Going Into "Low Power" Mode for 2 Months

I've decided that I would be best if I turned the heat down on some of the things I've had cooking at a roaring boil for the last 6 months or so here at Power Word: Gold. "Real-life" concerns as well as I general feeling of "working hard and not getting anywhere" have lead me to the conclusion that it's time to refactor and refocus.

If you've been a long-time reader/follower of Power Word: Gold you'll know that I have entered these "low power" modes before. For the most part, they are a way for me to relax and re-evaluate all the things I ve been doing as far as Power Word: Gold goes. In this case I have some real "real life" things that have, sadly, been neglected in my push to make Power Word: Gold into a real business. Head past the jump and get details on what you can expect from PW:G in the next two months.

All About The Benjamins

As I stated at the beginning of the year, I'm trying this year to make Power Word: Gold into a profitable real-life endeavor. As anyone who has ever tried to start a new venture will tell you, it can be very trying on all concerned, including friends and family. While those around me have been extremely supportive of my efforts, what I am able to bring in with my current efforts is just falling short on too many levels.

I believe I am talented, and I have a wonderful following of people who look to me for tips, tricks and advice on gold-making. For that I am very very grateful. If I could live in a cardboard box under and overpass and continue to give out all the advice I could I would. Unfortunately, we don't live in Azeroth and we can't pay our real-life bills with WoW gold.

I still believe I can make a good amount of real-life money doing what I've been doing, but it will just take a slow and steady grind to get there. You have to build these types of things with extreme care, often over long periods of time.

Have Group, Will Travel

The next few months also may see me traveling a lot more than normal. These types of trips will make it more difficult to maintain the pace that I've been struggling to maintain over the last 6 months or so. The trips are all very important though, and I need my focus to be on things outside the game in order for them to be successful.

A good majority of the trips will revolve around me trying to acquire real-world money. It would be great if there were enough generous people who watched/read/listened to Power Word: Gold to allow me to not have to worry about real-life concerns, and I'm grateful to all those those have purchased our guide and contributed so generously, sadly at the moment it just isn't enough (at least not yet). I've failed so far to find the right ways to monetize the blog properly.

What Will Stay?

During the next two months (starting tomorrow March, 15, 2012 until May 15, 2012) the following things should still continue (perhaps with certain modifications):

  • The Power Word: Gold blog will continue to have new posts. I'm hoping to get a few out each week.
  • The Power Word: Gold Podcast. I hope to at least get a few episodes out during the next few months but releases will come as I have time.
  • Twitter. I will strive to maintain contact with those on twitter. It is one of the most useful tools we have.
  • Email. While I will be answering a lot less email over the next few months, I'll strive to answer all I can.
  • Livestreaming at Due to it's ease-of-use I will likely be doing livestreams a few times a week if I have access to my PC. Topics will vary.

What Will Go?

You expect the following things to go near-dormant for the duration of the next two months. Whether they will come back after is yet to be determined.

Why Do You Want To Leave Us?

So you might be asking yourself why I'd want to do something as silly as slow-down what I've been doing if I want to make this succeed as a money making venture? Well, the truth is that having all the money in the world doesn't really mean much if you lose everything that is important to you while stuggling to obtain it.

While we all absolutely love World of Warcraft, there are times when we all need to realize that there is still a "real world" out there and sometimes we have to go off and pay attention to those things that are ultimately most important.

I may be spending less time with all of you throughout the next two months, but I am doing so to ensure that we can continue our relationship in the long run. We are all made up of lots of different roles in our life. Some of those may include father, brother, son, uncle, husband and so on. A person who can play each of them well, without doing so to the detriment of the others, will ultimately be of more use to all those around them than someone who focuses only on one.

You're Doing This To Make Us Feel Bad For You!

Not at all. I've worked hard at making Power Word: Gold what it is today. I've done so almost single-handedly and am proud of what I've been able to build so far. By saying that my monetization efforts are falling short of what I would want/need, I'm not trying to make anyone feel any way about me.

If I've been one thing, I think I've been straightforward with everyone every step of the way as I've worked on transitioning the blog from a simple blog into something that provides enough value for others to hand over their hard earned money. If I fail, then at least I've failed in an honest way.

The bottom line is this two-month break is as much about making Power Word: Gold strong as it is about making sure that I'm taking care of all the "real-life" responsibilities.

What Can We Expect For the Next 8 Weeks?

You can expect that, while I'll be around, I won't be around as much as you may have grown accustomed to in the last 6 months or so. That said I'll still be playing WoW. Still making gold and still writing blog posts for PW:G. I'll just be doing so in a more "low-power" way.

If you have any questions about anything I've stated above please feel free to let me know in the comments section below and I'll be seeing you here and there for the next 8 weeks.

-Jim Younkin

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  1. Taking a break is cool.
    We'll be plenty busy when Mists comes out!

  2. Naturally less Jim is never a good thing but balance is real important.

    I wish I could help financially towards your excellent entertaining work but sadly I have nary a pot to piss in!

    I will however tell everyone I know about the great stuff :)

    Chuck us a follow on twitter so you can see the push lol

    - ElJeppy

  3. Oh noes! Just kidding; slowing down can be absolutely necessary. It sounds like you've put a lot of consideration in and come up with a good plan for yourself and the PW:G empire.

  4. Don't gotta feel like you gotta give a reason. I disappear from the whole game for months at a time lol. With only you maintaining things its bound to have to happen. We'll enjoy what content we get lol

  5. Sorry to hear we will be seeing less of you, but I fully understand.
    My RL has made it hard for me to catch the last month's "Live-streams", and I have had to make do with the recorded versions (Just not the same 8( ).

    Could you, in light of this change, mark all your streams (the pre and post shows) as save forever, so I and others can catch up on any we may have missed?

    1. Glad to know people are watching the livestream recordings.

      While I normally let the pre and post shows expire I'll save them for you at least until break is over.

  6. I feel your pain and strongly support your decision. Real life has always been my priority for me, even if WoW often was a "hot temptation" that I had to resist.

    I hope Diablo III wont be rleased soon, or you will be screwed ;).

    On a side note, can we ask you how "much" (real) money ou are/was gathering from your blogging activity? Just a "more or less" value, of couese :)

    1. Enough to see the potential but far less then desired. Like I stated in the post. I haven't given up. I'm still plugging away at it. Anything worth having is worth working for.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. i sometimes think you do too much stuff! :P i went into a low-power mode in-game ,it helps you focus on whats important and what just is'nt worth your time. I hope you come back refreshed, refocused and roaring to go for MoP prep. If ye ever need help I and many others would be happy to pitch in.

    Keep rockin it Jim-style


  9. hmmm... 2 months break (sort of ).. well.. that will be just in time for D3 release.. just announced: 15th of May :D

    already have a collectors edition reserved

    and, on a side note, sometimes it is very important to stop, and rethink/reorganize things, so that they'll enter cruise speed, being it in game, at work, in personal and family life...

    Cheers Jim, and we'll see ya around

  10. We should all strive to spend less and less time with computers and gadgets, and more and more time with the outdoors and actual people. Don't feel bad, man, it happens to most of us in this day and age.