Find Mogging Items To Flip With Auctionator, MogIt & AH Searches

In this video (19 min) I go over a few new ways to search for mogging items by importing and exporting Auctionator Shopping Lists as well as good old-fashioned auction house category searches enhanced by the MogIt addon and your own judgement.

Posts mentioned in the video:

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  1. AZ Jim,

    Its funny that you noticed the misspelled one, but you didn't mention the Nightfall doubled...I didn't notice it till now!

    There are issues with the Blood, and quite a few others (showing up the rings, glyphs, bows, etc) but my list is mainly a starting point for folks; instead of spending an hour looking via MogIt, you have a quick glance with about a 30 second load time.

    In my posts, I try to give folks starter ideas, and let them roll with it and define their skills.

    I lead the horse to water, it's up to them to drink it. =)

    Thanks for the video, it saved me from doing one.


  2. After watching this video I instantly DLed Mogit, been ctrl-clicking all the gear to view models this whole time! Definitely a great addon to streamline the transmog AH process. Really great video too especially for those who aren't using auctionator lists yet. Love mogit so far, you use it swimmingly.


    Phat Lewts

  3. @Alto Yeah definitely saw the benefit in your approach. I just wanted to go into a bit of detail on how they could expand on and fine-tune your basics.

    Having people take ideas that they receive and then take the NEXT step to absorb and expand on those ideas is one of the thing I get most excited about.

  4. @Phat Lewts I love MogIt just for the mouse over previews but the addon itself is quite extensive for anyone doing their own mogging. It allows the viewing of, say, all the shields in the game in a 6-up view that can be sorted by color (yes you pick a color and it find items that match) etc. and also gives the sources of the items when you mouse over the previews.

  5. Would you suggest putting together full sets before selling them? Also, it seems like bracers/gloves move less than other pieces, did you find this as well?

  6. Mogging is hella fun. Good tips! Gonna streamline some things that slow me down on new realms.

    I love your reaction when you find those legs. First I thought yoyu got horny hahah. Then I realizzed that it's the gold and that made me horny :D

  7. @josH I don't think waiting for a full set is important as people might be only looking for one piece or another.

    @GrayzBDF No comment. :DDDD

  8. Thanks for the great video! Helped me out a lot. I made my lists and have my TSM all set up for the info from Keel's and Alto's posts. I have a question do I go about deciding what to charge for leather, cloth and weapons? I picked up some cool looking 2 handers and a couple leather/cloth pieces..and I feel clueless...NO idea how to price them... advice? :/

  9. @09e607ae-3bcd-11e1-bb1e-000bcdcb8a73 Start them off at 2k for a few weeks then move them to 750 than to 300 to offload them. Leave each price tier up for at least a week after the initial 2 weeks at 2k.

  10. Hey Jim

    Thanks for the vid. It really helped. I was already flipping but mostly with weapons and shields, only venturing into armor occasionally. I just wanted to point something out to you and Twitchie etc's readers. Please remind folks that it's chest, legs, and hands that are the big sellers (with exceptions as you pointed out).

    I was tooling around my few realms and seeing what today's posts on mog flipping affect was and already saw people taking the advice and buying EVERYTHING!! Including bracers! And relisting at full tier price. Please please tell them again that belts and bracers should not be listed for 1000s in gold. It's painful to see.

    Thanks again.

  11. @Karat Yeah. Everything you said is correct. Funny enough I cover most of what you said in the latest video I did on mogging "Mogging Item Search And Pricing With Auctionator.

    Great mind's think alike.

    Also this article about Keelhaul (The man who gave away 1,000,000 gold) came out on WoW Insider today so I expect these markets to get a lot more competitive.