Level 83-84 Mists Items: Time To Stock Up

As I've discussed previously (and also recently mentioned by Phat) the new market for selling low level current-expansion items to players stuck in previous expansions while leveling, previously held by level 77-80 Cataclysm items, is likely to now be 83-84 Mists of Pandaria items.

Read on past the jump for my early-expansion plans for these potentially valuable items and also tips on how I'm finding them.

The Plan

My current plan for the 83-84 Mists of Pandaria item market is to collect these items while most players are leveling through the initial Mists of Pandaria zones where they drop.

If Mists of Pandaria has a similar curve to Cataclysm the cheap supply of these items is likely to dwindle as people move on to level cap and only return to the early zones to level alts.

By purchasing, but not selling, these items now I am hoping to do a few things.

  • Get the items cheaply.
  • Keep prices low by not reselling right away.
  • Not alert competition to the knowledge of these items.

Finding Items

How am I finding these items? I'm using the same technique I do when searching for 77-80 items which is using Auctioneer saved searches.

I previously wrote a detailed tutorial on how I searched for 77-80 items. This same tutorial will work for setting up your searches for 83-84 Mists of Pandaria items with a few tweaks.

Below I'll be giving the search parameters that you will use to build the 83-84 armor and weapon searches.

83-84 Mists Item Search Parameters:
  • Min Item Level: 363
  • Max Item Level: 510
  • Min Level: 83
  • Max Level: 84

Also, while doing searches I'm using the "Ignore" button to ignore the same type of items I did previously.


So how do you store a large amount of items if you don't have the space? I've been using the "storage by mail" technique. I mail the items to one alt who doesn't really need to get into their mail daily. 

The items will sit there for now. There's a chance I may need to return the mail back and resend it back to them to avoid losing the items (or do they get returned to sender?) before 30 days. 

(I really should just clean out my guild banks to make room for these items but that would require work.)

Crafted Items

One thing to take into consideration is that a few of the items you may turn up in the above searches may be crafted items. Should we be picking them up?

With the exception or crafted rings, in Cataclysm I saw crafted items sell just as well as drops (perhaps with a bit more competition). I am planning on picking up a lot of the cheap crafted level 83-84 Mists items and reselling them later.

When To Sell?

So when will I start putting these items back into the market? Once the supply for these items starts to dwindle.

Another consideration is that in a month or two people will likely be leveling up alts much more and these items may sell even better.

I'm playing the long game with these items. I have patience and am taking advantage of the lack of patience and/or knowledge of those willing to sell these items so cheaply now.


So that is my plans for now: Silently absorb these items now. Sell them for a profit later.

I have faith that if this expansion goes similar to Cataclysm I'll be buying and selling these items for the entire expansion.

I love markets like this. On my server I have had lots of luck flipping items such as these and it works well for me. 

That said, each server is different and what works on my server may not work on your server. That's simply a fact of gold-making. You won't know if it works, however, unless you try.

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  1. Hey Jim...I have enjoyed reading, listening and watching you quite a bit for the last few months. I first stumbled on the level 77-80 items when I leveled a rogue from 40 to 80 in 2 minutes after doing RAF. I have been selling these to great success as well. I have to be honest though and say I just don't see this working at all in MoP. Or at least the higher levels. I think that 77-80 will keep working until they change the scroll of ressurection and raf level bump cap up to level 85, however the whole idea of making money off of a similar thing in MOP kinda goes out the window because of the cheap level 85 vendor items. If they work, it will most likely be because people just don't realize there are vendors that sell them. It all just seems like a huge investment for something that has a good likelihood of not working.

    Love your stuff, but I am concerned about a potential huge loss for people that do this...

    1. Everything is a risk. That said, I've had too much success in the 77-80 market to not move forward with it's MoP equivalent.

  2. Aerimus, Jim specified 83-84, I think, for the very reason you mentioned. They may not buy Level 85 items (if they are even aware of the vendor), but they will buy level 83 and 84 items to power through the last two levels of Cata. The huge stats gains allow for BG twinking as well as making grinding and dungeons that much easier.

    Personally I'm also stocking up on the many ilvl 409 and above BoE Blue gear that is equipable at level 80. I'm convinced people think they're no better than Cata blues as the ones that aren't stupid expensive (ie what I would charge) are dirt cheap. Even if they get changed to 85-89 (which I suspect they will), they're still well worth the investment in my mind.

  3. I understand where you guys are coming from, however, if what you are saying is true, then why wasn't there a large demand for 65-70 items during wrath? Don't get me wrong, I hope and pray you guys are right...I just know I never think about buying gear while leveling, however after immediately leveling a ton of levels with the scroll or RAF, you don't really have a choice. Again, I hope you are right, I just don't see it. But believe me when I say I'll be all over it if you are right :-)

    1. The main difference is with Cata you could no longer go into the zones and quest two levels early (58 for TBC and 68 for LK). Having to wait until 80 (or 85 in MoP) changes the dynamics of people's buying choices. Short version is these are best in slot for their level ranges.

    2. As for Low level Wrath greens, while I skipped Wrath entirely, I do flip these now as well. Any non BoA slot (Belts, hands, wrists, rings, necks) sell pretty well. I don't search for them on purpose, but I do pick them out when I grab them on DE scans.

  4. I don't see this working due to the fact that there's a lot of vendors that sell cheap gear for MoP noobs.

    1. These are targeted at people who are under 85 and therefore can't level in or buy the cheap MoP gear yet.

  5. this item on gold making for buying and reshelling is very easy with auctionner i buying this item 14gold and reshelling 150gold all day ^^

  6. Ya. This will work pretty well. I don't have the capital Jim has but I have been investing a bit into these greens. I have also been saving all the ones I pick up while leveling and have a decent stockpile. Not sure what I will do with the 85 and above items yet. I have sold some and others I may just DE. What do you all think for those higher level greens?

    Also Jim, are you ignoring the crafted gear items or are they all 85 and above?

    1. If i had limited capital I should stick to 83-84 2-handed weapons and guns, bows, cross bows and possibly leather and plate.

      I did pick up many crafted items (still only 83-84) because they were very cheap. I had decent luck flipping crafted 77-80 items in Cata (again because they wee cheap).

  7. Jim, good post. I have been farming motes at a spot that drops plenty of 83-84 MOP ilevel greens. This on top of starting to buy them low as well.

    How do you post these? In waves? All at once? Should I be worried about deposit fees? Or is it a matter of even if 10% sell you'll still make a profit despite the total deposit fee's.

    Thanks and keep up the useful posts. PS. I enjoyed the reddit AMA.

    1. I have been posting all my stock with the exception of duplicates. On the Alliance side I went a bit overboard buying the items so I am introducing the items 30 or 50 at a time just so I don't get overwhelmed with re-posting. (Although I likely will get overwhelmed.)

      The more items you have up the more likely you will be to sell them and cover your posting fees. If, however, you don't sell enough to cover your fees (I'd estimate around 300g/day in fees) then you might consider adjusting some of your prices down a bit until sales pick up.

    2. Thanks for the quick response.

      So far I've only been doing it for a few days and have managed to get 3-5 sales a night which is enough to keep it positive! Still too soon to tell on my server but seems promising. Although I don't post them nearly as high as you do...

      Side question, are you still in the 77-80 market for all the RAF levelers that must still exist? Specially at times (like now) when the WoW Battlechest goes on sale for $5.

    3. Yes I am still selling 77-80 items although the sales have slowed quite bit. When the stop selling altogether I'll consider stopping.

      I did stop selling 77-80 cloth and mail items as well as wands and caster weapons.