Adjust. Adapt. Evolve.

Today's post showcases a recent email we received that demonstrated one of the most important principles of gold-making: adapting advice and techniques to your own situation.

Read on past the jump for a great example of how one reader took flipping 77-80 Cataclysm green items and adapted and evolved it to great success.

The Letter

Hi Jim,
Just wanted to say thanks for the latest post. I'm on your livestream once in a while as Cyclonus. And I've purchased your guide 
Your guides on 77-80 greens have helped my gf and myself get a couple sandstone drakes and I've got a nice healthy few hundred k gold pool now. 
If you're looking for more information, I noticed that regardless of the price, and I've tested this on two servers now, you should be able to sell cata plate for 400 per piece. I even sell the competing level 80 stuff for 400 and it still moves if you're sure to get good suffixes ( landslide, bedrock, those types ). At level 80 there is a bunch of crafted everything, that always sells for less, that they ignore sometimes when they actually know how to gear their tanks. Mastery is a stat that's somehow absent from a lot of the hardened elementium gear for instance, and these greens are equivilent in stats ( directly! ) and they have mastery instead of some of the stats on there, which helps tanks a lot. 
I can also report that I sell all of my other greens for 385 gold. Cloth, Mail, Leather. It all sells. And man, it's been great. 
I'm not sure what prices you were at, but on my server I started at what you recommended me ( 245-254 per green ) and at some point just decided to try 385 for the armor. And it moves. 

Always Be Adjusting

What I think is so wonderful about what Cyclonus has done is that he's taken the original techniques of flipping 77-80 Cataclysm armor for 245 and further refined it by identifying that plate items may be able to sell for a significantly higher price. Not only that but all other armor types are selling for more as well.

The fact that he continued to test this on two different realms shows someone working hard to not only come up with an advancement on a theory but to put that theory to the test.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

The above process of coming up with gold-making theories, putting them to the test, refining them and then testing those refinements is one of the things I hope all those who read the blog do.

Adapting gold-making techniques to your own situation, not just taking what other gold-makers are doing at face value but trying to really hone in on what will work best for you, is key.

Sure we all need some place to start when we are trying new gold-making techniques. For that it is very good to start with what someone else has found works. After that though you take their starting point and see if you can improve on it. If there is a way to adapt it to work better in your situation.

Know Yourself

No gold-maker can provide the server/faction specific advice that will work perfectly for you. There are just too many variables (server population, faction imbalance, etc) involved to be able to give hyper-accurate advice. It's up to you to take what you see and try to make it work for you. In some cases, such as with Cyclonus, you may very well be able to improve on the technique.

I'd like to thank Cyclonus for taking the time to pass along their experience and tweaks with us. I'll be working on trying to split my 77-80 plate into separate groups myself to see if I may be able to squeak out just much more profit from my 77-80 Cataclysm items.

Further Reading

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  1. Hey Jim :)

    Thanks for a lot of fun and helpful stuff on the interwebs, i really have spend a lot of time listening and reading before i started out as a pro banker myself...

    As one of my many markets is the green cata flipping scene i have too taken some of the initial ideas and made them fit to my servers economy. I am flipping every piece of 77-80 greeny with the cata endings (bedrock, lanslide, wavecrest etc) and the best of the tbc endings (seer, bandit etc) and i am atm selling all armor pieces for 400g and all weapons for 475g !! i pick up weapons for as much as 250g and armor up to 200g. That means i pick up about 90% of everything posted by random AH users and repost at the before mentioned prices.

    First i had my prices at 300g / 375g and increased only prices during the weekend, but i realized i was loosing out on a lot of income by not posting at the higher prices during the week as well.

    I am the currently the only one on my server (alliance) that is in this market and it makes me a good 20-40k every single week and has done so for close to 2 months now.

    Goldzkeeper, Doomhammer EU - Alliance

    PS. i've just stopped running this market on Doomhammer EU - Horde this past week, so if anyone wants in there is a good opportunity now!
    Giving away my horde gold in a fashion contest (click link )

    1. Great success! I'm still experimenting with raising prices but my server seems a bit resistant to large increases so far.

      I tend to sell the same gold amount per day (2.5k or so) but do it with fewer items. Not sure if this is best because it could lead to having too much back stock.

      As always it's about experimenting.

  2. Indeed that could be problematic, with a stockpile that keeps growing. Especially with Mists on the horizon.

    Im letting my stockpile grow until we get a release date, and then i'll see what happens. Im thinking an explosion in demand, due to people wanting to level those last alts before the new content becomes available.

    In any case its mere peanuts to keep building up the greenie stockpile - even if they wont sell. Can always DE them when mop comes and sell mats to the new pandas leveling chanting ;p

  3. I am on a full server, I have experimented selling higher but there is too much competition. Still with all the supply I am finding plenty of items to sell everyday, for 160-240 gold each. I am proud to be making 10-20k gold a week, never had this much gold before!

    1. The important thing is to "know your server" and you do. Keep it up!