Captured Pets Not Tradeable in Mists

Tailswish alerted me to a blue post link over at MMO Champion that states that all pets captured as part of the Pet Battle system will not be able to be caged, traded or sold. This may have large implications for gold-making surrounding pets and pet battles in Mists of Pandaria.

Read on past the jump for the blue post and my thoughts.

A Cruel Mistress

Pre-expansion speculation can be a cruel, cruel mistress. (Just ask anyone who stocked up on materialswhen it was "datamined" that the epic gem cooldown was going to be removed in WotLK.)

I've been feeling quite a bit of whiplash as I've been trying to suss out how exactly the Pet Battle system will fit into World of Warcraft gold-making.

My initial impressions were that pets would be more valuable because people would want them to battle. Stockpiling pets was bandied around as a possibility for Mists of Pandaria.

Then I get into beta and I notice that getting pets is ridiculously easy. Anyone can go out and battle to collect and sell pets. This (along with the rumor that duplicate pets on your various characters may be "mailed back" to our characters) gave me the impression that certain stockpilied pets would actually end up being worth less. (On a related note, the rumor about the pets being mailed back was also discussed in a recent Google+ gold-making hangout put on by Gold Shield.)

This lead me to work on liquidating many of the pets I had been holding onto. Now I think that may have been a bad idea.

The New News

We've all been working off speculation and a lot of the ideas I've had may very well turn out to be wrong as blue poster "Mumper" posted the comment below in response to a forum poster asking about the auction house's relationship to the Pet Battle system. (Emphasis mine.)

"We just finished a pass making all pets that are caught via pet battles in the world non-tradeable. This means these pets cannot be put in cages for trading or posting on the AH. We felt that the option to buy these pets on the AH would take away from the exploration/collection gameplay of the system.

This could always change in a future patch, but this is how it will go out with MoP. You should see the change in our next build."

The Effect?

There you have it. Captured pets will no longer be able to be caged, traded or sold on the auction house in Mists of Pandaria.

How will this change effect the way the economy works around the Pet Battle system? Initially I think it should help keep the auction house clear of tons and tons of sub-par pets that would flood into the auction house.

Secondly, this may end up meaning that the only pets that can actually be caged and sold will be pets obtained through "normal" mean. Pets that will be able to be sold in Mists of Pandaria are the same exact same ones we can buy and sell in the game now.

I think if it is true that "normal" (non captured) pets are able to be leveled up and sold on the auction house it very well may make them the de-facto pets that people will work towards leveling up and selling for gold.

This may mean that any pets we have now may go up in value (perhaps a few months after the stock of pets that the "mail back" of pets to players dwindles).


What does this all mean and how am I using this information? Mainly I am going to stop selling off my companions and hold onto them for Mists of Pandaria. I don't have a huge stockpile but I'll hold onto the ones I do have.

Also I may look at doing a tiny bit more stockpiling of pets (specifically pets that players aren't likely to have multiples of thus avoiding the "mail back" problem) as I feel the change above makes them much more valuable.


Your thoughts on what effect making captured pets non-sellable will have on the economy?

UPDATE: After thinking about it I think the main reasoning for this was to keep people from capturing and selling high level pets for battling.

This means that all pets that sell on the AH will have to have been leveled by someone. Makes sense.

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  1. I think you hit the head on the nail here. As I posted today myself, I spend the whole weekend working on this. As anyone may have notice I was rather quiet all weekend.

    This was because I was busy in beta on a level 1 figuring out how someone could get starter gold using the pet battle system on a new server.

    I had like 3 posts I wrote up about making gold and pet stockpiling for mop. All of that was knock for a loop when I saw the blue post earlier today that you can't trade pets you catch.

    It doesn't change my idea too much, but now I have to rewrite it and take new screenshots. Annoying work to have to do twice but I was more then aware that it was beta.

    My stance that I left in the forum thread and my own posts and comments on my blog and twitter still stand. Those who are against being able to trade pets simply do not understand how the game works in terms of gold making. Like being able to buy a level 23 pets day on is some unfair advantage over other players.

    1. They didn't say anything about removing the ability to trade non-captured pets. Level 23 "normal" pets may still be able to be sold. Time will tell.

    2. As I'm aware, pets you catch in the wild can't be traded. But pets you buy off a vendor, crafted pets and pets you get by other means such as a quest, or pets the drop off mobs can still be traded and leveled. The only pets outside of wild pets you can't trade are TCG pets and pets from the blizzard store (not sure about the cub however).

  2. I think this is a good change from a gameplay perspective. Buying a top-level pet on day 1 isn't really an "unfair advantage" but it does allow players to skip a lot of content with gold, which shortens the (pet) game and will lead to quicker boredom. Levelling a regular pet to takes some time, so it will draw out the progression a bit.

    What's annoying me as a crafter (and as an Engineer in particular) is that the crafted pets are all common quality, and so will probably not be highly sought-after. I'm not sure people will pay a few hundred gold for a Yeti if it's no better than a rabbit they can get from a vendor for 20s.

    1. This is the thing I was trying to get a cross. Boredom is going to happen either way. Just like you can't force a player rushing to Heroics the 2nd week, killing everything in a few weeks and then being bored. It's going to happen and trying to control players like that isn't good for the game in itself.

      The players out there who have a lot of gold who would have just went to the AH and pick up a level 23 pet are going to do it anyways now. You know how?

      Someone is going to level one of those crafted or vendor pets and sell it. This same person who doesn't want to bother is going to buy that pet. If they want a rare pet which has better stats they can easily go to a high level zone and farm for one.

      If you have a level 23 pet you can easily go the the new zones and farm pets there. So this change really didn't change anything but annoy gold makers and people who may want to really trade pets to friends.

      They should make in terms of Engineering pets uncommon at least and rare for the ones you need to get a drop or farm for. Like the Toad and Yeti which are not just learn from a trainer.

    2. Do we know if pets that are currently soulbound will still be able to be caged and sold?

      I am thinking specifically of Tiny Shale Spider.

      I was assuming that as all pets could be caged and sold that this also applied to pets like Tiny Shale Spider.

      Hearing this latest news, I wonder if this mechanic is going to make it to the live release.

      What are people's thoughts?

      I do have 30 Tiny Shale Spider stashed away so am hoping the answer is 'yes'. ;)


    3. @Saite I believe all almost all pets can be caged in Beta. I don't have a Shale Spider to test but it was listed as a pet becoming "rare" quality in MoP.

  3. it totally. totally stinks. i finally get on beta to test out the pet stuff and am excited you can sell them...then find this out. totally STINKS :( i think they should have atleast maybe made certain leveled or rare pets tradeable.../cry

    1. While I thought this at first, after thinking about it I think the main reasoning for this was to keep people from capturing and selling high level pets for battling.

      This means that all pets that sell on the AH will have to have been leveled by someone. Makes sense.