"Power Word Guild" Is Born On US And EU Realms

We decided to create a guild for Power Word: Gold. It is open to anyone who wants to come together to talk and chat about making gold in World of Warcraft. Also with the mobile Armory app there is often people to chat with even when you're not playing World of Warcraft.

Since our initial US guild set up we've also expanded to include an EU guild as well as some fancy new guild forums. Read on past the jump to learn how you can join the guilds.


So the most basic question is "Why would you want to start a guild for Power Word: Gold?" The answer may be simpler than you think. I was wanting to start a new rogue on a new server and had been toying with the idea of providing a single guild where all gold-makers could come together on in a single location.

This would provide me some nice company while leveling my new toon and may be fun for others looking to not only chat about gold-making but also play around with gold-making ideas in a shared space.

That really is the basic premise of the guild: provide a space for gold-makers to come together and chat and discuss gold-making. Why not make it a place in-game where we could put the ideas directly into practice.


When I had the idea to make 'one gold-making guild to rule them all' I was concerned that with so much concentrated gold-making knowledge on one server we had the real danger of completely destroying that server's economy.

With that in mind, I took a look at the collected US realm data over at Warcraftrealms and decided to make the US version of the guild on a server that had a very large Alliance population. Not only would this provide the most cushion against us severely screwing up the economy but it would also provide us the biggest "playground" for all the gold-makers to play in.

I chose Lightbringer-US Alliance as our server because it had reliable realm data and had the largest Alliance population of any US realm. Those of us who have already started playing around on the Lightbringer-US can attest that this server has lots and lots of players on it (which I find refreshing coming from a mid-population server myself).

(I want to give a big thanks to those players who helped me get the 10s to buy a guild charter by helping me slaughter wolves in Northshire Abby. You're good people!)

EU Included

Once the guild was created we started to get twitter messages from players who were on EU realms. They were dismayed that they weren't going to be able to play in the US guild with us. In a feat of massive awesomeness @MeinGoldbrunnen took up my challenge to create an official EU chapter of <Power Word Guild>.

After an initial mis-step where I had them set the guild up on a server that (unfortunately for us) had server log-in queue times due to it's massive population, we re-worked it and got the official EU <Power Word Guild> set up on Draenor-EU Horde.

Big thanks goes to MeinGoldbrunnen and @Alberthus99999 who were able to get the Draenor-EU guild put together just in time for the launch of our <Power Word Guild> forums.

Guild Forums

Once we knew we would be having lots and lots of gold-makers playing on these two realms we decided that the only really good way for the members of the guild to interact was an internet forum. With that in mind we bit the bullet and created The <Power Word Guild> Forums.

These are private forums provided for any members of the two guilds who want to utilize them. We expect them to be a great place for guild members to discuss all sorts of topics related to gold-making on their respective realms.

The forums are only open to members of the guilds. If you would like access to the forums than join one of the guilds and follow the steps found in the "Registering For The Forums." forum post.

Join Us!

If you want to spend time playing around on a server whilst chatting with other gold-makers consider joining <Power Word Guild>.

We've created the following new pages here on Power Word: Gold to give you more specific information about how to join each of the guilds.

If you have any questions about the new guilds let me know in the comments below otherwise I hope to see you in game.

The Future?

So what exactly will take place in these guilds? That part is yet to be determined and will really be up to the gold-makers who choose to join them.

I have heard rumblings of a possible competition brewing but I won't spill the beans on that just yet. Expect more information on that soon™.

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  1. I'm in! My "home" guild is great, but they aren't gold makers and I could use an in-game outlet to talk about these activities. I'll contact you as soon as I get around to making a toon on that server.

  2. It's really great to be a part of such a project. Thanks, Flux!

  3. hmm a nice new distraction... :-) will see how it goes

  4. @Handera We'll be glad to have you!

    @MeinGoldbrunnen You are all kinds of awesome sauce. Big love!

    @zf If you want to plat Horde you can always pick up an EU copy of the game and play with the EUsters. :D

    @Achieve Isn't that what we are all kinda looking for at this point?