Starter Capital: Cocoa Beans

Starter Capital is a series where we look at ways for new players as well as players new to servers to build gold quickly with little or no resources.

If you enjoy playing multiple characters on multiple servers like me than you know how constrictive it can feel to be on a brand new server with no heirlooms and no stockpile of gold to twink out your little low level character with bags and a couple thousand gold.

Today I'm going to go over one of my favorite ways to get your gold-making "pump primed" so to speak: selling Cocoa Beans. Head past the jump for more.

Hot Cocoa

When you are a lowly level 10 on a new server, 1 or 2 gold is a lot of money. When you have things like bags and bank space to buy 10g can seem like a fortune. Having started characters on 5 or 6 different realms in the last few months this tip has worked consistently and paid off well.

For this tip we're going to be doing the daily cooking quest in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. We'll then be using the Chef's Award to purchase Imported Supplies from the sous chef's to obtain Cocoa Beans to sell on the auction house.


Once your character is level 10 and has learned the Cooking profession head to the daily cooking quest-giver and pick up that day's quest.

If you are Alliance you will be heading to Robbie Flay who is located just outside the entrance to The Stockades near the Inscription Trainer.

Robby Flay <Head Chef> in Stormwind.
For those of you who play on the Horde you willl be heading to Marogg who hangs out up a flight of stairs at the beginning of The Drag coming from The Valley of Strength.

Marogg <Infantry Chef> in Orgrimmar.
The Daily Grind

Each of the daily cooking quests is a bit different but almost all of them involve you running around the city collecting things like apples, pumpkins, alcohol, supplies etc.

Once you get good at these they should take no more than 10 mins or so to complete. If you are having issues finding the objects be sure to check your map for hints on where the items may be.


Once you have completed your daily cooking quest you will receive a Chef's Award (visable in your Currency tab inside your Character panel). We are going to use this award to purchase Imported Supplies from the Sous Chefs who reside near the quest givers.

Horde will purchase their Imported Supplies from Shazdar, Alliance from Bario Matalli.

Sous Chefs Shazdar and Bario Matalli

When you open you Imported Supplies you will receive some where around 40 Cocoa Beans. Head to the auction house and check current pricing on Cocoa Beans. If you get lucky you may be the only one selling them that day.

My normal price for Cocoa Beans is around 1g 75s each. I sell them in 10-stacks. If I am the only one selling them I sometimes bump my price up to 2g 75s each.

If you see lots of low-priced (under 1 gold each) competition then put your Cocoa Beans up for your regular price (1g 75s-2g 75s) as there is no reason to drop below that. They will sell. People need 91 Cocoa Beans to make 91 Chocolate Cookies to get the You'll Feel Right as Rain achievement so don't worry too much about them not selling.


Doing this one quest every day on my new servers brings in a daily income of around 50-70 gold. That isn't chump change when you're just starting out.

It's more than enough to outfit my characters with the oh-so-important complement of Netherweave Bags and perhaps even pick up a mogging to flip for even bigger pfofits.

What is your favorite way to make starter capital gold on a completely new server?

Update: Look what was waiting in my mailbox today. :)

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  1. Great post! Thanks for this. Will be starting this one today.

  2. There are actually a few ways I make quick startup gold on a new server lowbie:

    1. Scan trade chat for people offering gold for quick guild signatures. In this day and age with people having mountains of gold I've seen the amount of gold offered for a quick sig skyrocket, and once the guild is formed most of the time they prefer you drop guild, which opens you up to do it again, and again, and again.

    2. Buy low level recipes. There is a vendor in stormwind that sells a ton of recipes for next to nothing. Use the gold gained from the above suggestion and buy all non-bop recipes. These can sell pretty decently, anywhere from 1 to 50g depending on the server and the amount of other sellers. You would be shocked to see how many people are either too lazy or lack the motivation to check where to buy these recipes from vendors, and would rather spend the gold to get it right then and there from the AH. Make money on their lack of motivation.

    With these two suggestions, you'll be able to get a good enough head start to get into the more lucrative suggestions this site has so generously provided. Good luck and hope this helps!

  3. @Trigger Happy Those are both some great suggestions. Getting going can be a pain but if you know a few tricks it isn't so bad.