Power Word: Gold 2011 Year End Review

In this long-form (48 min) video I discuss the Power Word: Gold 2011 year end review as well as look forward to what 2012 may bring for PW:G and the World of Warcraft gold-making community at large.

How did 2011 treat you and what do you look forward to in 2012? Let us know in the comments below (or even better create your own 2011 year end review video and post a link).

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  1. I started really focusing on making gold this year, and I wouldn't have stuck with it without you, Faid, and Alyzande. I made it to 45k 2 days ago. Thank you.

  2. I'm waiting for the Power Word: Gold Christmas Album with Flux singing all the popular carols!

  3. @Kava *blush* Congrats on 45K. That is awesome. Here is to 45K more!

    @Cold Pre-order it now for only 3 easy installments of $19.95!

  4. Fluxdada I was expecting for a Santa Claus cap for this Power Word: Gold 2011 Year End Review :)

    Once again thank you for your commitment to develop this community.

    Keep going i like to hang around here !

  5. @Jackspot I'll save the Santa hat for 2012! I'll keep going as long as people seem to be enjoying what I do and learning how to make gold.

    You keep on making awesome posts and images. I'm quite fond of them. They have been headline images for multiple editions of the Chronicle.

  6. Thx fluxdada

    Yead i noticed that you liked my images, i really appreciate maybe a new one on next weekend ... surprise :)

  7. Good job on making those greatful and informative videos, some of them helped me especially I know how to use TradeSkill Master a little bit now

    I hope you would create more videos where you can tell us more ways of getting gold, addons explanation and maybe you even share with us how you got those 100k gold on each character ;)

    For me I just want at least know how to earn around 1000 gold each week ? It would be awesome :D

    Good Luck, and please continue the project!

  8. Oh, also you could make a suggestion thread, where people could just suggest/share their own ways of getting gold with you, and then you could choose the best ones and post it in your future videos..

  9. Haha sorry for 3rd comment already.

    But what happened to Project Goblin 000 ?

  10. Thanks Flux =) I celebrated by buy myself a Traver's Tundra Mammoth, so I will have to earn my gold back. It'll be fun =)

  11. @Tw1ser Thanks for watching. I love your suggestions. Sadly, Project Goblin is on hiatus. Perhaps in the future he may come out of retirement.

    @Kava Grats on the Mammoth. I love that thing so much! I bet you'll earn it back twice as fast this time.

  12. Flux,

    You have done quite a bit to the WoW community, and we all thank you for that.

    There is always ups and downs, ins and outs. I had an itch everytime you started going stagnant, hoping that you wouldn't quit (the burn-out of bloggers happens all to much, you know that!).

    Keep doing what you are doing bruddah! Take breaks, "vacations", whatever, just stay local, don't stray too far!


  13. @Altolycus Thanks Alto. You are one of my biggest inspirations on how to do things right.