Making Gold Selling Alliance Cooking Recipes To The Horde

This is my entry into Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival on the topic "What are your favorite items to transfer to the other faction for sales?".

This is also my entry into Just My Two Copper's Blogging Carnival on the topic "How would you make gold if you had low capital?".

Yes you read that right. Two blogging carnivals with one stone and all that. Let's get down to business.


Maximizing Your Living Elements Daily Transmute

This is a video detailing how to speed up and maximize your 24-hour "Transmute: Living Elements" Alchemy cooldown if you are under level 85.

It goes into which location to do your transmute and how to quickly and easily get there.

Video notes after the jump.


The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 002

Welcome to Episode 002 of The Power Word: Gold Podcast. This week marks our first recording on our new weekly schedule. We will be recording on Mondays and posting the podcast on Tuesdays.

"And now, on with the show!"

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Show notes after the jump.


Middlecutting in the Glyph Market

As a former glyph rockstar turned jaded glyph dropout I thought I'd share a bit of my most recent attempt at glyph catharsis: middlecutting.

I talked a bit about this on this last Friday's JMTC weekly meeting I thought I'd take some time to further explain the idea. I recommend it to anyone with any built up glyph-rage.


The Economics of Elementium Lockboxes

A while back I posted about selling Obsidium Skeleton Keys on the auction house. (See "Obsidium Skeleton Keys: Gold Hiding Right On Our Keyring?") Since then I had been curious of it was economically viable to use a 29 gold Obsidium Skeleton Key to open an Elementium Lockbox.

We had about 12 Elementium Lockboxes sitting in our guild bank so I decided to open them up and calculate the average gold value of their contents.


The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 001

We are proud to present our inaugural episode of the Power Word: Gold Podcast. We are excited for this new outlet and ask that you pardon our dust as we get things setup.

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Show notes after the jump.


Project Goblin 000: A Gold-Making Guru Starts From Scratch

This the first in a series called "Project Goblin". I will be taking a level 1 character and reporting on my gold-making efforts as I level up. What will this adventure teach me? What are the rules of the project?


4.1 Maelstrom Crystal Price Crash Imminent? A Link Roundup

(This infographic is completely made-up.) 
"Maelstrom Crystals are now available for purchase with Honor or Justice Points from the associated commodities vendors." (Wowhead Blog - "PTR Patch 4.1 Notes Updated (3/22)")

Rather then writing a full post about the possible crash of the Maelstrom Crystal market I'm going to do a "Link Roundup".

Here are some relevant links and snippets of what the gold making community is saying about the news. As more discussion happens I'll update this post.


Quickly Vendor Jewelcrafting Gems With The AutoVendor Addon

With many of us doing the Obsidium Shuffle these days I though I'd make a video showing how I quickly cut and vendor the gems when my supply runs too high using the AutoVendor addon.

Be sure to Thumbs Up and Subscribe on Youtube if you found this video useful. Now, lets talk a bit about when you'd want to vendor.


Weekly Recap: Gems, Recipes and Skeleton Keys

We meet again.
According to this new-fangled Analyst addon I've been using in the last seven days I've grossed around 27k with a net profit of just over 14k.

In this weeks recap I'll be going over what worked, what didn't and what's new. I'll talk about how the gem market is treating me, some unexpected cooking recipe sales and watching prices yo-yo.


Leaving Bait On The Table

What a beautiful mess!
Today's 'Lazy Sunday' post is about leaving a bait on the AH to help drive costs down. I've touched on this before (see "Poisoning the Well (For Profit)") but, in these bot-infested times, where profits are shrinking for many of us, a little refresher never hurts.


Capitalizing On The Post-Ban "Bump" (Now's The Time)

Hess-a-what? 26g?
To paraphase some old guy "I felt a great disturbance in the [economy], as if millions of [exploiters] suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something [wonderful] has happened."

Auction House Basics: How To Cancel Auctions Efficiently Using Addons

Thanks again to all those in the community who helped out whether through cash donations or by helping get the word out. We have the best community around!

Today's video is an overview of three different ways to easily cancel our auctions using the addons Auctioneer, TradeSkillMaster and Auctionator.

Talking Points
  • What other tactics to you use for efficient canceling?
  • When is is better to NOT cancel auctions?
  • What topics would you like us to cover in future videos?


An Appeal To The Community: Help flux Buy Fraps!

I want to keep bringing the community new and great video content but require the proper tools to do so. This is where you come in.

This video is an appeal to any kind-hearted community members who would like to donate to the cause of helping me purchase a full version of Fraps. Fraps is the gold-standard when it comes to capturing in-game footage.

So if you are feeling generous please sake a moment and donate using the PayPal button below or in our sidebar. Any amount is welcomed. Even just $1 helps out.

Thanks again for being so supportive of myself and the gold-making community as a whole. <3 -flux

Show your support now.

