Items to Avoid When Flipping 77-80 Cataclysm Items

Today's post is a bit of a follow up to my post Selling 77-80 Cata Gear To Scroll Of Resurrection Level 80s. I've been asked many times for shopping lists/item lists for the 77-80 Cataclysm Items I flip. The truth is, due to the number of items involved, it is easier to tell people which items to avoid rather than which to buy. Read on past the jump to learn how to identify the "stinkers".

How to Buy

Before we go over what not to buy, lets get a quick refresher on how to buy them. The easiest way to find these auctions on the auction house is with the Auctionator addon's "Buy" tab. Once on the "Buy" tab enter the first search term below to search for armor and the second term to search for weapons.


Once the search is finished press the "Lowest Price" column to sort items so the cheapest items are on top. Now we are ready cull through these items for the profitable ones.

You can also add these to a Auctionator Shopping lists. (If you'd like to learn more about Auctionator shopping lists check out our post Auction House Basics: Auctionator Shopping Lists.)

The 5 Things What To Avoid

When searching through you search there are 5 major categories of items that I avoid like the plague.

(Three of the items in the list are suffixes to avoid which means look for the words that come after the item name. Example: "Moonbrook Crystal of the Beast", the "...of the Beast" is the part to look for.)

  • "...of the Beast" - These items have not major stat (Agility, Strength or Int).Instead they have Crit Hit and Stam. Not having a major stat is a major no-no.
  • "...of the Whale" - These items have only Spirit and Stam. No one wants that. No one. Avoid at all costs.
  • Plate items or shields that are "...of the Tiger" - This gear has Agility and Stam. No plate-wearing class needs Agility. None. Stay away.
  • Jasper Rings - These items are often crafted by Jewelcrafters as part of their shuffling routine and therefore at risk of large numbers of undercuts. I don't try to flip them.
  • Alicite Pendants - These necklaces are also crafted by Jewelcrafters as part of the shuffle and therefore very prone to being flooded and undercut.

Lets Practice!

Here is a typical search I might get when searching for 77-80 Cataclysm.

Here is the list showing the items I'd avoid in this particular search

The more you search the better you get good at spotting the bad items. You want your items to sell. By avoiding these type of anomalous items you are more likely to pick winners.

To recap, I sell all 77-80 Cataclysm (above iLevel 272) items except the ones that match the criteria listed above. I've had great success in this market and think is is a market everyone should look into.

A Note On Pricing

I just wanted to add a note on item pricing. I've found a good pricing scheme for these items on my server. You may be able to adjust these prices up or down based on your own server.

I sell all armor pieces for 254g. Weapons I sell for around 225g for wands and off-hands, 345g for 1-handed and 445g for 2-handed weapons.

I like the prices above because they are low enough to not draw heavy competition but high enough to still make a nice profit.

When purchasing these items I'll pay up to 65g per piece for armor and 100g for weapons.

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  1. Nice post. I've been using TSM with a shopping list to buyout only lvl 77 cata greens. Looks like it's time to expand my market!

    1. I think I learned it from Phat Lewts.

  2. Been doing this for about 6 months - haven't seen anyone on my 2 servers doing it. I have made a lot of money doing it. Just recently I have noticed a drop in people buying them. I reduced my prices across the board (still making good profit) and sales picked up.

    1. I also recently saw a dip and reduced my purchase price as well as reducing my sale price to help lower my inventory to match the slight reduction of demand.

  3. I would very much like to know how you managed to set up you TSM groups for this stuff. Mine always errors out. If I ask TSM to fix the errors, it makes my groups a category and then creates groups for each item in the previous group. All I want to do is dump all my 77-80 armor in one group and have it all treated the same. I cannot seem to get TSM to do this correctly. Any thoughts?

    1. I'm going to guess you set up your your pricing with percentages. Unfortunately TSM needs each item to be in it's own group to properly analyze and price items based on percentages.

      The way to alleviate this is to set up groups with a fixed gold amount. Grouping similarly priced items is how I do this.

      Percentage pricing is good for many things like enchanting scrolls etc but not so good for groups (like 77-80) that you'll be adding items to on a daily basis.

    2. Thanks, Jim. I kinda figured this was the problem. I appreciate your feedback. It has kinda worked with $$ instead of %, but I'm still tweaking things. It's still being a bit of a hater - learning curves!

  4. I saw you doing this on one of your last livestreams, and tried it, but it seems this market is quite dead on my realm, playing on Frostwolf EU Horde Side - and i only sell like 1 to 5 items a week.

    Another thing, if im allowed to ask - im trying transmog gear the last 10 weeks, but the last 2 to 3 weeks i didnt sell any.
    Got someone who wants every leather set, paying 7,5k per set.

    Im using Faids Shoppinglist for TSM, but it seems i only sell like 5 to 10 items out of 100 i buy everyday, even if i price all items at around 300g.

    Any tip would be awesome :)

    1. If you find sales slow then you might lower prices a bit and see if they pickup. I think each server has prices that which items will sell with regularity. If you're picking up your items for under 65g you should be able to safely lower them to as low as 130g and still be doubling your on each sale.

      As for mogging items the sad truth is that some servers just aren't interested in them at all. My server happens to be like this. I sell around 5 mogging items a week and all I currently stock is chests and legs. My advice is if mogging sales are slow then reduce your stock and stop buying new stock.

      My chests and legs are selling for 795g each right now and like I said i get about 5 sales a week which is still ok money but nothing exciting.

    2. Thanks for the tip - reduced my prices by only 25 Gold and got some sales minutes after it.

      Im trying to buy items that are popular and/or rare, even if its hard when i see a cheap item from the list to say "no". ;)

  5. Here ia a comment from Jackspot that seems to have disappeared.

    "Hey flux,

    I didn't even know it was possible to search an item by ilevel ;)

    Thx for this post"

  6. Great idea! Have you thought of using the addon called The Undermine Journal General Edition? It shows a tooltip of average prices across all realms, so makes it super easy find out which ones sell for more and are worth flipping.

    1. I do use TUJ GE but mostly for crafting prices on things like enchanting scrolls. TUJ wouldn't work well on 77-80 because I'm setting my own prices and the average of all servers wouldn't get me the right prices specific to my own server and faction.

  7. Picked up this market as it was unique on my sever becuase no one else was doing it. ( High pop, Pve sever.) The money just rolls in every day thanks to you Jim. :D

    1. It was a great market for me during Cata and early MoP. Over time it slowed mainly due to lack of inventiry from being on a low-med pop server but making new TSM lists for 77-80 is on my to-do list. I want to get back into the market.