Keelhaul's Big Flippin' Mogging List

Image Source: Warcraft Looks
Today's guest post was written by "The Mogfather" AKA Keelhaul (twitter: @DEazeroth). If you like this post be sure to visit his blog: Disenchanting Azeroth.

We finally have the list we've all been clamoring for: Keelhauls list of mogging items he's been making a killing off of since Patch 4.3 and the introduction of Transmogrification. Feel free to bookmark this post as I think it will be one many of us will be referring back to a lot. Let's hop past the jump and straight into the list.

Here's the list of items I collected pre-patch and have continued to snatch and flip. Items are listed by priority and have the prices I've been listing and selling.

I don't pay any attention to bracers because most don't show after transmogrification, thus few players buy.  I also tend not to chase helms too heavily because whereas many of these sets are fantastic, a number of their helms leave much to be desired and are likely to be overlooked by buyers.

Players do buy them, don't get me wrong - I just don't spend a lot of time trying to flip them because there is a lot of visual parity among them so I'm fearful of a visual commodity.

(While the links below come from a variety of mogging-related websites I wanted to give a special thanks to WoW Roleplay Gear whose wonderful looks pages are used in many of the links.)

Plate Level 1:
1. Glorious Set (5k - 10k flip per piece)
2. Lofty Set (5k - 10k flip per piece)
3. Vanguard Set (5k - 10k flip per piece)

Plate Level 2:
4. Exalted Set (3.5k - 7.5k flip per piece)
5. Hyperion Set (1k - 3.5k flip per piece)
6. Jade Set (1k - 2.5k flip per piece)

Plate Level 3:
7. Imbued Plate Set (750 - 1.5k flip per piece)
8. Overlord's Set (500 - 1k flip per piece)
9. Bloodfist Set (500 - 1k flip per piece)

Plate Level 4
10. Alabaster Set (350 - 650 flip per piece)
11. Valorous Set (350 - 650 flip per piece)
12. Conqueror Set (350 - 650 flip per piece)

Plate Level 3
13. Templar Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
14. Emerald Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
15. Gothic Plate Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
16. Commander's Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
17. Heavy Lamellar Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
18. Chromite Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
19. Warmaul Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
20. Warlord's Iron-Plate Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
21. Heroic Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
22. Sunscale Set  (225 - 500 flip per piece)
23. Warbringer Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
24. Warleader Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
25. Brutish Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
26. High Chief's Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
27. Embossed Plate Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
28. Field Plate Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)
29. Talonguard Set (225 - 500 flip per piece)

Mail Level 1
1. Black Dragonscale Set (750 - 1k flip per piece)

Mail Level 2 (500 - 750 flip per piece)
2. Magnificent Set
3. Masterwork Set
4. Ornate Set

Mail Level 3 (350 - 500 flip per piece)
5. Hero's Set
6. Lord's Set
7. Knight's Set
8. Mercurial Set
9. Indomitable Set

Mail Level 4 (225 - 350 flip per piece)
10. Pillager's Set
11. Crusader's Set
12. Champion's Set

Cloth Level 1 (500 - 750 flip per piece)
1. Silver-Thread Set
2. Shadow Council Set
3. Imperial Red Set

Cloth Level 2 (350 - 500 flip per piece)
4. Highborne Set
5. Regal Set
6. Buccaneer's Set

Cloth Level 3
7. Any Robe that meets the following criteria: (I would charge minimum 350g for any robe in this category)

1) Under level 70
2) Unique:  Not "cool", not "blue", not "something I like". I mean UNIQUE, like you've never seen it around town before, or it feels like it's from a distant part of Azeroth.
3) Simple:  The later the robe designs (70+), the more complex they get and therefore the more difficult to discern a unique look from far away.  Under 70 gets you halfway to a good item that will sell, going for something simple (like the Buccaneer's robe) gets you the rest of the way. Why simple?  Because it doesn't look like today's armor, that's why. Easier to stand out in a crowd.  Trust the logic.
4) Anything from AQ20/AQ40:  They don't look great in my opinion, but they are extremely rare because few players bother to head out to Silithus anymore.

I only flip one set, the Ranger set (editor's note: may be this set also) (350 - 500g flip per piece).  I don't bother with anything else because sales were extremely slow from the start and I don't find the BoEs to be incredibly different from the BoPs and tier sets. In general, I avoid leather.

A few individually unique transmog flips I hunt for:
Cloudkeeper Legplates (flip for 5k+) Why? Shows a lot of skin on female characters + crazy colors.
Grim Sabatons (flip for 1k+) Why? Only boots that match the Enchanted Thorium plate set.
Swashbuckler's Eyepatch (flip for 750 - 1k) Why? It's an eyepatch.
Outlander's Facewrap (flip for 750 - 1k) Why? It's a bandana over the mouth.
Cable of the Metrognome (2k) Why? It is part of the Paladin off-color Tier 8 set attainable by plate-wearers.
Robes of Insight (3.5k+) Why? Widely considered one of the most amazing-looking robes for female characters.


A huge thanks to Keel for using his in-depth research and first-hand experience to provide us with such a detailed and through list of mogging items he has been successfully flipping on the auction house. I know it will take me a while to dig through all these but the benefits will be huge.

If you don't already I highly recommend following Keelhaul's twitter account @DEazeroth. Since Patch 4.3 he's been dropping thermonuclear gold-making knowledge bombs on us all. 

If you are interested in World of Warcraft aesthetics be sure to visit our sister blog Warcraft Looks as well as Keelhaul's encyclopedic Disenchanting Azeroth.

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  1. I found that (Leather)Imposing / (Leather)Wolf Rider set to sell for alot per piece. 6-8k on my server atleast.

    You just have to advertice it in trade channel that it is up and boom, of to the AH they go!

  2. Ohh forgot to mention, im in the EU. and i belive people are gathering for this look:

  3. I have not dabbled into armor pieces yet on any real scale (besides a swashbuckler's eye patch here and there) because there are just SO many sets and I didn't want to take the time to see what was the most unique/etc. But you have done it for me DEAzeroth! lol thanks

  4. I've been waiting on you to write this. Thanks!

  5. If you are wanting to import these into an Auctionator shopping list Valdron has started to do it for us in this Consortium Forums post.