full sets of iLevel 372 level 85 gear for cheap (50-70g).
  • Due to Singegruff I am not planning on initially working in the level 85 MoP items market for now (maybe ever). 
  • Still working the 77-80 Cataclysm market although it is very slow right now which is expected.
  • Slowly leveling Inscription and Alchemy. Hoping to get the Living Steel transmute on each Alchemist.
  • I've been able to sell some dropped cooking food for decent prices. 

Other's MoP Gold-Making

I've been getting lots of reports from the field from readers and livestream viewers. I'm listing a few here. (Note: These are other's efforts, not mine.)
  • Mining and Herbalism farmed mats sold well early on but prices are continuing to drop.
  • Engineering cogs have been reported being sold well by multiple sources.
  • Getting Tiller's faction up is a great way to get daily Spirit of Harmony.
  • Many early-learned glyphs from Scroll of Wisdom have been selling well but competition is heating up quickly.
  • There are some items in the game which have level requirements of level 80-81 but have an item level of over 400+. These items are likely mislabeled and are likely to be changed but may appeal to twinks.
  • The Jewelcrafting Shuffle appears to work well and doesn't have any "extra" gems (like Zephyrite in Cataclysm) in MoP.
  • Disenchanting cheap MoP greens from the AH can grant higher-valued enchanting mats to flip.

Your MoP Gold-Making?

So what has your own Mists of Pandaria gold-making experience been like? Have you been making a killing? If so, how?

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  1. The lvl 80-83 blues are not mislabeled. has them labeled at the same item levels as the game itself as well as the remote AH. Wowhead is still pretty barren, but apparently these are specific drops from the rares throughout Pandaria.

    There are a TON of these things, enough certainly to fully gear out any of your RAF and SoR characters that you abandoned at 80. I personally just picked up a nearly full set of plate for about 7500g - worth it since my Paladin tank has languished at 80-81 for over a year.

    1. It was the level 80 ones I was most interested in. Interesting. Thanks for the info.

  2. I've been selling ore and herbs and indeed prices are dropping fast. Enchanting mats are ridiculously low and impossible to make a profit on. Cloth is insane, even below Embersilk's lowest ever. So, I'm buying more then selling now :) I'm sure prices will rise again once everyone is done leveling their chars and profs and when supply goes down, prices go up.

    I sell all my greens (85-90) for 500g btw, and most sell within 12 hours :) Disenchanting would give me about 10g with the current prices.

    One question: You mention the MoP shuffle... what is the current shuffle? Can't find info, spreadsheets, anything on it :(

    1. I haven't done the MoP shuffle yet but it involved a few JC pieces that take 3 gems each I believe.

  3. I still sell [Krasarang Paddlefish] for 400-500 Gold per stack and was lucky to sell some [Primal Diamond] for ~10k on the first days

    1. Very nice. I'll keep my eye on those.

  4. My mage is alch/inscr. I found for me that the alchemists rejuvenation potion and the mana potion worked well in learning new recipes. It didn't take long to learn the transmute: living steel (maybe after making 30 potions?), and LS is going for 2200 gold each on my server.

    Inscription - Selling the shoulder enhants at 500g a piece. fairly simply mats so profit is high. (The greater is BOE while the secret is BOP - nice little boost espe if you are a caster). I was excited to see BOA staffs - one had a power level up of 30! and i thought the fans were a nice touch . . . .

    Fun tip - although it may not make a high gold profit. I've found by walking around SW with kite equipped you get a lot of (where'd you get that from?) - nice way to stand out.

  5. Jade Lungfish(Lungfish, I make about 10-20k for 3 hrs of work. Hot sale days, Saturday & Sunday) & Giant Mantis Shrimp Sale between 15g - 12g 50s. Ea. The Golden Carp has died down from 15g. ea. to 6g. ea(Cooking skill & Cloud Serpent Rep. Daily).. Veggies has dropped now that a lot are maxing out their Cooking Skills. The Living Steel prices are still High & it doesn't Look like it's going to fall anytime soon. The Jade JC crafted Mount ( Exalted Cloud Serpent Rep.) is selling fairly well for 25-30k ea. I'v got out the Veggies sales. Still loading the Ah with Fish(Spend 2-3 hrs. a day til' Saturday & Sunday) As "Master of the Ways" I cook some Banquets & put up for sale. 25 man selling for 200-30g. ea. 10 man 75-150g. ea.