Auction Basics - Auctionator and Selective Undercutting

Selling something for the absolute cheapest price isn't always the best strategy when it comes to the auction house. While I've discussed using Auctionator for undercutting in the past but I thought it would be good to break it down to the most basic level. The accompanying video (embedded above) covers the same info as this post but in a more audio/visual way.

The three reasons we want to use Auctionator's "Sell" tab when selectively undercutting are to analyize the pricing landscape, find matching stack sizes and quickly undercut a specific auction price. Follow us after the jump where we break each one down in detail and help you become more conscious (and profitable) auctioneers.


The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 017

Episode 017 of The Power Word Gold Podcast. Your hosts flux and Jokine bring you the latest World of Warcraft gold-making news, tips and strategies from this last week. In this week's episode we discuss how we've been making gold this week, Darkmoon Cards, transmogrification, auction house data sites for the EU and much more. And now, on with the show!

Embedded Player - Episode 017:

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Full show notes after the jump.


BOE 2H Axes - Analysis Of What Might Sell

Today's guest post was written by Keelhaul who runs the blog Disenchanting Azeroth (Twitter: @DEazeroth). If you're interested in writing a guest post for Power Word: Gold please contact us at

1) With personalization becoming so valuable in 4.3 with transmogrification, I'm predicting we'll see over time that a player's ability to stand out among their peers will likely become highly desirable.  So what can we do from a BoE seller's standpoint?  The answer is rather than wait to see what's unique, let's analyze it ahead of time and plan ahead.
2) Since this was an exercise for gold making, I've focused only on BoEs.
3 I've targeted Rare and Epic quality items, since I'm not sure about greens for transmogrification.

I pulled together the BoE 2H Axes for an analysis last night, this is what I came up with.  First off, a summary for the TLDR audience:

Based on my analysis, the 2H Axe market could yield a couple of gems.  I didn't push to 5, because there's that much of a gap between these 3 and the rest of their peers. Read on after the jump to find out my top 3 recommended BoE 2H Axes to target/craft for resale to moggers.


BOE Shields - An Analysis Of What Might Sell Post Patch 4.3

Today's guest post was written by Keelhaul (@DEazeroth). If you're interested in writing a guest post for Power Word: Gold please contact us at

So I did a little perusing of the Shields category, and this is what I came up with.  First off, a summary for the TLDR audience:

The market for BoE Shields for transmogrification is going to be slim.  Find my recommended top 5 BoE Shields to target/craft for resale for transmogrification after the jump.


Determining The Value of Mogging Items - Time

As the community works to understand how transmogrification (hereafter called "mog" or "mogging") will fit into our gold-making efforts Keelhaul and I have been discussing how best to tackle the task of valuating and categorizing various mogging items.

In a game with thousands upon thousands of weapons and armor pieces the task of how to organize and analyze which may be good candidates for resale is very intimidating. Luckily for me Keelhaul has thought about it a lot. After the jump I share some of our initial thoughts on how time-to-acquire effects the value of mogging items.

8.23.2011 Launches With Game Giveaway

Our good friend Gimp has done a massive re-launch of his blog. He's switched blogging platforms and is now sporting a shiny new URL ( To celebrate his re-launch Gimp is having a contest where we can get up to three chances to enter to win five free games. For full contest details including how to enter and which games he's giving away read his post "New Site! New Quest! New milestone! PRIZES!!!!!".

Gimp has been one of my very favorite gold-making bloggers since he hit the scene. He is a gold-maker who thinks far beyond the obvious and has brought the community some of the best gold-making ideas around.

Visit today and enter to win free games. Contest ends September 10th 2011 so don't delay.

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Encouraging Mediocrity: Everyday I'm Shufflin'

This post is a thinly-veiled excuse to highlight what I'm proposing we make the anthem of the Gold-Making Nation: Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.

There's been grumbling in the community lately on what exactly constitutes a "good" gold-making strategy. Some in the "old guard" would like nothing better than to have gold-makers switch off their brains and follow time-worn (and frankly quite thread-bare) gold making strategies until end of time.

Today I'm going to talk about the best gold-making tool in all of Azeroth: your brain.


Transmogrification, Profit and You

If you're like me and have been living under a rock for the last few weeks you may not have heard about Blizzard finally giving us players more control over our character's appearance. On their development blog Blizzard recently announced it will be introducing "Transmogrification" into the game with patch 4.3.

What exactly is transmogrification and how will it relate to gold-making? Find out after the jump.


Time Management for Casual Auctioneers by Alyzande

Today's quest post was written by fellow gold blogger Alyzande (AKA "The Gold Queen"). You can find her blog at If have a guest post you would like considered for inclusion on Power Word: Gold please feel free to submit it via email to

Of all the emails I receive asking for help with making gold, about a third are concerned with organising their daily routine or are just plain overwhelmed with all the tasks that a full gold making routine imposes on them. How to fit in all that mining, herbing, milling, prospecting, cutting, crafting, disenchanting, skinning, cooking, scanning AH, buying, flying to weird places to pick up pets or limited supply items, vendoring, transfering materials to your network of alts, never mind all those dailies, reading up for raids, getting your raid flasks and food ready, your daily heroic … I'm feeling tired just writing the list. Read on after the jump for a few simple and effective time-management tips.