Weekly Recap - Raw Gems Are Still Being Good To Me

This last week was a good solid week for me gold-wise. Even with a slight detour to put some time into Rift I was still able to make some good gold in WoW.

As a little atta-boy for myself I reached over 60k this week. This is the most gold I've ever had at one time and it feels good.

In this weeks recap I'm going to be talking about what worked, what didn't, what was new and what to look forward to.


Time To Squeeze New Gold From Old (Lich King) Tricks?

Northrend: Still cold!
While listening to the JMTC meeting one thing that caught my ear was the fact that on a few servers the price for Frostweave Cloth as well as Infinite Dust was quite high.

This makes me wonder if it is time to start looking into making gold by looking back to Northrend. If so what should we be looking? It might be time to dust off a few old LK gold making tricks.


Converting Large Negative Copper Values To Actual Gold Values.

One of these things is not like the other.
So I got sidetracked while writing a post (which will be out sometime in the near future) by the fact that one of my toons had a rather strange number floating around in their Statistics > Character > Wealth screen. Can you pick it out? (Hint: I don't think -2014179932 copper is right.)

While at first I thought it was somewhat comical. "I earned so much gold that I broke the World of Warcraft!" (aka "Breaking WoW: Like a Boss!") It wasn't all that useful.

I knew I wasn't quite savvy enough to figure this particular problem out. What was an auctioneer to do?


Stalking the Rift

The start of something good.
We are proud to introduce Rift Stalker, the newest member to the FluxBlog  Network. Rift Stalker will bring you the latest news, opinion and commentary on Rift.

While other sited may bring your regurgitated press releases and scraps of news Rift Stalker will always provide up-to-date news, insightful commentary and true experiences from real players.

Also if you are interested in the economy of Rift we plan to write extensively about the economy of Rift. We plan to bring you up to date tips, tricks and strategies for making profit in Rift.


Working With Limited Play Time

Good day for Zephyrite.
Yesterday I wrote a rather long winded guide for using TSM to help set up gems for JC daily sales.
(I ended up topping 6k in gem sales that day as well with the lions share coming from Zephyrite.)

Today I decided to take it easy on you, our dear readers, and make this a short one.

Reader Apprentice Trader (check out their new gold blog at The Apprentice Trader) asked the following questions in a comment about yesterday's post.


Maximize JC Daily Gem Profit with TradeSkillMaster

Popular girl.
Today I am going to be detailing how I set up TradeSkillMaster in order to maximize the profit gained from selling gems required for the jewelcrafting daily quests.

If you are a Jewelcrafter you already know that the Jewelcrafting daily quests provide us with the chance to make huge sums of gold multiple times a week.

If you haven't been taking advantage of this opportunity then today's your day to learn so let's dig in!


The Drag Hiding in Your Bag (or Hello Mr. Albatross!)

Instead of the cross, the Albatross
If you've been in the gold making business for any length of time I'm sure you've encountered an 'albatross'.

From Wikipedia: "The word 'albatross' is sometimes used metaphorically to mean a psychological burden that feels like a curse. It is an allusion to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1798)."

Today I'm going to talk about the things that we acquire in our gold making efforts that seem to stick around forever. No matter how hard we try they just seem to be there every time we log in mocking us.


Poisoning the Well (For Profit)

Dirty deeds...
How many people do you think blindly follow what their auction addons tell them to put their items up for? How many players follow the price of things (like ore) closely enough to know if something will be profitable or not?

The answer to the above questions is me. I do both of those things. The question is how can we use the people's tendency to do the first to our advantage? Today I'm going to talk about a technique I call 'poisoning the well'.


Big List of MMO Gold Seller Sites to Ad Block.

The problem.
If you read my post from yesterday you know I've been working to rid my blog of MMO gold seller ads.

I had been discussing this in the comments of a reddit post I made a few days ago and during the discussion a redditor shared their big list of MMO gold seller sites that need blocking.

I am passing along this information if you too would like to keep these ads from showing up on your blog.

Here is a link to the comment where they give the list. As you can see it is quite extensive and gives us a little bit of an idea as to how many players are in this.


The Fight Against MMO Gold Selling Ads. Advice?

Love /r/wow!
I loved reddit. I love the WoW subreddit. Besides WoW it is one of my favorite places to interact with fellow players. Imagine my dismay then when a recent post from PW:G that I had submitted was flagged as having MMO gold seller ads on it.

How was I going to deal with it? What could I do to try to keep this from happening in the future?


Utilizing Undermine Journal Browser Bookmarks

Welcome back old friend!
I was so glad when I heard that one of my favorite gold making tools, The Undermine Journal, was coming back on line. It had become a very useful tool before it went offline and I'm finding myself using it in more and more ways every day.

Today I'm going to be discussing how to use UMJ and web browser bookmarks as a fast and easy (although slightly less accurate) alternative to Blizzards's Mobile Auction House for keeping tabs on your own characters auctions.