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UPDATE 2: 3/17 3pm $0[█████_______]$37 Thanks D and J!
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The show of support has been humbling to say the least. Thanks to all who donated. You put your money where your mouth is and I'll forever be grateful. Thanks as well as those who showed their support by retweeting and getting the word out.

I'm in the process of purchasing a full version of Fraps and hope to have my first non-choppy video out soon. -flux


Gold-Making Classics: Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod

Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod
"Gold-Making Classics" is a column dedicated to celebrating methods that have been making auctioneers gold for years. These are tried and true tips and tricks that work time after time.

Today on the inaugural edition of "Gold-Making Classics" we are going to be discussing one if the first techniques I ran across while starting my quest for WoW wealth: Selling the Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod.


Marking Your Competition (Literally)

"I have the perpetrator in sight."
Today I wanted to give just a quick tip on something I do when I'm competing with a player who is currently online.

If you're are experienced auctioneer you already know to put frequent undercutters on your friends list. This is taking that idea a step further.


Obsidium Skeleton Keys: Gold Hiding Right On Our Keyrings?

Are you the Keymaster?
After listening to my wife look for a rogue to unlock a bunch of Elementium Lockboxes  in trade chat for a couple of days she asked if I had a skeleton key that might open then.

I had used skeleton keys in the past and thought there might be a new Cataclysm version. I had power leveled my blacksmithing and so must not have noticed the new skeleton key recipe when I had learned it.

What I found led me into a new (and potentially profitable) market that seems nearly untouched on my server.


The Obsidium Shuffle: Heating Up or Winding Down?

On this lazy Saturday night as I sit here cutting and vendoring an obscene amount of Zephyrite I have to wonder. Is the Obsiduim shuffle still worth it?

With ore prices dropping to rock bottom on many servers (many believe because of an increase of botting activity) you'd think the shuffle would be more profitable than ever (although my sore gem-cutting fingers may disagree with you). Is it still worth the time to do 'the shuffle'?


The Benefits of Economic Freedom (Or How I Got The Ashes of Al'ar)

Ashes of Al'ar.
I'm just going to put this out there right at the beginning: I got incredibly lucky yesterday. Perhaps it is loot karma for those 6 months I spent farming Legacy. I don't know. Please don't hate me. I'm trying really hard not to sound like a douche (although I'm sure i'll fail miserably).

With that said, read on for the incredible story of how my gold-making helped me get one of the rarest mounts in World of Warcraft.


How I Made 5k Gold In Netherstorm

I'm sorry. I can't let you do that.

Sorry for the slightly misleading title. I did make 5k gold in Netherstorm in one week except that it was 4 years ago. This is my entry into Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival for March 2011 entitled "What Was Your Defining Moment?".

Gather around children because Old Grandpa Flux is going to tell you a story about making gold back in the day. Back in a time when flying mounts were slower than ground mounts.

Back in a time when we fed our pets Roasted Clefthoof and the Track Treasure was actually useful! Pull up a seat and settle in as we take a trip down memory lane.


Video Tutorial: Making and Selling Glyphs With the TradeSkillMaster Addon

After watching Faid's great video about her current glyph process (Fadian Slip #12) I thought I'd share the process I use for quickly and efficiently researching, making and listing glyphs on the auction house using the addon TradeSkillMaster.


How Leatherworking Helped Me Lose 18k Gold

There once was a Death Knight who wanted to get the most our of her professions. She had leveled so fast she hadn't taken the time to level professions. Now she had time and was going to correct that.

When the day came to finally choose her professions. A skinner was something she was born to do so that was her first choice. As for her second she read all the best theorycrafting and decided that the best DPS increase possible was Leatherworking. Wait. Leatherworking?

This didn't make logical sense. She wore plate. She smashed things with big swords and hammers. Why in the world would she choose Leatherworking?

The answer might surprise you. What might surprise you even more is the series of events that would lead to me losing 18,000 gold because of Leatherworking.


Getting Started as a Gold-Making Blogger

Alto's Gold"ish" Advice
"Bernard of Chartres used to say that we are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants, so that we can see more than they, and things at a greater distance, not by virtue of any sharpness of sight on our part, or any physical distinction, but because we are carried high and raised up by their giant size."  -John of Salisbury

Today I was contacted by a fellow gold-making blog about having Power Word: Gold featured on their site. I was very honored. It made me realize that PW:G may just turn out to be positive addition gold-making community after all.

We are one of the newer blogs in the community and we wouldn't be here without the community members and bloggers who showed us the way. Those of us who come after owe them a debt of gratitude.


Adding Up Your Total Worth

Time is money, Friend!
The achievement system includes a 'Wealth' section in the "Statistics" tab. I decided to add up all the gold my main characters have ever made as well as looking at any other data I could glean from it.

If you weren't aware, you can find the gold statistics for your character by going to Achievement panel (Press Y) -> Statistics (tab on bottom) -> Character (on left) -> Wealth.

It is a bit staggering when you start to add up the numbers but can they tell us anything about ourselves as auctioneers?