Selling 77-80 Cata Gear To Scroll of Resurrection Level 80s

With Blizzard announcing a new Scroll of Resurrection (SoR) promotion that gives people (nearly) free and instant level 80s there should be a small window of opportunity for us to sell these new level 80s level 77-80 Cataclysm greens. The default gear for the new level 80s is iLevel 232. Cataclysm greens start at iLevel 272 which is a big upgrade.

If the are being played by players like myself the first thing they are going to do is hit the AH and look for Cataclysm greens to replace much of their pre-made gear. Read on past the jump for a few quick tools to help in your search.

Auctionator to the Rescue

If you are using Auctionator (and you should be) then here are some importable Auctionator shopping lists to help you search for the right gear. We are looking for gear that is level 77-80 and above item level 272

Importable Auctionator shopping lists: (Note that these lists require you to select the main list *then* click on each item in the list "Armor/77..." etc. to perform the search.)

*** 77-80 Cata Gear

If you don't use Auctionator you can also search the AH manualy by typing in 77 in the minimum level box and 80 in the maxiumum level box and searching armor and then weapons. The only caveat with that is that you will have to manually pick through the results to make sure you are choosing the items from Cataclysm. They will have an item level above 272 in the tooltip (if you have iLevel showing in your tooltips in the UI options.)

Be Picky

When using the above shopping lists to do your searches you are going to want to be picky about which items you try to flip. Don't just buy every item and expect to be able to flip it. There are some real stinkers in the itemization category (like Beast). Only buy items that include generous portions of Intellect, Agility and Strength on them. Ignore the rest. Who needs a piece with only Spirit and Stam? Not me and not your buyers.

Also be picky on what you pay for these items. They may not sell and it doesn't make sense to buy a ton of items that you'll never make a profit on. I will buy must items that are up to around 75g and no higher.

I also ignore jewelcrafting crafted items (Alicite Pendants, Jasper Rings, etc.) in my flipping because I simply know there are always tons of them flooding into the market and frankly I don't want to compete with that.


I'm choosing to price all the items at 400g with my TSM set to undercut down to 300g. I'm aiming at the players, like myself, who have been playing the game and used the Scroll of Resurrection to get a cheap and easy level 80 alt. People like me have plenty of gold and don't mind spending it to outfit our brand new insta-80s.

As with everything else you should tailor your pricing to your own tastes. I've been able to pick up many of these items for 20-30 gold and so there is certainly a lot of room for variation on pricing. If you're picky about what you pay you could sell for less and make more by selling more total volume.

The Time Is Now

The time to pick up and flip these type of items is now. Most of these Scroll of Resurrection level 80s will be gearing up in this next week so don't delay.

As with any tip you read on this blog be sure to take all factors into consideration and tailor your choices to your own comfort level. I look at this market as very similar to the mogging market except that instead of looks, people are buying for nice looking stats. The mechanisms and addons/lists used to sell these items can be setup very much like mogging items.

I personally have multiple TSM groups set up by level (77, 78, 79, etc) and have for some time due to already flipping 77-80 Cataclysm greens. I just see a bump in sales coming and wanted you all to be able to take advantage of it as well.

Depending on your realm size you could be seeing a rush of the above mentioned greens hitting the auction house as new level SoR level 80s start leveling through Cataclysm zones. I personally love the markup I get on 77-80 Cataclysm greens and will be vacuuming up the increased supply to sell after the surge dies down. This may be the last chance we have to get some nice 77-80 Cata greens stocked up before Mists of Pandaria.


One final note: DON'T GO OVERBOARD!!!! I know some of you out there will think this is the next great thing and blow thousands of gold buying way too many items and be disappointed when they don't all sell instantly. This is just a small window of opportunity to make a few extra sales on something I do already. Moderation will make you some decent gold. Don't blow your entire bankroll on this. Please.

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  1. its the new pyrite ore charge! i bought out a lot of the 77-80 greens with good stats last night and relsited them for double.

  2. The premade level 80s are given green gear automatically when there character is leveled up. They mail you your old gear in the mail. It's in the FAQ section, I don't think this will be a viable market for the scroll reasons, but it is in general.

    1. Also the value of the level 80 Cataclysm greens is extraordinarily diminished. The reason 77-79 is so valuable is because players in this bracket cannot access Cataclysm content yet, but can wear the greens from it. The 80 gear is easily beaten by rare gear in BRC or ToT, which you can queue for at 80.

    2. The items you get by default are crappy iLevel 232. While these will technically allow them to queue for Cata LFD, any respectable player will be looking to replace them ASAP even with 77-79 greens which are iLevel 232 and above.

      I was already selling these so the SoR boost will only help.

    3. Yeah I understand the underlying concept. In my eyes though a 'respectable' player won't instantly run to the AH. It may be what you or I may do, but not everyone is as likeminded as us. Potentially these 80's are starting with limited gold they can pull from an alt from Wrath or whenever it is in Cata they quit, remember we are the 1%. The one thing that I have been selling to 80s since the scroll's release are the blues from this spectrum, which are worth the increased price to the buyers. I just don't think people starting out will want to spend a decent chunk of their total gold on gear they'll replace soon, and will get beaten by dungeon/quest gear before they hit level 85.

      There is a lot of crafted gear in this category for players just starting out again. For example a new tank may want Hardened Obsidium Battlegear because they want the increased stamina and tank related stats if they keep dying in the dungeons because they don't know their class. I just feel like at 80 there's way too much competition to keep the market up.

    4. As stated in the post I'm targeting players who have money to burn.

  3. Good information. Ironically enough I've been trolling this pond for several months already. There has been a lot of value in this market. You should obviously consider your server. But mine (KT) this category of gear can sell quite steady. My current TMS settings sell this stuff @ 300. I strongly suggest giving it a try.

  4. Don't they come with a new gearset with Cata stats?

    1. It was stated in the post but yes, they get a crappy set of spec-appropriate iLevel 232 gear.

    2. The gear that comes with the free 80 is not as high iLvl as the normal greens we have been selling to 77-79 characters since Cata release.

      I mentioned elsewhere this was and will continue to be a decent market until MoP, where I'm sure like 84 greens from MoP will be just as good a small market.

  5. The main thing people who have been doing this anyway since last year when it was 1st talked about wanna keep an eye on is the lvl 80 stuff, as alot of ppl only did 77-79 items.

    there's posts about this on my site and the consortium for further reading on the subject, I wont link them unless Jim says its ok though

  6. Write me to
    If you want a resurrection Scroll and get a free lvl 80 character =)

  7. Good advice, I generally make bs/lw/tailoring greens and they sell like crazy.

    I get the feeling they are more for twinks than levelers though because I was selling them at this rate before the new SoR was released.

    Looking forward to more stuff.