My New Source for Heavenly Shards

Vicious Amberjewel Bands. Mat prices to craft this PVP ring are coming in line with (and often even dropping below) the value of Heavenly Shards. Also disenchanting them with the Bountiful Bags guild perk will sometimes procs extra Heavenly Shards. Read more past the jump.

Do your homework

The fastest way to see if this is viable for you is to check your own server's Vicious Amberjewel Band page on The Undermine Journal. Scroll down near the bottom of the item page and look in the "Component Parts" section for the total material prices.

Compare that total with your server's current Heavenly Shard prices. If material costs are lower than or even with Heavenly Shard prices this may be for you.

The "Component Parts" Section

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

If you already have easy access to Volatile Water and Amberjewels you may just go ahead and take advantage of this now. I know that Heavenly Shard supplies on my server have been low which is is the perfect chance to take advantage of this.

Below are some of my Heavenly Shard sales for yesterday. At the time I made those Vicious Amberjewel Bands the material costs were ~60g.

Heavenly Shard Sales

Update: As noted by @Xsinthis on twitter, while not quite there yet (mats at 166g/146g here, with HS at 90g), there may come a time when Vicious Sapphire Necklace and Vicious Sapphire Ring may become viable for this as well.

If Volatile Air prices drop enough it may finally give us something to do with all those Zephyrite and Ocean Sapphires that are clogging up all our banks. Keep an eye on your Vicious Sapphire Necklace and Vicious Sapphire Ring TUJ pages.

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  1. Trying this now I will tell you how it goes , and Ty Flux .