Official: Sep 25, 2012 Mists of Pandaria Launch Date

It’s official: Mists of Pandaria is launching Sep 25, 2012. (Learn more about the launch, pre-sale,  "Digital Deluxe Edition" and more in this Blizzard blog post.)

Looks like I was a bit overly pessimistic in my guess of November as the launch date. Now we all get to do mental gymnastics to figure out how the launch will fit into our lives in September.

(It is interesting to note that September is very early in the year compared to the previous two expansion's release dates.)

How do you feel about the timing of the September 25 release date? Too soon? Not soon enough? (I especially want to hear your conspiracy theories!)

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  1. I also expected a later release date in Oct or Nov, but I bet they pushed the MoP release up since Diablo 3 had been such a flop. The MoP launch better be much better than the D3 release cluster.

  2. Seems way too soon IMO. They even haven't made the PTR so you can feasibly test the pre-expansion patch. I feel like this will be one of those really shaky releases, seems a bit too soon to get all the kinks out, but we'll find out in 2 months!

    1. The PTR servers went live on Friday. Beta's in great shape overall (minus the Jade Forest, but I expect to see that in the next build). This is still shaping up to be longer than any of the other betas, so I really don't get where people are saying it seems rushed or too soon.

      Is it because it's not a Q4 release date? I know it's earlier in the year than the other expansions, but you have to remember, this beta's been going on since March.

    2. Yeah I totally was saying it was going to be Sep months ago. I even put out a post oddly 3 days before they announce it that why I felt it was going to be out in Sep.

      Fact is PTR is out already, beta is also in good shape and they are working on balance now and stress testing.

      Plus keep in mind that MoP was not nearly as much work for them to do as Cata was given Cata IMO was a reboot of wow in terms of 1-60 content and zones. That was lot of content they had to do.

      Personal opinion I think cata had more content then any expac before, but most of the player base never saw it as they didn't roll alts.

  3. I honestly expected it a bit sooner due to the xpac lull. A lot of people have moved from playing the last patch content to other activities in WoW.

    Its interesting that the release is in the middle of Brewfest. If the Brewfest Boss changes up on release date I expect there will be a good market for any new BoEs he drops. Fast levelers could make some good gold!

  4. I was expecting the release later in the year, but I am not surprised that they have announced an early date. This will certainly focus my play a bit over the next few months. I have been a bit lackluster recently and this will make me get a bit more organised...maybe?

  5. I was actually expecting it a little earlier. As my blog post from a while back will attest, I thought September 4th (I really need to put out that haiku now, don't I?). However, I pretty much knew that was out the window when the first week of July went by and we didn't hear anything (their release date announcements are always roughly two months in advance).

    I kept trying to tell you November was ridiculous as we saw more and more indicators roll out. Raid testing was the first big one, although that is lasting a tad longer than usual this time around. Once I saw the PTR servers go up, though, that clinched it. I knew we'd have a release date within a week or so, as that's always been the case. Did you really think 5.0 was going to be the longest PTR in WoW history, languishing in testing for 3-4 months?

    I also remember noting last night that next Tuesday was going to be the Q2 earnings call. They almost certainly saw subscription losses in Q2 (though it'll be interesting to see if the AP mitigated this at all). The release date and initial pre-sale numbers are some bits of good news they can give on that call.

    Overall, I understood where your more cynical prediction was coming from, but here's something to keep in mind: "It's done when it's done" works both ways. I don't recall ever seeing anything to make me think Blizzard sits on content once it's finished. Say what you will about the speed at which they put it out, but I honestly believe they do bring out content as quickly as they can while still making sure it has that Blizzard level of polish.