Using this technique will allow you to do more in less time as you won't have to even log out of your current character.

The Setup
Setting up the bookmarks for each character will be out first order of business. I like to have one bookmark (which I keep on my bookmark bar for easy access) for each of the characters I regularly use for auctioning.


It's Official: Whiptail Hotfixed.

Oh easy Whiptail. We hardly knew thee.
Just a quick note that the "Patch 4.0.6 Hotfixes - February 14" were posted today and should lay to rest any speculation on whether the Whiptail spawn rates were intentional.

Official note:
  • Herbalism
    • Whiptail was spawning too quickly in Uldum after patch 4.0.6. The spawn time has been reduced.

This is sure to make some of us sad but it should be interesting to see how the market adjusts (again). (Also if they 'reduced' the spawn time doesn't that mean it will spawn faster? lol)

Weekly Recap: Gems, Gems and More Gems!

Nearing 40k. I love the smell of gold in the morning!
Well, it's Monday and the weekend is over (whew!). It's time to recap how my weekly gold making went. I'm going to go over what worked, what didn't and follow up with what I like to call "Odds and Trends".

By keeping track of how I did it will enable me to look back in the future and either see how far I've come in my gold making skills or perhaps help me remember a gold making strategy that worked. Follow me after the jump to see how I did.


Bracer Formulas, Big Profits?

The competition.
So recently a friend had Formula: Enchant Bracer - Major Strength drop for them as a world drop. I was excited for them but even more excited for myself as I had been anxious to see these new enchants come up for auction. A few minutes they had it posted it on the AH and I ended up buying it out.

Now I'd like to say I bought it because they were a friend (which may be a little true) but I really bought it because at the moment I had visions of gold dancing in my head. That lasted for a few minutes after the purchase followed closely by the feeling of dread. What if I'd made a mistake? What if I hadn't really thought this out fully? Read on after the jump to learn about betting on the future.


The Importance of Being Nimble

Trying to Corner the Market? I think not. *Post*
Today I was making my usual rounds. I had canceled and reposted my glyphs. I has done my full quick-scan of the AH and had queued up my glyphs I needed to restock (right now I only sell glyphs with 60g+ profit).

While using TSM "Crafting - Shopping Mats" I noticed that the cheapest I could get herbs/ink for Ethereal Ink was 34g/ea. I skipped it of course. I can get Blackfallow for 14g and trade them at the ink trader. Here, though, was an opportunity.

The thing I wanted to touch on today is taking advantage of things you see during your daily gold making activities. Being nimble and using that to make profit.


Uldum Whiptail Hotspot (In fresh 4.0.6 w/ rapid spawn rates)

Credit for finding this spot goes to Alto.

My Whiptail Runneth Over

Whiptail Mail
So I woke up this morning to find that the spawns for Whiptail (and Volatile Life) in Uldum are still popping insanely fast. (As originally reported by Nerf Faids.) I had thought this might get hotfixed but as of this writing it hasn't. So what is a poor druid herbalists to do? Ride this pony into the ground.

That raises the question, If someone like us stumbles upon an opportunity like tons and tons of Whiptail and Volatile Life what is the best way to utilize it to make gold?

Like many of you I have all professions available to me and so the question becomes what is the best possible use for these herbs and spices...erm...lifes?

The Whiptail Effect?

Whiptail Tsunami Incoming!
As reported by Nerf Faids tonight the Whiptail respawn rate in Uldum seems borked. Luckily for herbalists it is borked in a very good way. Even with 10 or so herbalists all working over the Whiptail along the rivers in Uldum the respawns are near instant.

I totally expect this to get hotfixed soon. If there is one thing I've learned playing WoW it is this: If it's too good to be true work the hell out of it because a hotfix is always incoming (see skinning bats, killing sheep, etc).

My main interest in this (besides the visions of extra cheap Darkmoon Cards dancing in my Scribe's head) is what effect this flood of herbs will have (if any) to the economy.


The Murglesnout Gambit

That's a lot of fish!
A recent post over at Auction House Addict about patch 4.0.6 reminded me I wanted to make a quick post about what I am calling the "Murglesnout Gambit".

What You may ask is the "Murglenout Gambit"? And wth is a Murglesnout? Tthe Murglesnout is a fish that has been able to be fished up but had no corresponding cooking recipe. Up until this point the only real use for these has been a cheap food for certain hunter pets.

When I got wind that a new recipe was being added in 4.0.6 I started snapping these little guys up for a few silver a piece. I am hoping that when Murglesnout are able to be cooked into Scalding Murglesnout via the new Recipe: Scalding Murglesnout the price for these will go up.

The Green Pigment Dilemma

So much pigment. So little time.
So as many of us scribes have noticed unlike WotLK, where it was often cheaper to simply buy one type of ink (Ink of the Sea) and convert it to any other types needed via the ink trader, currently darkmoon cards, price of herbs and Mysterious Fortune Cards keep Darkfallow ink prices much higher than prices of lower types of ink.