"flux" is dead. Long live flux.

Jim and April
First off, I am not dead. "The report of my death was an exaggeration," -Mark Twain. With that out of the way…

I've been pondering this for a while, but whether it's the new year (2012 is gonna be bananas!) or just that the time is right, I am officially retiring my beloved blogging pseudonym. As of this post I will no longer be going by the monikers "flux" and "fluxdada". From now on I'll be known as "Jim" or "Jim Younkin" if you're not into the whole "brevity" thing.

While I enjoyed having a pseudonym to write with at the beginning of my blogging career it is time for me to move out from behind the curtain and meet you all as my true self. Read on past the jump.

Hi! I'm Jim

So why would I choose to stop using my nom de plume? The reason is that I'll soon be starting my own business in the social media and community management space and plan on leveraging the skills I've honed over the last few years to build my "personal brand" as it were.

One of the best ways I can do that is to use my real name. My name hasn't necessarily been a secret. If you've circled us on Google+ or read the credits for our Guide my name is there. I just never went out of my way to use it when addressing myself. No longer.

In the blogging arena I will be addressing myself as Jim. I will still respond to "flux" or "fluxdada". If you are more comfortable calling me "flux" please feel free to continue to do so. "flux" is how you've known me for the last year and I don't mind it sticking around a little while longer.

New name, same flux...err..Jim 

I expect that making the transition will feel it strange and I will most likely flub it and refer to myself as "flux". One does not simply call one self a name for a year and stop that easily. That said, my name is Jim Younkin. (For those curious, it is pronounced like "Duncan" except with a "Y".)

Just because I've chosen to use my "real name" for blogging doesn't mean I  think everyone should just go around using their real names on the internet. There are some very good reasons for using pseudonyms/handles on the internet especially when dealing with complete strangers.

Bonus Level

As a little bonus this announcement also means that I can finally link to my own personal blog which I have been holding off linking to due to my use of a pseudonym. My own personal (somewhat neglected at the moment) blog can be found at I expect to be writing there a fair bit more this year so don't be afraid to subscribe to its RSS feed.

Also feel free to follow my personal twitter account @jimyounkin. I don't twitter about World of Warcraft on that account though. All of my Power Word: Gold related twittering will still happen via @PowerWordGold.

On my personal blog I'll likely be writing quite a bit about social media and community management on the blog but also may throw more personal items and posts on there from time to time. Everyone should have their own little corner of the internet to themselves and that is mine.

How will this affect PW:G?

What affect, if any, will this have on Power Word: Gold (and Guide and Hatchery and TOR and Chronicle and Directory....*smack*...thanks I needed that)? You will now see "Jim Younkin" at the bottom of my posts instead of "fluxdada" and you will see me referring to myself as "Jim" but other than that not much will change. I will also still be using the handle "fluxdada" on various places around the interwebs but for blogging I'll simply be "Jim".

I want to sincerely thank all of you who have grown to love "flux" over this last year and hope that you won't be freaked out for too long when I refer to myself as "Jim". Here's to a great 2012!

Thanks as always,
-Jim Younkin

PS, Yup. Sounds weird to me too.

Super Secret Bonus Level

While it may seem like a funny time to mention it, the proper spelling of "flux" is in all lower case. "flux" is never to be capitalized. If you go back through by entire blog you will see that I never once capitalize it. Weird, huh?!

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  1. Damn dude, change the post title. Thought you were dead for real. Scared me. Damn

  2. @Mageshadow Apologies. Didn't mean to shock anyone. So you're saying it will get people's attention then? Another attempt at being witty foiled again.

    In a way "flux" did die so there is that.

  3. Heh, all good. But yeah catchy title.. was like seriously?

  4. Good to see. Hopefully it works out the way you wish it to with the branding part.

  5. You're still Flux to me. That or "Shears guy". <3

    - JoshDJX

  6. +1 for an awesome title, I assume > 50% of your readers will actually get the reference.

    I for one have gone even further into pseudonym territory. If we catch up for a chat, I'll be sending Borgthor, a representative from Twtichie Enterprises. Twitchie rarely attends meetings ;)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Oh no, I wrote "Flux" in an email! :P

    I hope you have a great year with your own business!

  9. I've met many people with many different opinions about whether or not to use their real name or to rather hide it.

    These days the competency of online background checks that companies or individuals can run are highly effective. All you need is one accidental email, one little picture in a real life thread of twitter account, heck even just your writing style to some degree can identify you.

    In the end if you live your life honorably and treat others with respect, you really have no reason to hide. If anything involvement in some other community, especially to the degree of bloggers and guide writers is often a bonus to employers.

    Good luck with your new career, even if it's self employed I feel that promoting your real name will have no negative effects on your success.

    - Sinshroud.

  10. Change the post title, really. Thanks.

  11. Phew I was worried there for a second but it's good to hear it'll be business as usual. Best of luck with the new (old) moniker.

    PS. Can you post a phonetic spelling of your last name please? (kind of pedantic on my part but I like to say stuff right in my head while I'm reading)

    cheers, and keep up the awesome blogging!

  12. I just figured something. All the posts you have made until now are basically According to Jim :)

  13. My name as an emcee is psyence and I remember reacting on flux being spelled with lower case letters. If I would've had bigger bawlz I wouldn't have written your name with a big F.

    Interesting move. It's funny how i'm contemplating something very similar since I have multiple interests; WoW, Music, My career in general and a hidden passion for letters. I'll do a pros and cons list and see if my paranoya still should win.


  14. And yes, that title scared me too.

  15. The name Flux man--it really tied the blog together.....

  16. @Sealskjaer It is pronounced just like "Duncan" except with a "Y".

  17. @Nigel Thank you!
    @JoshDJX Minecraft pro at your service.
    @Twitchie My attempts at being clever are always a gamble.
    @Loque Again apologies. I've added a quotable disclaimer. :)
    @Vile Somone one remembers that show?
    @GrayzBFD For certain people using our real name is a great way to clear confusion and/or build a "personal brand".
    @Adam Mark it zero!

  18. I agree. Having worked professionally in the MMO community management space there are some very good reasons to use pseudonyms. In other situations, having people grow to know you as "you", especially when working on building your own personal brand, can be invaluable.

  19. That's a serious beard, Jim. It doesn't really come across in that little avatar, but definitely makes the toon choice resonate as well.

    I'm in the same boat - haven't gone out of my way to hide my real "identity" (it's in all of the spreadsheets that I've used google for), and this has honestly been the first time I've started making accounts under a different name, but there weren't any other bloggers out there using their real names at the time, so I just went with the flow.

    Good luck

  20. *smacks flux* you almost gave me a heart attack man! The Flux is dead by some jim guy really caught be off guard lol *smack*

  21. "If you go back through by entire blog you will see that I never once capitalize it." Hmm...what about the title?

  22. @AnonyBlogger

    You always capitalize the first and last words in a title

  23. Can I still call you flux? Because I'm going to, I assure you. :P

  24. @Anony That is my CSS stylesheet which auto camel-cases all post titles. As written it is lower case. It's an optical illusion.

  25. @Xsin I used lower case while writing this post's title but... Read my comment to @Anony.

  26. @flux well you're *supposed* to capitalize the first and last words in a title :P

  27. @Xsin Yes but its my name and my rules. My old name....and my old...bah! :DDD