The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 029

Episode 029 of The Power Word: Gold Podcast. Your hosts Jim Younkin and Keelhaul bring you the latest World of Warcraft gold-making news, tips and strategies.

In this week's episode we discuss transmogrification tips, tiers, techniques and more. And now on with the show!

Embedded Player - Episode 029:

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Full show notes after the jump.

Episode 029 Show Notes
  • Music used in this episode: (All music used under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.5) License.)
  • Keelaul's Blog: Disenchanting Azeroth. Twitter: @DEazeroth. Tumblr: Keelhaul's RAH Stream.
  • 2:38 Keelhaul dispels the myth of the "One Million Gold Made With Mogging On His Server" idea.
  • 13:50 Keelhaul goes over his Plate, Mail and Cloth mogging item pricing tiers.
  • 14:52 Plate Pricing Tiers
  • 46:09 Mail Pricing Tiers
  • 1:11:38 Break
  • 1:18:57 Discussion on Leather Moging items and the problems with them.
  • 1:26:35 Keelhauls Cloth Pricing Tiers
  • 1:43:19 Does setting up mogging events on your server increase sales?
  • 1:50:58 Keelhaul talks about his moving a large inventory to a new realm.
  • 1:59:28 Keelhaul's potential article in PC Gamer Magazine.
  • Thanks for listening!

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  1. Nice podcast.
    Can you post the names of the sets Keelhaul said?
    English is not my main language so it was hard to recognize some names. lol

    1. Next time I get a chance to listen I'll try to take down which ones they were.

      In the mean time check his Cloth, Mail, and Plate hatchery posts for his lists.

  2. I'll probably be writing something now about what is moving on my server. It's interesting the difference in the relative rarity or desire for sets that is undoubtedly caused by different dungeon running habits on the server and possibly even the different demographic the server has.

    1. This would be great. Can't wait to read it.

  3. Interesting how the internet meme, rumors and "non-facts" spread around. The headline tag, the limitation on the length of tweets, short attention span, all seem to controbute to the misinformation all the way around, and once it reaches the critical mass, it's hard to spread the actual info.

    Another thing that seems to get very quickly forgotten in the "Mogfather" saga, is that Keelhaul didn't do this over-night. Both Keelhaul and Flux have been brainstorming, studying and strategizing quite a while before the launch of 4.3, plus, Keelhaul started to assemble his inventry BEFORE 4.3 launched, so that he had a big inventry at 4.3 launch. So the statement "He made 400K overnight in Proudmore after transmogrification kicked in", is not true. There was actually long lead-in period into this. If we hear "I stockpiled piles and piles of Inferno Rubies for 1 month and got readied for 4.3, and sold 1000 of them for 400K, then gave'em away", no one would doubt the validity of the story, and it wouldn't have been a huge news per se.

    As for the pricing structure, I myself have moved onto "Top+Bottom high/Accessories low" model, with the caveat that belts are in between. I just can't see anyone who has the matching Top and Bottom satisfied with unmatched belt, while I can see in some cases people "accesorize" the hands and feet, and shoulders. I often throw in belts if I see other people selling the Top+Bottom but missing belts, and have sold them well in that specific case.

    I am also interested in how the market changes when the PC-Gamer article comes out. I know there are games like Second Life where personalization is the whole point of the game, and wonder if there will be new group of player come in/old player who stopped playing starts playing again. I suspect it'll be generally a positive thing to the market, with the possible exception of "Keelhaul's Newbie List" mentioned in the podcast. I'm really interested in the list now *laugh*


    1. Thanks lit scares and intrigues me at the same time.

  4. I could be the brand new Mogmother then... lol
    Iv moved to a new server that is quite full right now and ppl still dont have the transmogrification "culture" yet. (Its another country)
    So im buying all cheap sets and rares and stockpiling it.
    Got Robes of Insight for a mere 10g. I mean, woot!
    I dont know how much time ill have to wait till ppl get this "new" transmog thing in my new server but im hoping they do. At least if they dont Ill have a new cool looking robe to give to my mage! lol