The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 039

Episode 039 of The Power Word: Gold Podcast. Your host Jim Younkin and guest Sapu bring you the latest World of Warcraft gold-making tips, tricks and strategies.

In this week's episode your host Jim Younkin and guest Sapu discuss upcoming visual changes to TradeSkillMaster, features of the upcoming TradeSkillMaster desktop application, Sapu takes questions and much more. And now on with the show!

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Full show notes after the jump.

Episode 039 Show Notes
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  1. Just want to say thanks for doing more blogging and podcasting lately. Enjoy your content, but livestreams just don't fit into my world.

    1. Thank you for reading/listening. The livestreams aren't everyone's cup of tea but the response to them has been tremendous.

  2. Jim,

    Just discovered you. I have heard of the site but just started really reading up and trying out things. 2 questions. 1st listing to the podcast here it sounds like you were streaming video. Is there any place I can watch while I listen to the recorded podcast? I didn't see it on your youtube channel.

    Second, I started working on the transmog stuff from your videos. I have the shopping lists and have been buying up cheap chest, legs, gloves, and feet as you suggest. However they dont' seem to be selling. I am on Doomhammer, Horde. Is my problem server pop or that I am on horde and this transmog stuff works better for alliance since they are prettier? Or do i just have to give it more time? Thanks man!