How The Economics of Dreamcloth Are Changing

While working on one of my two tailors today I made a fairly startling discovery. The economics of creating Dreamcloth have completely changed. I first heard rumblings about this via @ssmith0911 and @msherretz on twitter. Basically the way I made Dreamcloth before Patch 4.3 very well may be a thing of the past.

I've been selling off my stocks of Dreamcloth as spell threads and had planned on simply making more the way I always had. I'm glad I didn't. Read on past the jump for my analysis of things every tailor should consider before making one more piece of Dreamcloth.

Out With The Old

For those of you who aren't tailors before the patch you had 6 ways to make Dreamcloth. 5 of them (Dream of Azshara, Dream of Deepholm, Dream of Hyjal, Dream of Ragnaros and Dream of Skywall) each required 8 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth and 30 of a certain Volatile. The sixth way was Dream of Destruction which took 8 Bolts and 5 Chaos Orbs.

At the time the Chaos Orbs were soulbound and therefore creating one piece of Dreamcloth from Dream of Destruction wasn't much of an option unless you simply had far too many Chaos Orbs. I know my tailors certainly didn't.

The Changes

Patch 4.3 brought about two important changes that affected how Dreamcloth is made:

  • The number of Chaos Orbs required for Dream of Destruction were reduced from (5) to (4)
  • Chaos Orbs are no longer soulbound.

Depending on your server's economy the two above changes have not only dramatically reduced the cost of creating Dreamcloth but have also made it possible to make as many as you have materials for as quickly as you want. (Spell thread on demand? Yes please!)

The Math

I'm using the latest pricing data for my server as well as the average from all US Realms to do the math below.

flux's server prices
Bolt of Embersilk Cloth: ~16g ea. For (1) Dreamcloth: 16g*8=128g
Volatile Water: ~12g ea.
Volatile Earth: ~4g ea.
Volatile Life: ~8g ea.
Volatile Fire: ~8g ea.
Volatile Air: ~14g ea.
Chaos Orb: ~85g ea.

Crafted Dreamcloth:
Dream of Azshara: Volatile Water (30)*12g=360g. 360g+128g(Cloth)=488g ea.
Dream of Deepholm: Volatile Earth (30)*4g=120g. 120g+128g=248g ea.
Dream of Hyjal: Volatile Life (30)*8g=240g. 240g+128g=368g ea.
Dream of Ragnaros: Volatile Fire (30)*8g=240g. 240g+128g=368g ea.
Dream of Skywall: Volatile Air (30)*14g=420g. 420g+128g=548g ea.
Dream of Desruction: Chaos Orb (4)*85g=340g. 340g+128g=468g ea.

US realm average prices
Bolt of Embersilk Cloth: ~21g ea. For (1) Dreamcloth: 21g*8=168g
Volatile Water: ~13g ea.
Volatile Earth: ~5g ea.
Volatile Life: ~7g ea.
Volatile Fire: ~9g ea.
Volatile Air: ~17g ea.
Chaos Orb: ~58g ea.

Crafted Dreamcloth:
Dream of Azshara: Volatile Water (30)*13g=390g. 390g+168g(Cloth) = 558g ea.
Dream of Deepholm: Volatile Earth (30)*5g=150g. 150g+168g = 408g ea.
Dream of Hyjal: Volatile Life (30)*7g=210g. 210g+168g=378g ea.
Dream of Ragnaros: Volatile Fire (30)*9g=270g. 270g+168g=438g ea.
Dream of Skywall: Volatile Air (30)*17g=510g. 510g+168g=638g ea.
Dream of Desruction: Chaos Orb (4)*58g=232g. 232g+168g=400g ea.

Total cost to produce 1 Dreamcloth (flux's server/US average)
Dream of Azshara: 488g/558g
Dream of Deepholm: 248g/408g ea.
Dream of Hyjal: 368g/378g ea.
Dream of Ragnaros: 368g/438g ea.
Dream of Skywall: 548g/638g ea.
Dream of Desruction: 468g/400g ea.

What does it mean?

So by looking at the current prices on my server as well as US averages it would seem that tailors wanting to minimize the costs of creating dream cloth will be making a combination of one of two of the weekly cooldown Dreamcloth. These will most likely be Dream of Deepholm (Volatile Earth) and Dream of Hyjal (Volatile Life) and in my case Dream of Ragnaros (Volatile Fire). All of these Dreamcloths are near (or under) the cost of Dream of Destruction (Chaos Orbs).

With the 1 week cooldowns on the Volatile Dreamcloth recipes I imagine most Dreamcloth will now be made by the cooldown-less Dream of Destruction.

As with any gold-making endeavor it is up to each of us to check the pricing on each of the different Dreamcloth recipes. One way to do that is looking up (and bookmarking) the server specific item pages for the materials involved. I have a simple spreadsheet I built that allows me to plug in the prices and get the total cost involved in making each type of Dreamcloth.


If you make Dreamcloth in order to craft and sell items like Power Enchanted Spellthread and Powerful Ghostly Spellthread you may want to check the current pricing on Chaos Orbs. Dream of Destruction may very well be our cheapest and most plentiful source of Dreamcloth from now on.

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  1. I love that you put up price data, too many times it is 'on my server data' giving people unrealistic expectations.
    Now how do we get the other gold bloggers to follow suit?

    Of course I will need to get my own figures (EU realm) but easy enough to do with the info you have put here.

  2. I'm curious to see what happens to the Chaos Orb prices once guilds are regularly getting Essence of Destruction, and the various Dragon Soul crafting patterns, as they all need Chaos Orbs as well.

  3. @Greygamer AHSpy has the EU date as well but I was just lazy and didn't want to average US and EU averages. How to get other bloggers to do the same? Lead by example I guess.

    @Itzal I've had reports of Chaos Orbs dropping to 20g on some servers. If you ever see them that low quietly buy them all. #idrinkyourmilkshakeup

  4. Good stuff. Got my tailor good to go and this was very helpful when choosing how to make my bags in the cheapest way possible.

    1. Nowadays I'd Imagine Dream of Destruction may be the cheapest way to go although some of those Volatiles may be cheap as well.