New Star Wars: The Old Republic Section of Power Word: Gold Launched

In preparation for the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Old Republic we've launched a new section of Power Word: Gold dedicated to exploring the ins-and-outs of the SWTOR economy. You can find it at We are excited about this new section mainly because of the opportunity to explore a brand new MMO and it's corresponding economy.

For us making gold has always been about learning new things, trying new techniques and solving new puzzles. The SWTOR launch offers us all these. That said, as we stated in our introductory PW:G TOR post "The Journey Of A Thousand Credits", we don't plan on mixing our TOR chocolate into our WoW peanut butter. More mixed metaphors after the jump.

First and Last

This is (likely) the last full post you'll see on Power Word: Gold dedicated to TOR alone. We have a whole new section for that type of stuff now. If you are interested in the TOR economy head to (you can also look for the "TOR" link in our top navigation bar) . If, however, you have no interest in TOR than just keep reading Power Word: Gold as you always have. PW:G TOR has it's own unique RSS feed completely separate from PW:G's RSS feed.

While we do plan on spending an good amount of time on TOR we don't plan on abandoning PW:G. SWTOR is the new kid on the block has a lot to do to prove to all of us that it's worthy of our playtime. That said, I wanted to be sure to at least record some of our experiences heading into a completely undiscovered game and economy.

Come To The Dark Side, We Have Cookies!

If you have an interest in joining us on the journey into SWTOR we look foward to having you with us. Learning and earning side by side with us. If you have an interest in writing about the SWTOR economy we are looking for guest post submissions. Email your Power Word: Gold TOR guest post submissions to

Again, this is most likely the last substantial TOR post you'll see on the main section of Power Word: Gold. This is, has been, and always will be a blog dedicated to making gold in World of Warcraft. That will never change. I don't plan to stop playing WoW just to play SWTOR. I will play and both and blog about what peaks my interest at any given time.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about Power Word: Gold TOR please leave them in the comments below (or better yet in the comments on our first PW:G TOR post).


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  1. Don't go to the dark side Fllux! They lie, they don't have cookies! Do you really expect the dark side to tell the truth aboot their cookie supplies?

  2. I wonder..With this launch every site is making a TOR version (just like happened with Rift, Conan, etc etc) and there are articles about how the landscape will be with two powerhouse MMOs going... Is there a huge expectation that this is what will happen? And if so, isn't setting something up as the "WoW-killer" setting it up for failure still?

    I work in cellular, and I remember 2 years of heavy "iPhone-killer" advertising that flopped harder and harder every time until Verizon finally started the Droid Does campaign and iPhone share slowly whittled away.

  3. @Theruling Having been a very engaged and astute observer of the MMO space for the last 6 years I can confidently say....we don't know. Serial MMO players (like me) always get excited when a somewhat decent sized MMO is launched.

    The reason I decided to do a TOR specific section was that 1) It is Star Wars which means that even if the game is complete rubbish it will get tons of players and 2) It is the first game that has been launched since I started PW:G that I've had a desire to really look into the in-game economy.

    Whether TOR will be a "flash-in-the-pan" for PW:G remains to be seen. If, however, the in-game economy turns out to be very interesting I plan to be there to report on it and provide good resources for those readers who want to learn about it with me.

    The fact that it is it's own self-contained section of the blog means there should be very little to no cross chatter.