Testing Battle Pet Cageability and Quality In MoP Beta

There has been much speculation around what would happen to our current pets when it comes to the Pet Battles system being introduced in Mists of Pandaria.

We've seen a blue post indicating that some pets may become "Rare" when caged. Some have done analysis on where these pets come from.

To set the record straight (at least as far as the current beta build is concerned) I wanted to test caging all my pets on the current Beta client (Beta Client: 5.0.4 (15929) Jul 31, 2012) and see what happened. Head past the jump for my (rather interesting) results.

The Results

Below are the results of trying to cage all the pets I had available.

A few things I noticed while doing the testing:

  • None of the pets I tested became Rare ("blue") quality after caging. This included pets previously hinted to be becoming Rare such as the Little Fawn and Nuts.
  • None of the pets indicated in the blue post as possibly becoming Rare are listed as "Rare" in my pet journal.
  • TCG pet "Landro's Lil' XT" was not cageable.
  • Many pets that may have been "uncageable" such as Winter's Little Helper are cageable.
  • Many of the Orphan's Week pets are cageable.
  • Many pets recieved from quests are not cageable.
  • All of this is subject to change at any time.

Below is a spreadsheet where I recorded the results of my tests. (You can obtain a copy of the spreadsheet here.)


So there are my results. At least in this current Beta build (Beta Client: 5.0.4 (15929) Jul 31, 2012), none of the pets I had, whether TCG, Holiday or Blizzard Store, if they could be caged turned into Rare quality.

So what does this mean? Well as this is Beta things could change at any moment. That said, at least for now, it doesn't look like they will be making the pets listed in the original blue post (at least not the ones I had) into Rares.

As to how exactly this affects our pet stockpiling decisions? We can't say for sure yet. We need more information.

Your Turn!

I only had access to around 120 pets. I'd love to have you all try to cage pets not listed above and put your results into the comments below.

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  1. As far as I know, the original post said that they would become rare in a future build, not that it had been implemented yet. There are some things that can and may be left until the last minute or even only seen once the expansion goes live (most professions, for example, aren't seen in their truly final state until an expansion goes live).

    There are some things that are simply more important to test than others, particularly if it's just a matter of tuning. Raid testing, for example, is almost always either under- or overtuned because the tuning's the easy part, the part they can do purely internally, as long as the mechanics work right and the fight is bug-free. I think we'll see something similar with per stats and qualities.

    Also, whenever they do get around to implementing the change, there's no reason caging a pet should "turn" it rare. Pets should always be the same quality in your journal as when caged.

    Generally, when Blizzard says they plan to do something, there's little reason to assume they won't. Of course, some exceptions apply, like the infamous "all glyphs will be learnable from research come 4.2" blue post that never actually came to pass. Still, particularly at this stage, and with something that should take about as little programming effort as changing an ilvl, there's no reason to doubt them at this point.

    Of course, as always, one should stay on one's toes. Contingency plans and adaptive reaction once Mists launches will be far more important than any kind of assumptions made on beta data.

  2. I just been playing beta a few days and today maybe on my 5th pet caged I got a rare blue small frog and the achievement "a rare catch" maybe it had something to do with the restart? Or just lucky.

    1. "Captured" pets have the chance to be blue. Also they can not be "caged" (ie put into cages to be trade or sold). We were testing if any pets that can be "caged" were blue from our pet journal. (Thus more likely to sell for a higher price.)

  3. When he says rare pet it means in your pet journal it's marked as rare. I'm not sure if it will be rare when it's caged or when it drops. Pets like the Captured Firefly are currently common (white) items but are a very rare drop.

    1. I realized this after making the post. We can only wait and see if the become Rare in the journal and if that Rare quality will transfer when caged.

      My guess is it is still a bit early.