If passed, the proposed US legislation SOPA and PIPA will provide a real and serious threat of censorship of the internet. While I am not a legal expert I know enough to realize that these bills are just the first in a movement to stifle creativity, free speech and freedom of expression on the internet.

I encourage all who read this to take the time to read through the links below and educate yourself on the types of things that these bills contain and what can be done to fight against not only these bills but any future measures to curb free speech and freedom of expression.

If we fail to do this now we risk killing the openness that lies at the center of what the internet is and why it is the greatest tool for good that the world has ever known.

Don't forget today, January 18, 2012, the day the internet stood up against censorship.

-Jim Younkin
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Learn More
Information on H.R.3261 - Stop Online Piracy Act at
Information on S.968 PROTECT IP Act at
Problematic language in the bill pointed out by a redditor.
Video examination of bill's language.

Get Involved
List of companies that have expressed support for SOPA or PIPA.
List of tech companies, and their contact info, that have expressed support for SOPA or PIPA.
List of companies that have expressed concern with SOPA and PIPA.
Take Action Checklist at Stop American Censorship.
Contact Your Representative with info and a widget to find them by EFF and Wired for Change.
Directory of Representatives
Senators of the 112th Congress
Helpful info on making phone calls to your Senator or Representative. keeps track of where your Congressmembers stand on PROTECT-IP and SOPA.

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  1. The ESA supports SOPA, and as a result so do all their members. Congress see the support of ESA as 'the game industry supports SOPA'. Indeed ESA is strongly lobbying in support of SOPA and PIPA.

    How did the ESA reach this decision?

    Until the membership of ESA forces a change in its postion on this then any member of that organisation is in fact still supporting SOPA, despite any protest to the contrary.

    A number of individuals and organisations have already shown that withdrawing their business(from Go-Daddy) can lead to a change in position. It is time for the 'real' gaming industry to send a clear message to the body that is supposed to represent them.

    Until that time do not be fooled that they do not support SOPA/PIPA. Actions speak much louder than words. They should explain they cannot remain members of an organisation that proposes that such legislation is necessary.

  2. I wish people would stop complaining about this damn thing and go outside for a change. There's a whole wide world out there, we do not need to be sitting here getting stressed over some internet thing.

  3. @Handera Unfortunately I fear you are underestimating the damage that SOPA/PIPA could cause.

    If you're worried about us "getting outside" than fight to have this passed so the internet gets broken and unusable for all of us. Perhaps then we'll leave our computers.